Josie had asked Miss Marta for help! And we should probably fastforward to the dinner, 'cause I had nothing else for her to do before then.
[7/15/2013 11:06:59 PM] Khiro: Yep!  You go to the small apartment over Ebenezer's shop!  Lots and lots of books, overflowing bookshelves on every wall!
[7/15/2013 11:07:31 PM] Josie: Josie brought the wine, and some bread, as requested.
[7/15/2013 11:08:03 PM] Josie: Josie also washed *thoroughly* and put her hair into a neat ponytail.
[7/15/2013 11:08:19 PM] Khiro: The place isn't messy, but cluttered, and it looks like he recently cleaned up by sorting things into more orderly stacks.
[7/15/2013 11:08:29 PM] Khiro: He smiles.  "Kate!  Good to see you."
[7/15/2013 11:08:48 PM] Josie: Hey.
[7/15/2013 11:08:54 PM] Josie: Josie smiles too. She's a little bit nervous.
[7/15/2013 11:09:00 PM] Josie: ... brought wine, I hope it's all right.
[7/15/2013 11:09:34 PM] Khiro: Whatever he's cooking smells pretty good!
[7/15/2013 11:10:18 PM] Josie: Josie is surprised to find she is actually hungry!
[7/15/2013 11:11:08 PM] Josie: Josie hands him the bottle.
[7/15/2013 11:11:27 PM] Khiro: He takes the bottle, inspects the label.  "I suspect it's fine!  It's red."
[7/15/2013 11:12:38 PM] Josie: Oh, good.
[7/15/2013 11:12:58 PM] Josie: Josie is actually relieved. She takes her hat off, and her coat, and also the Excalibur backup gun, and hangs them somewhere.
[7/15/2013 11:13:21 PM] Khiro: There's a coatrack by the door!  "Come on in.  Its not much, but it's home."
[7/15/2013 11:15:13 PM] Josie: Josie smiles.
[7/15/2013 11:15:26 PM] Josie: Looks nice to me. Always hate a place that's too neat, makes me wonder what folks're hidin'.
[7/15/2013 11:16:00 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I simply have too much stuff to make the place totally clean.
[7/15/2013 11:16:21 PM | Edited 11:16:27 PM] Josie: Should think 'bout gettin' a house, I guess.
[7/15/2013 11:16:42 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Why?  So you have a place to go home to?
[7/15/2013 11:17:37 PM] Josie: Josie turns bright red.
[7/15/2013 11:17:52 PM] Josie: ... no, I meant you. So you'd have more room'n'all...
[7/15/2013 11:21:17 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Ah.  Really, I have the whole building.  I'm okay.
[7/15/2013 11:23:08 PM] Josie: Josie looks at him doubtfully.
[7/15/2013 11:23:23 PM | Edited 11:25:19 PM] Khiro: He smiles.  "Stew's almost ready, if you'd like to have a seat."  He points to the small table.  Barely big enough for two.
[7/15/2013 11:23:46 PM] Josie: Josie slides into a seat.
[7/15/2013 11:24:04 PM] Khiro: The two chairs don't even match!
[7/15/2013 11:26:24 PM] Khiro: He comes over with a steaming pot of stew.  "I've never actually cooked for anyone but me before.  I'm not sure if I'm actually good at it.
[7/15/2013 11:26:56 PM] Josie: ... well, it smells real good.
[7/15/2013 11:27:08 PM] Josie: Josie is actually relieved it's not like... a palace in here.
[7/15/2013 11:29:27 PM] Khiro: He ladles the goop into a couple of bowls!  He's got a couple of wine glasses that don't quite match, either.
[7/15/2013 11:29:53 PM] Josie: Josie is *very* relieved.
[7/15/2013 11:31:10 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I have some fresh butter for the bread, too.
[7/15/2013 11:32:45 PM] Josie: Josie nods. "You want to pray or rather just eat?"
[7/15/2013 11:33:54 PM] Khiro: EBenezer:  ... would you like to pray?
[7/15/2013 11:34:44 PM] Josie: I don't care too much either way.
[7/15/2013 11:35:52 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  All right, then.  Try some, please.  Tell me if we'll need to order out.
[7/15/2013 11:40:06 PM] Josie: Josie tastes the stew.
[7/15/2013 11:40:24 PM] Khiro: It's... pretty good!
[7/15/2013 11:42:48 PM] Josie: ... that's pretty good.
[7/15/2013 11:43:00 PM] Khiro: He looks relieved.
[7/15/2013 11:43:02 PM] Josie: Josie takes a decent-sized bowlful, and cuts off a slab of bread, too.
[7/15/2013 11:43:10 PM] Josie: ... you nervous? 'cause I'm nervous.
[7/15/2013 11:44:10 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  A bit.  Less so now that I know I didn't accidently poison you.
[7/15/2013 11:46:16 PM] Josie: Pfft. Pretty sure it ain't poison. Now sit down an' eat, or I'll get my own nerves all back up again.
[7/15/2013 11:47:03 PM] Khiro: He pours a couple of glasses of wine and sits down!
[7/15/2013 11:49:54 PM] Khiro: He tastes it.  "Good.  It came out all right."
[7/15/2013 11:50:33 PM] Josie: {rpb
[7/15/2013 11:50:41 PM] Josie: Prob'ly better'n'I could do.
[7/15/2013 11:51:03 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer smiles.  "Well, you cook next time, and we'll see."
[7/15/2013 11:52:07 PM] Khiro: He butters some bread and dips it in the stew.  "So... I made some progress on the journal.  It wasn't just in latin, it was... scrambled.  Like a code."
[7/15/2013 11:53:08 PM] Josie: ... oh, shoot.
[7/15/2013 11:53:21 PM] Josie: Josie does the same, and starts eating. She *does* have good manners, although they're decidedly plain.
[7/15/2013 11:56:11 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I can manage it, it'll just take longer than I thought it would.  The letters of every other word are mixed up.
[7/15/2013 11:56:25 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Not a complicated code or anything.
[7/15/2013 11:56:43 PM] Khiro: EBenezer:  But enough to stymie somone translating out of a book.
[7/15/2013 11:57:02 PM] Josie: Oh. ... huh. You got any of it figured out, or at least, what it is?
[7/15/2013 11:59:35 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Seems like it's keeping track of a gentleman's quest for Excalibur.
[7/16/2013 12:00:07 AM] Josie: Huh. Well we know how that ended.
[7/16/2013 12:00:45 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  His code gets a bit more complex as he goes along, so it'll take awhile to translate the last entries.
[7/16/2013 12:02:00 AM] Josie: ... got more worried 'bout folks findin' it as time went on.
[7/16/2013 12:02:17 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  And he got better at it.
[7/16/2013 12:03:28 AM] Josie: ... sad somehow, ain't it.
[7/16/2013 12:04:42 AM] Khiro: Ebenzer:  Hmm?
[7/16/2013 12:05:14 AM] Josie: That he felt he had to hide it all, an' that somebody wanted to find 'im. He was right, though. Got shot all right.
[7/16/2013 12:05:29 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  With a silver bullet.
[7/16/2013 12:06:55 AM] Josie: Plenty o' fae an' some demonbloods don't like silver.
[7/16/2013 12:07:34 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer nods.  "Doc said it wasn't a fatal wound.  So he didn't die from the gun shot, but the bullet himself."
[7/16/2013 12:08:51 AM] Josie: 'less it was dipped in holy water or the like. No way o' knowin' for *certain.* Looks like the silver done it, though.
[7/16/2013 12:14:49 AM] Josie: ... can't imagine wantin' a thing like that, neither.
[7/16/2013 12:17:28 AM] Khiro: EBenezer:  Excalibur?
[7/16/2013 12:17:42 AM] Khiro: ((Sorry, had to scoop the catbox.))
[7/16/2013 12:19:41 AM] Josie: Yeah. Seems daft.
[7/16/2013 12:20:28 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I would agree.  I'm just wondering *why* he wanted it.  What did he want to do with it?
[7/16/2013 12:22:30 AM] Josie: Well, coulda either tried to be king or right some sorta wrong. Unite the country maybe?
[7/16/2013 12:27:40 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Maybe.  Or he wanted to be come an evil emperor.
[7/16/2013 12:29:32 AM] Josie: ... would that work with that? Arthur was supposed to be good. In the stories.
[7/16/2013 12:29:35 AM] Josie: ... not too wise, mind.
[7/16/2013 12:30:13 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  He was, but what if someone not so good got his hands on Excalibur?
[7/16/2013 12:31:20 AM] Josie: No idea. S'why I'm keepin' it for now.
[7/16/2013 12:37:02 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer smiles.  "Well, I feel safe with you holding on to it, that's for sure."
[7/16/2013 12:37:16 AM] Khiro: ((I'm faaading.  I'm sorry.  :(
[7/16/2013 12:37:29 AM] Khiro: ((Got up early this morning.))
[7/16/2013 12:38:03 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  So.  When did you learn to ride?

[7/16/2013 12:39:40 AM] Josie: ... can't remember. I've always known. ... animals like me, mostly.
[7/16/2013 12:39:55 AM] Josie: Josie sips some of her wine.
[7/16/2013 12:40:08 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  So you picked it up easily?
[7/16/2013 12:41:40 AM] Josie: Must've done.
[7/16/2013 12:41:51 AM] Josie: Josie takes a second bowl of stew, too. She was hungry.
[7/16/2013 12:43:11 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer is still on his first!  "How about shooting?"
[7/16/2013 12:45:30 AM] Josie: ... well...
[7/16/2013 12:46:03 AM] Josie: Me an' my friends used to run all over town, an' finally one o' the farmers taught us all the proper handlin' of a gun, an' how to shoot it. Said we all should know.
[7/16/2013 12:46:09 AM] Josie: ... didn't realize I was a girl at the time.
[7/16/2013 12:46:24 AM] Khiro: EBenezer:  Where was this?
[7/16/2013 12:49:04 AM] Josie: Back home, upstate New York.
[7/16/2013 12:49:14 AM] Josie: He thought I was a boy.
[7/16/2013 12:49:50 AM] Josie: ... didn't figure it out 'til ma gave him an earful over it.
[7/16/2013 12:50:27 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  But by then, you knew how to shoot.
[7/16/2013 12:51:42 AM] Josie: Yep. She caught me by smellin' the powder.
[7/16/2013 12:52:01 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Your mother sounds like a sharp lady.
[7/16/2013 12:53:06 AM] Josie: She's real smart. Schoolteachers know kids pretty well, too.
[7/16/2013 12:53:20 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  She was a teacher?
[7/16/2013 12:54:01 AM] Josie: Still is.
[7/16/2013 12:54:21 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... I never knew my mother.
[7/16/2013 12:57:11 AM] Josie: ... that's awful.
[7/16/2013 12:57:45 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... I don't think my mother was my mother, though.
[7/16/2013 12:58:08 AM] Josie: .... huh?
[7/16/2013 12:58:37 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Don't think that my father's wife was my mother.
[7/16/2013 1:00:32 AM] Josie: .... what?
[7/16/2013 1:03:05 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Well... my father maintains that my mother died in childbirth.  But my nan swears up and down that my father's wife was never pregnant, that she was a sickly woman who died at least a week before I showed up.
[7/16/2013 1:05:01 AM] Josie: ... huh. You *sure* he's your father? You hear stories...
[7/16/2013 1:05:45 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  My nan also said that this all coincided with my father letting one of the maids go.
[7/16/2013 1:06:22 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  He's my father.  We look a lot a like, but my supposed mother... I don't resemble at all.
[7/16/2013 1:08:26 AM] Josie: ... oh.
[7/16/2013 1:08:55 AM] Josie: Well, y'never know, either, though. Heredity can be real funny. You think you were the maid's son?
[7/16/2013 1:09:19 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  My nan thought so.  Says I have her eyes.
[7/16/2013 1:10:04 AM] Josie: ... what'd your pa say?
[7/16/2013 1:10:23 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  He refused to talk to me about it.
[7/16/2013 1:10:29 AM] Josie: Oh.
[7/16/2013 1:10:38 AM] Josie: ... well, I like your eyes. Didja track down the maid?
[7/16/2013 1:10:49 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  No, never did.
[7/16/2013 1:14:20 AM] Josie: How come?
[7/16/2013 1:14:30 AM] Khiro: EBenezer:  Oh, I tried.
[7/16/2013 1:14:52 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  But she didn't seem to have any family I could find.
[7/16/2013 1:17:58 AM] Josie: ... huh. Well I'd keep lookin' if I were you. I like your eyes.
[7/16/2013 1:18:29 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer smiles.  "...thanks, Kate.  Dingo isn't my real last name, you know."
[7/16/2013 1:19:02 AM] Josie: Oh, what is it?
[7/16/2013 1:19:59 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Ambrose.
[7/16/2013 1:20:20 AM] Khiro: Name sounds familiar!
[7/16/2013 1:20:59 AM] Josie: ... that sounds familiar somehow...
[7/16/2013 1:21:18 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Ambrose Arms.  My family makes guns back in England.
[7/16/2013 1:22:29 AM] Josie: Oh! ... tried an Ambrose once, handle didn't set right in my hand. Y'can tell they're made for men, or maybe just folks with big hands.
[7/16/2013 1:24:21 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Yeah, most of the pistols are made for the military.  They're moving more and more toward big hunting rifles, though.
[7/16/2013 1:25:09 AM] Josie: Not too much good for me. I ain't big enough for that.
[7/16/2013 1:26:06 AM] Josie: Ambrose, huh? That's your pa, then.
[7/16/2013 1:26:28 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer nods.
[7/16/2013 1:30:10 AM] Josie: Well, you still ain't him. How come you went with "Dingo," anyhow?
[7/16/2013 1:30:23 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer smiles.  "I liked the way it sounded."
[7/16/2013 1:32:21 AM] Khiro: ((Do need sleep now.))
[7/16/2013 1:34:21 AM] Josie: Josie snrks.

[7/17/2013 9:11:23 PM] Khiro: So!  The two lovebirds were making awkward conversation.
[7/17/2013 9:12:05 PM] Josie: Josie is more birdy than most lovebirds, for certain...
[7/17/2013 9:15:56 PM] Khiro: True!
[7/17/2013 9:16:34 PM] Josie: Josie has devoured every speck of two bowls of stew, and quite a bit of bread, too. And she's had about one glass of wine.
[7/17/2013 9:16:59 PM] Khiro: They were just chatting, as I recall!
[7/17/2013 9:18:48 PM] Josie: Josie was, yep!
[7/17/2013 9:21:38 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer is still on his first bowl.
[7/17/2013 9:21:53 PM] Josie: You like it here, huh?
[7/17/2013 9:22:41 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  It's a pretty nice place.  I moved here originally to study the supernatural wildlife.  I'm writing a book.
[7/17/2013 9:24:21 PM] Josie: ... can't imagine doin' that. What've you found out?
[7/17/2013 9:25:35 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer gets up and walks across the room, taking out a sheaf of papers.  "Mostly just drawings and obervations."
[7/17/2013 9:26:17 PM] Josie: Mind if I look?
[7/17/2013 9:26:26 PM] Khiro: EBenezer:  Go right ahead.
[7/17/2013 9:29:13 PM] Josie: Josie starts paging through the papers, curiously.
[7/17/2013 9:29:31 PM] Khiro: He's got a decent stack of drawings of supernatural critters!
[7/17/2013 9:30:48 PM] Josie: ... you draw, too?
[7/17/2013 9:31:45 PM] Khiro: He's pretty good!  "I do.  Since I was little."
[7/17/2013 9:33:10 PM] Josie: ... it's beautiful. Even the ugly ones, you make 'em interestin'.
[7/17/2013 9:33:45 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer blushes.  "Well... they're just sketches.  If they're interesting, it's because thats what they look like."
[7/17/2013 9:35:52 PM] Josie: ... how come you're all the way out here? Fella like you could get a good job at a university or teachin' somethin' out east.
[7/17/2013 9:37:20 PM] Khiro: EBenezer:  ... I like it out here.  I would die of boredom in University.
[7/17/2013 9:38:38 PM] Josie: Really? But they got all kindsa art an' science an' all that...
[7/17/2013 9:38:49 PM] Josie: Josie secretly feels very clumsy and shabby and dumb right now.
[7/17/2013 9:40:17 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer shrugs.  "Not saying it wouldn't be a bad place to visit, but to stay there?"
[7/17/2013 9:41:23 PM] Josie: ... don't fit in too good there myself.
[7/17/2013 9:42:59 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer smiles.
[7/17/2013 9:43:23 PM] Josie: ... sometimes I wish there was somethin' between men an' women, 'cause that's how I feel sometimes. Like I should be able to dress how I do, but maybe have more colors to it, or wear a ladies' hat or somethin'. Or pants made for a woman 'sted of all like a man's. ... don't rightly know what that'd mean, lace ain't too practical either, I guess.
[7/17/2013 9:44:28 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer is thoughtful.
[7/17/2013 9:45:06 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I see what you mean.  That does seem to be an oversight.
[7/17/2013 9:45:39 PM] Josie: I just *dress* like a man. It's easier, is all, with what I do.
[7/17/2013 9:47:24 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Seems like there *should* be something in between, though.
[7/17/2013 9:51:09 PM] Josie: Don't know. Ain't half the seamstress my ma is, but I still spend a lotta time fixin' clothes to fit right. I'm too skinny for a man an' too tall for most boys, and shaped all wrong for both of 'em.
[7/17/2013 9:51:24 PM] Josie: Josie is probably failing to articulate properly that she is not, in fact, a lesbian.
[7/17/2013 9:54:00 PM] Khiro: ((I figure that the lesbians that Ebenezer has known have been the fancy kind.))
[7/17/2013 9:54:59 PM] Josie: ... sometimes it'd be nice to wear somethin' pretty *without* havin' to get help to put it on, I guess.
[7/17/2013 9:55:27 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Well... you could get something simpler than a ball gown?
[7/17/2013 9:55:38 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Practice with that?
[7/17/2013 9:56:16 PM] Josie: Couldn't wear it to work in.
[7/17/2013 9:56:57 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  what about when you're not working?
[7/17/2013 9:57:38 PM] Josie: Josie blinks.
[7/17/2013 9:57:55 PM] Josie: .... don't know when that'd be. I mean... maybe Sundays.
[7/17/2013 9:58:30 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ...or when you're having dinner.  You're not working right now, are you?
[7/17/2013 9:59:32 PM] Josie: .... well, no, but I *could* be if somethin' happened.
[7/17/2013 10:01:56 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  So you're saying you have to be ready at all times for anything?
[7/17/2013 10:02:23 PM] Josie: Right.
[7/17/2013 10:02:25 PM] Josie: Josie nodnodnods.
[7/17/2013 10:04:31 PM] Josie: ((Now something terribly surprising has to happen that she's not ready for. >.> ))
[7/17/2013 10:06:29 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer: ... that's pretty unreasonable.
[7/17/2013 10:07:01 PM] Josie: ... well, I guess not when I sleep.
[7/17/2013 10:10:46 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... Are you ready to drown, right now?
[7/17/2013 10:11:31 PM] Josie: No, but I could swim if I had to.
[7/17/2013 10:13:46 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  .... how do you sleep?  Thats an awful lot to put on yourself.
[7/17/2013 10:14:25 PM] Josie: Pretty good, mostly. Been havin' odd dreams lately.
[7/17/2013 10:14:49 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  About what?
[7/17/2013 10:18:03 PM] Josie: 'bout Viskav comin' back an' hurtin' people, or me killin' him.
[7/17/2013 10:18:32 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Viskav?  That's that crimelord fellow, right?
[7/17/2013 10:19:56 PM] Josie: Right.
[7/17/2013 10:21:49 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Way before my time.
[7/17/2013 10:24:22 PM] Josie: Josie nods.
[7/17/2013 10:24:33 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Doc Preston talks about it when he's had too much to drink, though.  Wilde was a much worse place back then.
[7/17/2013 10:26:06 PM] Josie: I heard that too.
[7/17/2013 10:26:24 PM] Josie: ... still wouldn't shoot 'em in cold blood. I arrest folks when I can.
[7/17/2013 10:26:41 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  What do you mean, 'shoot him in cold blood'?
[7/17/2013 10:27:24 PM] Josie: Sometimes in the dreams I just shoot Viskav.
[7/17/2013 10:27:39 PM] Josie: ... still wouldn't do it outside o' dreams.
[7/17/2013 10:29:05 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  And you've never met him, right?
[7/17/2013 10:29:27 PM] Josie: Nope.
[7/17/2013 10:31:03 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ...and you dream of killing him in cold blood?  That doesn't seem like you at all.
[7/17/2013 10:32:44 PM] Josie: It ain't.
[7/17/2013 10:32:49 PM] Josie: Fennick put a curse on me while he was dyin'.
[7/17/2013 10:33:37 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ...oh.
[7/17/2013 10:34:46 PM] Josie: Don't know what it does.
[7/17/2013 10:35:03 PM] Josie: That's why I got all dressed up for the party; Rivers said he'd call in a wizard to help me if I went.
[7/17/2013 10:35:21 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Oh, I see.
[7/17/2013 10:35:37 PM] Josie: ... sure was fun, though.
[7/17/2013 10:35:45 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer smiles!
[7/17/2013 10:38:22 PM | Edited 10:38:38 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  you seemed like you had a lot of fun.
[7/17/2013 10:39:28 PM] Josie: ... dancin' ain't as bad as I thought it'd be.
[7/17/2013 10:39:39 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  You thought it would be bad?
[7/17/2013 10:41:43 PM] Josie: Well, yeah. I guess. An' I never done it, so.
[7/17/2013 10:42:17 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  You were awful good at it for never having done it.
[7/17/2013 10:43:23 PM] Josie: Thanks.
[7/17/2013 10:43:31 PM] Josie: Josie drinks her second glass of wine!
[7/17/2013 10:52:44 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  good job on picking the wine.
[7/17/2013 10:53:13 PM] Josie: Asked Miss Merril what to get.
[7/17/2013 10:53:48 PM] Josie: ... don't know why you're botherin' with me.
[7/17/2013 10:54:32 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  What?
[7/17/2013 10:56:21 PM] Josie: ... well, you're all smart, an' educated, an' cultured, and I'm all... me.
[7/17/2013 10:57:01 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I'm not cultured, that's just the accent.  You're just as smart as me, and a lot smarter than you apparently give yourself credit for.
[7/17/2013 10:59:08 PM] Josie: Josie holds up his drawings. "It ain't just the accent. Besides, I can talk proper too, I just don't."
[7/17/2013 11:01:39 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I might seem horribly boring to you.
[7/17/2013 11:02:03 PM] Josie: You *don't.*
[7/17/2013 11:02:52 PM] Josie: I just can't work out what you're doing here with me, is all.
[7/17/2013 11:03:04 PM] Josie: Josie makes an effort to sound more eastern, and largely succeeds.
[7/17/2013 11:08:29 PM] Josie: I wouldn't make any kind of wife, and I sure as hell would not consent to being anybody's mistress.
[7/17/2013 11:09:00 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Maybe I just like you and want to see where this goes.
[7/17/2013 11:09:18 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Maybe I'm not looking for a wife nor a mistress.
[7/17/2013 11:10:03 PM] Josie: Josie turns bright red again.
[7/17/2013 11:10:07 PM] Josie: ... oh.
[7/17/2013 11:12:35 PM] Josie: ... I misunderstood, then. Sorry.
[7/17/2013 11:13:01 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ...what did you think I wanted?
[7/17/2013 11:14:27 PM] Josie: ... one of those, I guess. ... I better go, I g--have a meeting to get to.
[7/17/2013 11:15:29 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I like you a lot, Kate.  I want to spend more time with you.  But I don't know what the future holds.
[7/17/2013 11:15:47 PM] Josie: Josie actually needs to get somewhere alone so she can cry. And also get ready for her actual  meeting.
[7/17/2013 11:15:53 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... I know you like to control things, to be prepared.
[7/17/2013 11:17:24 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  But I don't know where Im going to be in a six months, never mind a year.
[7/17/2013 11:17:36 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... I should have told you this at the start, but I was scared.
[7/17/2013 11:17:49 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I'm a werewolf.
[7/17/2013 11:18:10 PM] Josie: ... what?
[7/17/2013 11:18:24 PM] Josie: Josie actually forgets to be upset.
[7/17/2013 11:18:38 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I was born a werewolf.  I think my mother was a wolf.
[7/17/2013 11:19:06 PM] Josie: *Oh.*
[7/17/2013 11:19:15 PM] Josie: Josie frowns, eyebrows creasing up.
[7/17/2013 11:19:32 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I mean, a werewolf.
[7/17/2013 11:19:37 PM] Josie: Well that changes things, don't it.
[7/17/2013 11:19:40 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Not a literal wolf.
[7/17/2013 11:20:13 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  But cursed.  The curse passed to me.
[7/17/2013 11:20:17 PM] Josie: Josie chews her lower lip a bit.
[7/17/2013 11:20:50 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... About a year ago, I got poisoned.
[7/17/2013 11:21:00 PM] Josie: Poisoned with what?
[7/17/2013 11:22:19 PM] Josie: ... you shoulda told me before. Don't know *what* to do now.
[7/17/2013 11:22:23 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Some mix of wolfsbane and something magic.
[7/17/2013 11:22:29 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  It's killing me slowly.
[7/17/2013 11:23:39 PM] Josie: Who done it?
[7/17/2013 11:23:49 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Some religious bloke.
[7/17/2013 11:24:05 PM] Josie: ... well I was gonna offer to try an' track down your ma after my next job's done, but now...
[7/17/2013 11:24:13 PM] Josie: Josie shakes her head grimly.
[7/17/2013 11:25:24 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... I came out here to write my book before I died.  I stayed when I heard that the Indians had werewolves living amongst them.  Thought maybe they could help me.
[7/17/2013 11:25:56 PM] Josie: An' they didn't?
[7/17/2013 11:26:53 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Haven't found any yet.
[7/17/2013 11:27:12 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  You're right.  I should have told you.  I'm sorry, Kate.
[7/17/2013 11:28:26 PM] Josie: Well I can still *go* out there, but I don't know if *anybody* can track a werewolf that don't want to be found. I'd have to bring Chalk or somebody like that, an' I don't know if he'd go, an' even then, she could be livin' next forest over as a wolf an' we'd never know it. Maybe that'd be another thing to ask this wizard, whoever that'll be.
[7/17/2013 11:30:07 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I don't know how long I have, either.  That's why... I think more about living in the 'now'.  I like you.  You're sharp as a knife, and, if we're being honest, you smell real good.
[7/17/2013 11:30:20 PM] Josie: Josie reddens a bit.
[7/17/2013 11:31:06 PM] Josie: I just never *tracked* a werewolf before. They... you, I guess... don't make trouble much.
[7/17/2013 11:33:35 PM] Josie: I don't even know *how* I can help.
[7/17/2013 11:34:00 PM] Josie: Josie is still distressed, but significantly less humiliated and significantly more annoyed.
[7/17/2013 11:37:25 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  .. you could come with me.  When I ride out  to track down this settlement.
[7/17/2013 11:38:05 PM] Josie: 'course. ... wonder if it *is* Chalk's people. Young fella, helped me find Fennick in the warren of caves out there. Good kid.
[7/17/2013 11:38:36 PM] Josie: ... don't know how long you have, huh? Seen any doctors or anythin'?
[7/17/2013 11:38:46 PM] Khiro: EBenezer:  It's a week's ride, with some pretty bad country between here and there.
[7/17/2013 11:39:38 PM] Josie: 'course I'll go.
[7/17/2013 11:39:58 PM] Josie: Due a vacation, anyhow.
[7/17/2013 11:40:10 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I've seen a few.   They don't see anything wrong.  And the mystic types... they mostly told me that as long as I don't change, I can keep it 'at bay'.
[7/17/2013 11:41:05 PM] Josie: So... might be a real *long* time, then.
[7/17/2013 11:42:16 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I don't know.
[7/17/2013 11:43:31 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer unbuttons his shirt and shows her the scar on his chest, very near his heart, an ugly scar that looks like he was shot with an arrow, or a crossbow bolt.  "I don't have many scars.  This one has gotten worse instead of better."
[7/17/2013 11:44:05 PM] Josie: Josie eyes it, and frowns. "An' who made that one, with what?"
[7/17/2013 11:44:26 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  The holy roller in question.  Poisoned crossbow bolt.
[7/17/2013 11:45:12 PM] Josie: *Who*.
[7/17/2013 11:45:42 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Never got a name.  He's not a problem anymore.
[7/17/2013 11:46:15 PM] Josie: C'mon, you know I got to know more'n'that.
[7/17/2013 11:46:42 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  He's dead.  By wolf attack.  In the middle of London, go figure.
[7/17/2013 11:47:22 PM] Josie: You? Self-defense, it ain't a crime, and it ain't my jurisdiction anyhow.

[7/17/2013 11:47:45 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Self-defense.
[7/17/2013 11:48:43 PM] Josie: ...still shouldn't've done it. That kind oughtta get a fair trial an' a hangin' afterward.
[7/17/2013 11:50:34 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I was rather... angry at the time.
[7/17/2013 11:51:14 PM] Josie: Well most folks would be, I reckon. Ain't sayin' you done wrong.
[7/17/2013 11:51:36 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  And somewhat delirious from the poison.
[7/17/2013 11:51:55 PM] Josie: ... well I hope you didn't eat 'im. Doesn't sound healthsome.
[7/17/2013 11:52:41 PM] Khiro: EBenezer:  I didn't.
[7/17/2013 11:54:02 PM] Josie: ... well my way of thinkin' is, we're either courtin', an' I don't *care* if it ever goes anywhere, as some folks take ten years anyhow, or we're *not*, an' then we can just...
[7/17/2013 11:54:03 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Just mauled him a bit.
[7/17/2013 11:55:53 PM] Josie: ... I don't know what. Go on back to the hotel an' punch a pillow to death, I guess, I don't know.
[7/17/2013 11:56:15 PM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ... we're courting.
[7/17/2013 11:59:11 PM] Josie: All right, fine. ... wish I'd kept hold'a Chalk, or maybe just found out where 'e lived. I ain't a tracker an' if you can't change I don't know how we're gonna find 'em out there.
[12:00:27 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I know how to get to the settlement.  It's just that it's surrounded by an area called the 'Badlands' with a capital B for all the monsters that live there.
[12:00:41 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  That's why I haven't gone yet.
[12:02:12 AM] Josie: ... oh.
[12:03:26 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  That's... why I want someone I trust with me.
[12:04:12 AM] Josie: ... well, reckon it's a good thing we got the most powerful gun ever made, then, 'cause I don't know a thing 'bout monsters. An' your guide ain't done.
[12:06:09 AM] Josie: Josie grabs one of his hands while she's thinking of it, and examines it with a critical eye.
[12:06:28 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer lets her take it!
[12:06:43 AM] Josie: ((Hairy palms or no? Or furry in general? Or no?))
[12:07:18 AM] Khiro: ((It's a pretty normal hand!  Not terribly hairy.))
[12:08:34 AM] Josie: Ha. Always thought that one wasn't true.
[12:09:52 AM] Khiro: EBenezer:  Which one?
[12:10:41 AM] Josie: The one 'bout werewolves havin' hairy palms. So which ones *are* true?
[12:11:54 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Well, give me some examples.
[12:12:14 AM] Josie: Silver's bad? Keen sense of smell?
[12:13:10 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer nods.  "Yes.  Silver is bad, and my sense of smell is pretty good.  Better as a wolf, but still pretty good as a man."
[12:14:54 AM] Josie: ... what *do* I smell like?
[12:19:04 AM] Khiro: ((Chicken!))
[12:19:39 AM] Josie: ((Hee! Everything DOES.))
[12:20:01 AM] Josie: ((She does use nice smelling soap to wash her hair. Feel free to pick something it could smell like.))
[12:21:47 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Well, your soap smells like lavender.  Which is very nice.  You smells like... cinnamon and bay.
[12:23:24 AM] Josie: ... is that good? ... don't know as I ever met a werewolf before, is all.
[12:23:51 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Like I said.  YOu smell really good.
[12:25:40 AM] Josie: Josie reddens a little bit.
[12:26:07 AM] Josie: Well, I can't smell you from here, so. Reckon it'd be like havin' a broken nose, to you.
[12:28:31 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  ...hard to imagine.
[12:29:41 AM] Josie: What do you look like when you change?
[12:30:49 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  Like one of those prehistoric dire wolves, I think.  Reddish fur.  Same color as my hair.
[12:34:29 AM] Josie: Wish I could see, but it'll have to wait, I guess.
[12:35:59 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer nods.  "I should have told you already."
[12:38:44 AM] Josie: ... yeah, prob'ly.
[12:39:04 AM] Khiro: Ebenezer:  I'm sorry about that.
[12:39:37 AM] Josie: Josie looks down, and sees that she's still holding his hand, and drops it, blushing again.
[12:39:58 AM] Josie: S'all right, I just thought you were throwin' me over, is all.
[12:40:28 AM] Khiro: EBenezer:  Oh... no.  Not at all.  I don't kiss women I don't have real feelings toward.
[12:40:44 AM] Josie: Good.
[12:41:07 AM] Josie: Josie takes his hand again.
[12:43:36 AM] Khiro: He gives her hand a squeeze!
[12:43:41 AM] Khiro: ((Need sleep.))
[12:45:13 AM] Josie: ((Me too!))
[12:45:16 AM] Josie: Josie leans over and kisses him.
[12:45:31 AM] Khiro: He kisses her back.