[7/10/2013 8:42:56 PM] Josie: Right, so! When we left our heroes, Coil and Stella had been chased into a different hotel room, and an apparent bulletin had been put out for Stella's arrest on a number of different crimes.

[7/10/2013 8:43:59 PM] Josie: She and Coil are both drenched, after their fire alarm went off; Stella's shivering and a little pale but otherwise seems fine.

[7/10/2013 8:44:18 PM] Josie: There's a knock on the door and a female voice says "Excuse me? Sir? Ma'am?"

[7/10/2013 8:44:50 PM] Coil: Coil goes to the door, looking through the peephole!

[7/10/2013 8:45:31 PM] Josie: It's a pretty woman in a dove-grey suit.

[7/10/2013 8:45:43 PM] Coil: Coil opens the door a crack.  "Yes?"

[7/10/2013 8:46:25 PM] Josie: "Sir, we're so sorry about the fire alarm. I'm not sure what happened, but apparently the system malfunctioned and doused your room. We'd be happy to bring all your things to another room, and of course, we will refund the price of your room." She looks a bit worried.

[7/10/2013 8:47:36 PM] Coil: Well, yes.  THank you.  That would be great.  Was it faulty wiring?

[7/10/2013 8:49:08 PM] Josie: Concierge: It seems to be. We're trying to track the error. You have our most sincere apologies. You will, of course, receive vouchers for a free stay at the establishment of your choice on another day, and we will be happy to upgrade your current reservation.

[7/10/2013 8:49:50 PM] Coil: ... thank you, thank you very much.  Do you have some dry clothes?

[7/10/2013 8:50:14 PM] Josie: Concierge: We will order some as soon as we can. Do you have your measurements?

[7/10/2013 8:51:14 PM] Coil: Not... offhand.

[7/10/2013 8:51:20 PM] Coil: Coil looks over his shoulder at Stella.

[7/10/2013 8:51:40 PM] Josie: Stella rattles them off; first Coil's, then her own.

[7/10/2013 8:51:51 PM] Coil: Coil smiles.  "You get that?"

[7/10/2013 8:52:28 PM] Josie: The concierge nods, solemnly. "Please, follow me. Bring your things if you wish; if not we'll bring your personal items up later after they've been laundered properly."

[7/10/2013 8:53:31 PM] Josie: She leaves the room, quietly, and Stella watches Coil to see if she *should* follow her. Stella is scritching the kitten.

[7/10/2013 8:53:55 PM] Coil: Coil nods at her, and grabs the stuff they grabbed from the honeymoon suite.

[7/10/2013 8:55:51 PM] Josie: Stella follows Coil.

[7/10/2013 8:56:03 PM] Josie: She sticks pretty close.

[7/10/2013 8:56:20 PM] Coil: Coil follows the lady!

[7/10/2013 8:56:22 PM] Josie: The concierge still looks a bit fretful. "This has never happened at the Grand before."

[7/10/2013 8:56:39 PM] Josie: Concierge: I am so terribly sorry. I... know I've said that before.

[7/10/2013 8:56:51 PM] Coil: Maybe someone hacked your systems?

[7/10/2013 8:57:37 PM] Josie: She leads Coil and his crewman/pet psychic/??? into the lift, which goes up a few floors. ".. that would account for it, yes, although our security *is* excellent."

[7/10/2013 8:58:38 PM] Josie: She swipes a thumbprint onto the reader on the elevator, and gestures for Coil and Stella to do the same. Stella does. "The top floor is ready. Please, enjoy our hospitality. If you require *anything*, we will arrange it."

[7/10/2013 8:58:51 PM] Coil: Coil does the same!

[7/10/2013 8:59:02 PM] Coil: Coil nods.  "Thank you, very much.  You've been very helpful."

[7/10/2013 8:59:50 PM] Josie: The concierge nods. "New clothing should arrive as quickly as it can be fitted. Do not hesitate to send for food; we will, of course, pay for it. We will also pay for any items of yours ruined in the fire."

[7/10/2013 9:00:12 PM] Josie: Stella smiles. "... don't worry, it's not your fault. We completely understand."

[7/10/2013 9:01:26 PM] Josie: The woman relaxes a bit. "... all right. Thank you so much. Do not hesitate to call the front desk."

[7/10/2013 9:02:37 PM] Josie: She gets back into the lift, and its doors close, leaving you in the understated front entryway, filled with polished deep-reddish-wood paneling, sumptuous, soft rugs and a beautiful painting that looks like an antique.

[7/10/2013 9:03:11 PM] Coil: Coil looks around.  "An upgrade from the honeymoon suite?  Was would that be, a presidential suite?"

[7/10/2013 9:03:42 PM] Josie: Stella: ... that's quite possible, yes.

[7/10/2013 9:03:49 PM] Josie: Coil's communicator chirps.

[7/10/2013 9:03:55 PM] Coil: Coil answers it.

[7/10/2013 9:04:33 PM] Josie: Lou's face fills the screen.

[7/10/2013 9:04:49 PM] Josie: ... she looks pissed.

[7/10/2013 9:05:18 PM] Josie: Lou: When I find out who did this to me I'm gonna carve 'em like a festival HAM.

[7/10/2013 9:05:36 PM] Coil: What happened?

[7/10/2013 9:06:07 PM] Josie: Lou: The fucking bulletin was a fake, that's what happened!

[7/10/2013 9:06:16 PM] Josie: Lou: AND someone else figured it out before I did!

[7/10/2013 9:06:39 PM] Coil: Someone's trying everything to shake the tree on us.

[7/10/2013 9:06:57 PM] Coil: WHo figured it out?

[7/10/2013 9:07:24 PM] Josie: Lou: I don't know! That's the worst of it!

[7/10/2013 9:07:54 PM] Josie: Her voice turns a bit growlier. "It just disappears! The path just disappers like there was never anything there!"

[7/10/2013 9:08:43 PM] Coil: So... bulletin comes out.  Someone outs it as a fake and disappears.

[7/10/2013 9:09:19 PM] Josie: Lou: Yeah! Except it was gone before they picked up on it. It only ever got sent to you and to the ship, nowhere else. That's how I figured it out.

[7/10/2013 9:11:03 PM] Coil: Hmm.  Well.  Keep me updated, Lou.  Maybe you can find out who hacked the fire system of this hotel to drive us out of the room we were in.

[7/10/2013 9:11:41 PM] Josie: Lou growls. She sounds a *lot* like an angry big cat.

[7/10/2013 9:13:03 PM] Coil: And try not to eat anyone up there.

[7/10/2013 9:13:48 PM] Josie: (( And that is why we don't play Eve, children.))

[7/10/2013 9:14:02 PM] Josie: Lou snarls, and the comm goes off.

[7/10/2013 9:14:24 PM] Coil:

[7/10/2013 9:14:38 PM] Coil: Coil looks at Stella.  "How did you know my measurements?"

[7/10/2013 9:15:03 PM] Josie: ((Could it be.... SATAN?!))

[7/10/2013 9:15:10 PM] Josie: Stella: ... I've looked.

[7/10/2013 9:16:44 PM] Coil: ((It's hilariously misguided.))

[7/10/2013 9:17:30 PM] Coil: ((I know when I GM, I have thugs to escort players out when their charactes die.  And I really want to know what game they're playing.  Moving a pewter pegasus around a map.))

[7/10/2013 9:17:52 PM] Coil: ((And blood sacrifice only gives a +2 circumstance bonus on Saving Throws.))

[7/10/2013 9:18:20 PM] Josie: ((... so wait, are we no more or are we burning in eternal torment, I'm confused.))

[7/10/2013 9:18:36 PM] Josie: ((Also um, I don't play wearing a hood. My head gets warm.))

[7/10/2013 9:18:45 PM] Josie: Stella: ... a lot.

[7/10/2013 9:19:03 PM] Coil: Just saying, even I don't know my measurements.

[7/10/2013 9:19:26 PM] Josie: ((Also... it looks like they're playing Clue. And they're playing against each other instead of as a group?))

[7/10/2013 9:19:48 PM] Josie: ((... while people *do* sometimes play evil games, I don't know why you would. Who wants to be the bad guy without a heel face turn?))

[7/10/2013 9:20:01 PM] Josie: Stella: I've probably looked at you more than you have.

[7/10/2013 9:20:31 PM] Coil: Hmmm.  Not used to that.

[7/10/2013 9:20:34 PM] Josie: ((Also, um, dragons don't drink blood. Duh.))

[7/10/2013 9:22:34 PM] Josie: Stella: No?

[7/10/2013 9:23:23 PM] Josie: ((*reads comments* Yeah, Monopoly *is* way more evil than D&D. It always makes me feel like an asshole. So I never play.))

[7/10/2013 9:27:06 PM] Coil: Well.... generally if a lot of people are looking at me it means I've been made.

[7/10/2013 9:27:48 PM] Josie: Stella smiles. "That's certainly not what I mean by it."

[7/10/2013 9:29:39 PM] Coil: Well, good.

[7/10/2013 9:29:49 PM] Coil: ... so, let's see this new room.

[7/10/2013 9:29:57 PM] Josie: Stella: Right.

[7/10/2013 9:31:39 PM] Josie: It's more than a room. It's actually the entire top floor of the hotel, or perhaps the second or third from the top (it's hard to tell exactly). There are at least five or six bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, dining room, a movie theater with a collapsible stage for plays, entertainment rooms, a small pool, sauna and hot tub, an enclosed garden, an outdoor garden, a gym, an exercise room with equipment...

[7/10/2013 9:32:10 PM] Coil: This.... is no room.

[7/10/2013 9:32:59 PM] Josie: Stella: ... no, clearly not.

[7/10/2013 9:33:08 PM] Josie: Stella: I think it must be for some sort of famous person and an entourage.

[7/10/2013 9:33:13 PM] Coil: ((ITS A SPACE STATION.))

[7/10/2013 9:34:00 PM] Josie: There's a knock at the door. An actual *knock.*

[7/10/2013 9:34:15 PM] Coil: Coil goes to the door!

[7/10/2013 9:37:28 PM] Josie: Five people are there with suitcases that look almost too heavy to lift, though they seem to have no trouble with them.

[7/10/2013 9:37:52 PM] Coil: ...yes?

[7/10/2013 9:38:50 PM] Josie: Hotel Employee: Your clothes, sir?

[7/10/2013 9:39:28 PM] Coil: Oh.  Right.  Bring them in.

[7/10/2013 9:40:31 PM] Josie: They do, and instead of putting the suitcases down, they all tramp to the master bedroom and put them away, in all the closets and drawers.

[7/10/2013 9:41:07 PM] Josie: Stella watches quietly, as they do; then the hotel people all leave.

[7/10/2013 9:42:40 PM] Coil: ... I was expecting maybe a pair or two of pajamas.

[7/10/2013 9:43:40 PM] Coil: I wonder who Tiktok told them we actually were?

[7/10/2013 9:44:17 PM] Josie: Stella: Political bigwigs, I imagine.

[7/10/2013 9:45:50 PM] Josie: She walks into the walk-in closet and examines the clothes--many of which are bright and drapey. "... it's beautiful."

[7/10/2013 9:46:36 PM] Coil: Coil pokes around too!  "This looks really expensive."

[7/10/2013 9:47:07 PM] Josie: Stella: ... it is. We can't let them give us all this.

[7/10/2013 9:49:41 PM] Coil: We won't.  It's too much to bring with us when we leave anyway.

[7/10/2013 9:49:53 PM] Coil: But for now, I need to get out of these wet clothes.

[7/10/2013 9:50:15 PM] Josie: She raises her eyebrows.

[7/10/2013 9:50:31 PM] Coil: Because I'm cold.

[7/10/2013 9:51:46 PM] Josie: She smiles, and turns her back.

[7/10/2013 9:52:18 PM] Coil: Coil finds some clothes!  Something comfortable and easy to move in.

[7/10/2013 9:53:00 PM] Josie: Easily done. There's a wide variety of high-end clothing for various purposes, workout gear to tuxedoes.

[7/10/2013 9:53:27 PM] Coil: Workout gear, then.

[7/10/2013 9:55:25 PM] Josie: Easily done.

[7/10/2013 9:55:34 PM] Josie: Stella: Let me know when I can turn my back.

[7/10/2013 9:55:40 PM] Josie: There are even shoes. They fit.

[7/10/2013 9:56:03 PM] Coil: All right, I should be decent.

[7/10/2013 9:56:49 PM] Josie: Stella: Alas.

[7/10/2013 9:56:52 PM] Josie: She turns around.

[7/10/2013 9:57:33 PM] Coil: This place is way too big for two people.

[7/10/2013 9:58:09 PM] Josie: Stella: It's very empty.

[7/10/2013 10:00:14 PM] Coil: Coil nods.  Probably safer to just hole up in a couple of rooms.

[7/10/2013 10:01:01 PM] Josie: Stella: We could go for a swim.

[7/10/2013 10:01:32 PM] Josie: She drops her robe into a sodden pile on the ground, and slips on a flowy white dress with gold embroidery.

[7/10/2013 10:06:14 PM] Coil: I've had enough water for the time being, I think.

[7/10/2013 10:07:40 PM] Josie: Both his clothes and Stella's fit perfectly.

[7/10/2013 10:07:46 PM] Josie: Stella: What would you like to do?

[7/10/2013 10:14:11 PM] Coil: I... dont' know.  Maybe eat?  I'm sure this place has a well-stocked ktichen.'

[7/10/2013 10:15:41 PM] Josie: Stella: So little imagination. I'm sure it does. We could order something, but it's best not to trust it.

[7/10/2013 10:17:13 PM] Coil: Honestly, I'm just trying to understand the situation we're in.  The bulletin about you was fake.  But whoever sent it knew enough about you to make it sound real.

[7/10/2013 10:17:33 PM] Josie: Stella: Prostitution, really?

[7/10/2013 10:18:13 PM] Coil: They got the doctor's name right though, didn't they?

[7/10/2013 10:19:43 PM] Josie: Stella: ... yes. Dr. Helen Manchineal. MD, PhD, conscienceless sociopathic torturer.

[7/10/2013 10:22:46 PM] Josie: She's gone pale again.

[7/10/2013 10:23:21 PM] Coil: ... you okay?

[7/10/2013 10:26:42 PM] Josie: Stella: Lou said it wasn't... really her who did it. So yes.

[7/10/2013 10:27:15 PM] Coil: But who would know she was involved with you?

[7/10/2013 10:29:22 PM] Josie: Stella shakes her head. "I don't know. It's ... beyond top secret."

[7/10/2013 10:29:56 PM] Josie: Stella: We were... conditioned... not to say her name. Or think it.

[7/10/2013 10:30:26 PM] Coil: Coil frowns.  "You're saying it now."

[7/10/2013 10:31:37 PM] Josie: She says, with obvious pride, "I was always very strong."

[7/10/2013 10:33:34 PM] Coil: Coil smiles.  "Clearly."

[7/10/2013 10:33:37 PM] Coil: ...hmm.

[7/10/2013 10:34:48 PM] Josie: Stella: Hmm?

[7/10/2013 10:35:09 PM] Coil: Coil calls up Tiktok!

[7/10/2013 10:36:07 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Hey boss! I had this great idea about a gun that shoots bees! You wanna shoot bees? I could make you a prototype!

[7/10/2013 10:36:53 PM] Coil: That's okay, Tiktok.  Well, wait.  Robot bees?

[7/10/2013 10:38:11 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Nah, real ones! Zzzz BAM BAM BAM!

[7/10/2013 10:38:28 PM] Coil: Robot bees might be more effective and less prone to swatting.

[7/10/2013 10:38:40 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Yeah but they don't make HONEY.

[7/10/2013 10:39:32 PM] Coil: Anyway.  Did you have something to do with a bulletin about Stella?

[7/10/2013 10:40:10 PM] Josie: Tiktok: The pretty girl? What bulletin?

[7/10/2013 10:40:34 PM] Josie: Stella smiles.

[7/10/2013 10:40:51 PM] Coil: I guess not.  Someone is trying to shake us out of this hotel.  Sent us a bulletin that she's wanted for a multitude of crimes.

[7/10/2013 10:41:20 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Reeeeally? Like what kinda crimes? Like disturbin' the peace and stuff? I disturb the peace a lot!

[7/10/2013 10:42:50 PM] Coil: Doesn't matter. The point is that the bulletin went out, got pinged as fake.  Trying to figure out who did the pinging.

[7/10/2013 10:43:22 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Oh man! I dunno, I'm into hardware, boss, not software!

[7/10/2013 10:43:42 PM] Coil: Okay.  Just curious.  Thanks, Tiktok.

[7/10/2013 10:44:51 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Is she your girrrrrrrlfriend? Are you gonna maaaaaaaaaarry her? Are you gonna have like fifteen of those squishy little baby things? Can I have one? They're cute! I bet I could make it a robotic suit so it's not so squishy and stuff!

[7/10/2013 10:45:24 PM] Coil: ...bye, Tiktok.

[7/10/2013 10:45:59 PM] Josie: Tiktok: Byebye boss! Tell me if you decide you want some bees! BAM BAM BZZZZZ ARGH, ARGH Oh my god he's got bees on his FACE!

[7/10/2013 10:46:06 PM] Josie: He signs off.

[7/10/2013 10:46:48 PM] Josie: Stella giggles. "However did you *find* him."

[7/10/2013 10:47:45 PM] Coil: I actually never met him in person before I came here yesterday.  I just needed a good hardware guy and someone gave him his contact info.

[7/10/2013 10:48:55 PM] Josie: Stella: And he never gave you anything out of the ordinary before?

[7/10/2013 10:49:12 PM] Coil: Oh, he pitched some odd stuff.

[7/10/2013 10:50:10 PM] Josie: Stella: No... weasel launchers and bee guns, though?

[7/10/2013 10:50:26 PM] Coil: Not really.

[7/10/2013 10:50:31 PM] Josie: ((Feel free to use your imagination. Tiktok's weird.))

[7/10/2013 10:50:48 PM] Coil: Though he did offer me a gun that shot incendiary rainbows.

[7/10/2013 10:50:59 PM] Josie: Stella boggles. "... did it work?"

[7/10/2013 10:51:43 PM] Coil: I never took him up on it.

[7/10/2013 10:52:44 PM | Edited 10:54:53 PM] Josie: Stella: ... no wonder you... nevermind. That *is* a little mad.

[7/10/2013 10:53:19 PM] Coil: He's brilliant, though.

[7/10/2013 10:54:15 PM] Coil: And he hasn't let me down yet.

[7/10/2013 10:54:42 PM] Josie: Stella: I like him.

[7/10/2013 10:55:08 PM] Josie: Stella: Not nearly as much as I like you, of course.

[7/10/2013 10:55:48 PM] Coil: Coil smiles.

[7/10/2013 10:57:48 PM] Coil: Coil kisses her!

[7/10/2013 10:58:59 PM] Josie: She kisses him back, clinging a bit.

[7/10/2013 10:59:38 PM] Coil: Sorry.  As I recall, we got interrupted last time.

[7/10/2013 11:00:33 PM] Josie: Stella: Maybe this time we'll have better luck.

[7/10/2013 11:02:24 PM] Coil: We can only hope.

[7/10/2013 11:03:25 PM] Coil: Coil kisses her again!

[7/10/2013 11:04:27 PM] Josie: She kisses him back. And that's going to go to curtain if she has *anything* to say about it. Possibly right there in the closet.

[7/10/2013 11:05:02 PM] Coil: Well, they're in a bedroom!))

[7/10/2013 11:05:44 PM] Josie: They're in a walk-in closet in a bedroom! ... of course they can walk out of the closet. She's not thinking that far ahead, but he might be.

[7/10/2013 11:09:55 PM] Coil: He generally does!

[7/10/2013 11:10:28 PM] Josie: True! So they *do* end up someplace better than a damp closet floor.

[7/10/2013 11:12:22 PM] Coil: Yeah!

[7/10/2013 11:12:32 PM] Josie: Not to get too far into detail, but it's a very... *unusual* experience. She might be terribly strong but as she mentioned before there's things you can't really concentrate through, so Coil ends up getting a good bit of her BRAIN RAYS directed at him. It creates an odd echoey mirrored amplification effect, because he can feel her feeling him feeling her feeling him feeling her... mentally.

[7/10/2013 11:14:58 PM] Josie: He also picks up various little bits of things, mostly memories or feelings from her perspective. She has a big fat crush on him, which he's been pretty oblivious of, but she's also sort of segmented him off in her head (a very complicated place) as a *legit* supernatural personification of Death somehow. Although she'd probably deny it, because she doesn't believe in supernatural mumbojumbo either. It's contradictory but it doesn't seem to matter overmuch.

[7/10/2013 11:16:23 PM] Coil: ((Deeeeeeath!)

[7/10/2013 11:16:50 PM] Josie: With a capital D. ... she has a lot of weird stuff in her head, and a lot of it she didn't put there herself, to be fair.

[7/10/2013 11:17:02 PM] Josie: She's also fairly snuggly afterward, but that probably is less of a surprise.

[7/10/2013 11:18:18 PM] Coil: That was.... different.

[7/10/2013 11:18:50 PM] Josie: Stella: ... sorry.

[7/10/2013 11:19:47 PM] Coil: Not bad differet.

[7/10/2013 11:19:53 PM] Coil: Different, different.

[7/10/2013 11:21:57 PM] Josie: Stella: You knew about me before... I feel like I should be upset, but it's good. You didn't just feel sorry for me.

[7/10/2013 11:22:14 PM] Coil: I don't think I can.

[7/10/2013 11:22:46 PM] Coil: Feel sorry for people, I mean.

[7/10/2013 11:24:02 PM] Josie: Stella: There's nothing wrong with you.

[7/10/2013 11:25:41 PM] Josie: Stella: You think there's something wrong with you, but there's not.

[7/10/2013 11:26:36 PM] Coil: Coil shrugs.  "I find it hard to worry about it, too."

[7/10/2013 11:27:22 PM] Josie: Stella: You shouldn't.

[7/10/2013 11:28:26 PM] Coil: I suppose not.

[7/10/2013 11:28:52 PM] Josie: (("I don't care if you're a sociopath!"))

[7/10/2013 11:29:54 PM] Coil: ((Hee.  He's really not.  HE was just taught a lot of self discipline.  And taught not to navel-gaze terribly much.))

[7/10/2013 11:30:16 PM] Josie: ((Nah. I think he's more like... Aspergers or something. Not expressive.))

[7/10/2013 11:30:25 PM] Coil: Pretty much.

[7/10/2013 11:30:59 PM] Josie: Stella: ... I really didn't mean to do that. I hope you know that.

[7/10/2013 11:32:03 PM] Coil: I know.  It's okay.

[7/10/2013 11:32:29 PM] Josie: Stella: It's worse when it's two of... us.

[7/10/2013 11:32:47 PM] Coil: What do you mean?

[7/10/2013 11:33:18 PM] Josie: Stella: ... two telepaths. It's very hard to sort out who you're supposed to be afterward.

[7/10/2013 11:33:58 PM] Coil: Oh.  Well.  Good thing I'm headblind.

[7/10/2013 11:35:20 PM] Josie: Stella: Yes.

[7/10/2013 11:35:39 PM] Josie: She stretches up a bit to kiss him on the cheek, and then snuggles back into him.

[7/10/2013 11:44:34 PM] Coil: ... this... suite?  Is that what we call it?

[7/10/2013 11:45:25 PM] Josie: Stella: Yes?

[7/10/2013 11:45:56 PM] Coil: It's on the top floor.  Might be able to make an escape that way.  Through the roof access.

[7/10/2013 11:46:22 PM] Josie: Stella: We could ask for a gun that shoots owls?

[7/10/2013 11:46:39 PM] Coil: Giant owls.

[7/10/2013 11:49:30 PM | Removed 11:53:44 PM] Josie: This message has been removed.

[7/10/2013 11:51:57 PM] Coil: ... I wonder who it is.

[7/10/2013 11:53:22 PM] Josie: Stella: I don't know.

[7/10/2013 11:53:38 PM] Josie: ... Stella giggles.

[7/10/2013 11:55:19 PM] Josie: Stella: I didn't see anyone in your head that it could be. While I was there. Though I wasn't... looking for anything at the time.

[7/10/2013 11:56:47 PM] Coil: much can you see?

[7/10/2013 11:58:52 PM] Josie: Stella: If you let me? Everything.

[7/10/2013 11:59:23 PM] Coil: Coil frowns.  "And if I'm... preoccupied, like I was?"

[7/10/2013 11:59:41 PM] Josie: Stella: .... pieces. Just fragments.

[7/11/2013 12:00:46 AM] Coil: ...okay.

[7/11/2013 12:01:00 AM] Josie: Stella: ... are you angry? I tried to warn you.

[7/11/2013 12:01:43 AM] Coil: No.  But there are some things I don't want anyone to know.

[7/11/2013 12:02:17 AM] Josie: Stella: We won't do it again.

[7/11/2013 12:02:36 AM] Coil: ... I didn't say I wanted that, either.

[7/11/2013 12:03:12 AM] Coil: You know how I've lived my life.  I'm used to keeping everything inside, private.

[7/11/2013 12:03:53 AM] Josie: Stella: I can't help it.

[7/11/2013 12:04:21 AM] Coil: I know.  That's why I'm not angry.  It's just... not a feeling I'm used to, is all.

[7/11/2013 12:05:12 AM] Josie: Stella: It's temporary. I won't be around long.

[7/11/2013 12:05:31 AM] Coil: Don't say that.

[7/11/2013 12:07:10 AM] Coil: Besides.  I trust you.

[7/11/2013 12:08:09 AM] Josie: Stella: It works both ways.

[7/11/2013 12:08:20 AM] Coil: I noticed that, too.

[7/11/2013 12:09:48 AM] Coil: Coil kisses her again.

[7/11/2013 12:10:45 AM] Josie: She kisses him back, and smiles a bit. "... I hope you won't get my nightmares."

[7/11/2013 12:11:18 AM] Coil: neither.

[7/11/2013 12:12:09 AM] Coil: Mine are quite enough.

[7/11/2013 12:14:45 AM] Josie: Stella: Maybe mine won't be as bad for you. Maybe I'll take yours, and they won't be as bad for me.

[7/11/2013 12:15:01 AM] Coil: Share the burden?  I might be okay with that.

[7/11/2013 12:17:57 AM] Josie: Stella: Then I'll hope that's what happens.

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