[7/31/2014 11:53:44 PM] Canto: Well, where does she go that night?

[7/31/2014 11:53:57 PM] Josie: Does Howard contact her at all?

[7/31/2014 11:57:46 PM] Canto: Hmm.    Let's see....

[8/1/2014 12:00:46 AM] Canto: He is currently out of town attending to some business in New York.

[8/1/2014 12:02:03 AM] Josie: She'd go to Theo's, then.

[8/1/2014 12:03:57 AM | Edited 12:06:22 AM] Canto: Before she leaves, though, there's a knock on her door!

[8/1/2014 12:06:39 AM] Josie: Josie opens it.

[8/1/2014 12:07:39 AM] Canto: It's one of the hotel's bellhops.  He hands you a note.  "Message for you, miss!"

[8/1/2014 12:08:02 AM] Josie: Josie takes it, tips him and reads it.

[8/1/2014 12:10:27 AM] Canto: It's a message:  "There's a private plane waiting at the airport.  It will take you to New York, where I will take you to dinner, dancing, an opera, and then whatever else you want to do.  -- H. "

[8/1/2014 12:12:25 AM] Josie: Josie beams, and changes her plans! She never told Theo she was going to visit him that day, and doesn't want to smother him anyway.

[8/1/2014 12:14:14 AM] Canto: Okay!

[8/1/2014 12:15:19 AM] Josie: Josie does arrange to give Theo a message *if* he calls.

[8/1/2014 12:15:35 AM] Canto: What's the message?

[8/1/2014 12:16:59 AM] Josie: "Gone to New York, back tomorrow, probably. We should try to remember how Nefret and Darius sent messages to each other. -J."

[8/1/2014 12:18:28 AM] Canto: Okay!  The front desk will give him the message if he calls!

[8/1/2014 12:18:36 AM] Josie: Josie does not think he will.

[8/1/2014 12:18:45 AM] Josie: Josie packs a bag and heads to the airport!

[8/1/2014 12:20:59 AM] Canto: You find the private plane waiting for you!  It's very private.  Just you and the pilot!

[8/1/2014 12:21:47 AM] Josie: Josie asks to sit up there with him! Unless it's Theo. That would be so awkward.

[8/1/2014 12:23:48 AM] Canto: Nope.  It's just some older guy you don't know!

[8/1/2014 12:25:04 AM] Josie: Josie sits with him and either observes and asks questions, or reads, if he doesn't want to be distracted.

[8/1/2014 12:26:08 AM] Canto: Nope!  It's all very routine for him, and he's happy to talk you through everything.

[8/1/2014 12:27:24 AM] Josie: Josie is quite interested, with a view toward perhaps souping up one of Howard's old planes with magic. Theo *will* have a hangar, of course.

[8/1/2014 12:28:45 AM] Canto: You're in New York before long!  You used to live here.

[8/1/2014 12:30:25 AM] Josie: Josie looks for Howard or a driver with a sign saying "Dr. Black."

[8/1/2014 12:30:44 AM] Canto: There is one!

[8/1/2014 12:31:38 AM] Josie: Josie heads over there.

[8/1/2014 12:32:16 AM] Canto: The driver looks at you.  "Dr.  Black?  Mr. Hughes was hoping you would be able to join him at the restaraunt."

[8/1/2014 12:35:48 AM] Josie: Of course.

[8/1/2014 12:35:58 AM] Josie: Josie checks his mind just in case.

[8/1/2014 12:36:08 AM] Canto: He's bored!  Also he finds you hot.

[8/1/2014 12:38:22 AM] Josie: Josie hmphs, and will go with him.

[8/1/2014 12:39:57 AM] Canto: You are driven to a very fancy establishment!  The kind that Howard seems to love, with a line of people waiting at the door that you're allowed to bypass once you give a name.

[8/1/2014 12:42:02 AM] Josie: Josie heads in, shaking her head.

[8/1/2014 12:43:15 AM] Canto: Howard is at a very nice table overlooking the dancefloor, and he rises when he sees you!

[8/1/2014 12:44:22 AM] Josie: Josie heads straight for him, and hugs him. Also, kisses him.

[8/1/2014 12:44:43 AM] Canto: Howard:  Josie!  Glad to see you.

[8/1/2014 12:47:03 AM] Josie: Josie really does kiss him.

[8/1/2014 12:49:04 AM] Canto: He returns the kiss!

[8/1/2014 12:51:13 AM] Josie: I'm glad to see you too.

[8/1/2014 12:51:34 AM] Canto: Howard:  Though we just saw each other earlier today.

[8/1/2014 12:52:59 AM] Josie: We did, but I do *try* to be a little professional at work.  Just a touch.

[8/1/2014 12:54:10 AM] Canto: Howard:  Ah, yes, of course.

[8/1/2014 12:54:21 AM] Canto: Howard:  Come, sit down.

[8/1/2014 12:55:36 AM] Josie: Josie sits when he pulls out a chair for her.

[8/1/2014 12:58:11 AM] Canto: He does!  "Shall I order you a drink?"

[8/1/2014 12:58:45 AM] Josie: Please.

[8/1/2014 1:00:58 AM] Canto: Howard orders up whatever drink he's seen her order most before, another scotch rocks for himself, and an order of calamari.

[8/1/2014 1:02:46 AM] Josie: Josie doesn't really have a favorite; she drinks a lot of different things.

[8/1/2014 1:04:00 AM] Canto: Then he chooses something based on what you've ordered in the past!

[8/1/2014 1:05:45 AM] Josie: Josie probably has whatever Howard's having, then. She likes trying new things.

[8/1/2014 1:06:57 AM] Canto: Okay!  He orders you a scotch rocks and smiles at you.  "So.  How was your day?  Any decent leads?"

[8/1/2014 1:07:39 AM] Josie: Josie nods.

[8/1/2014 1:07:41 AM] Josie: A few.

[8/1/2014 1:08:50 AM] Canto: "Good, good.  Sorry to call you out here on such short notice," Howard says as he sips his drink.  "But I found out I wouldn't be able to get back to Boston as quickly as I wanted to."

[8/1/2014 1:10:08 AM] Josie: No? What came up?

[8/1/2014 1:10:11 AM] Josie: Josie sips hers, too.

[8/1/2014 1:13:06 AM] Canto: Pretty strong scotch!

[8/1/2014 1:14:31 AM] Josie: I'm feeling much better than I was when I stayed with you.

[8/1/2014 1:15:39 AM] Canto: Howard lights a cigarette.  "I'm looking at purchasing a company that specializes in electrical equipment here and the current owner is kind of dragging his feet, is all.  It's very boring."

[8/1/2014 1:15:49 AM] Canto: He smiles.  "I'm glad you're feeling better."

[8/1/2014 1:16:12 AM] Josie: It was so kind of you to let me do that.

[8/1/2014 1:16:32 AM] Josie: Hmm. Why is he dragging his feet, do you think?

[8/1/2014 1:20:01 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh, he knows I want his company and is trying to drive the value up, definitely.

[8/1/2014 1:22:34 AM] Canto: Howard:  Nothing but greed.

[8/1/2014 1:23:22 AM] Josie: Silly, isn't it?

[8/1/2014 1:24:13 AM] Josie: Do you have an alternative?

[8/1/2014 1:24:31 AM] Canto: Howard:  To greed?  I wouldn't be nearly as well off without it, I'm afraid.

[8/1/2014 1:25:20 AM] Josie: No, no, I  mean to his company.

[8/1/2014 1:25:24 AM] Josie: I don't find you especially greedy.

[8/1/2014 1:28:40 AM] Canto: Howard:  I'm a businessman.  I'm rather good at being one.  You don't get good at it without being a bit greedy, without always wanting more than you've got.

[8/1/2014 1:29:34 AM] Canto: Howard:  I'm leaving him hanging.  By tomorrow morning he'll call me and accept my original offer rather than the trumped-up counter offer he gave me.

[8/1/2014 1:29:42 AM] Josie: A bit, yes. But not *especially* greedy.

[8/1/2014 1:30:10 AM] Josie: Money does matter.

[8/1/2014 1:30:52 AM] Canto: Howard:  It does indeed.  And I like being rich.  I like having the best things and surrounding myself with the best people.

[8/1/2014 1:31:03 AM] Josie: I do too.

[8/1/2014 1:31:11 AM] Josie: The clothes alone make it worthwhile.

[8/1/2014 1:38:13 AM] Canto: Howard:  I agree, the clothes look great, especially on you.

[8/1/2014 1:40:43 AM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/1/2014 1:40:51 AM] Josie: You're so good at that.

[8/1/2014 1:41:17 AM] Josie: Giving compliments without making me feel like that's *all* that matters. You and Rafe, both of you.

[8/1/2014 1:42:35 AM] Canto: Howard:  So Mr. Windsor's working out?

[8/1/2014 1:43:14 AM] Josie: Very well!

[8/1/2014 1:43:45 AM] Josie: I think he and Dr. Crafter both were excellent additions to the group.

[8/1/2014 1:47:31 AM] Canto: Howard:  Well, I haven't officially hired Crafter yet.  Obviously your recommendation and Caspar's both carry a lot of weight.

[8/1/2014 1:51:08 AM] Josie: I'm dating him. ... Dr. Crafter, not Mr. Quentin.

[8/1/2014 1:52:47 AM] Canto: Howard raises an eyebrow.  "Well now.  When did this happen?"

[8/1/2014 1:54:15 AM] Josie: Last night. It was nice; I seem to like clever engineers.

[8/1/2014 1:56:34 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh, he has me beat, I'm almost certain.  But then, he doesn't make movies.

[8/1/2014 1:56:38 AM] Canto: He sips his scotch.

[8/1/2014 1:57:54 AM] Josie: Good movies.

[8/1/2014 1:57:56 AM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/1/2014 1:59:48 AM] Canto: They bring your calamari!

[8/1/2014 1:59:53 AM] Canto: Howard:  Do you like seafood?

[8/1/2014 2:00:14 AM] Josie: Very much. I don't think I've had this before, though.

[8/1/2014 2:02:34 AM] Canto: Howard:  I don't get it anywhere else but here.  Squid is usually so rubbery.

[8/1/2014 2:06:02 AM] Josie: Josie nibbles a piece.

[8/1/2014 2:06:07 AM] Josie: That's really good!

[8/1/2014 2:06:41 AM] Canto: Howard grins.  "Told you."

[8/1/2014 2:07:03 AM] Canto: He gets himself another scotch.  "So,w hat did you learn today?"

[8/1/2014 2:07:35 AM] Josie: Well, I met a couple of very interesting mummies. And we got a name of someone to ask about the whole... thing.

[8/1/2014 2:07:46 AM] Josie: Also we found out about the Titanic, but I think he'd rather I didn't say.

[8/1/2014 2:09:50 AM] Canto: Howard:  ...mummies?

[8/1/2014 2:12:16 AM] Josie: Two.

[8/1/2014 2:12:20 AM] Josie: One was all... dessicated and corpsy.

[8/1/2014 2:12:38 AM] Josie: The other one was beautiful and young-looking. And threatened to curse us all for a million years. Standard boilerplate, though, it wasn't personal.

[8/1/2014 2:16:06 AM] Canto: Howard shakes his head.  "I can't imagine.  Living that long?"

[8/1/2014 2:16:59 AM] Josie: I wonder if she likes coffee.

[8/1/2014 2:18:49 AM | Edited 2:22:33 AM] Canto: Howard:  Can she even drink coffee?  I mean, aren't mummies dead?

[8/1/2014 2:23:58 AM] Josie: Excellent point.

[8/1/2014 2:24:40 AM] Canto: Howard:  Can they eat?

[8/1/2014 2:25:06 AM] Josie: The other one had a milkshake, so yes. I think so.

[8/1/2014 2:25:48 AM] Canto: Howard:  Hmm.  That might not be so bad, then.

[8/1/2014 2:30:28 AM] Josie: Living forever as a dried up old husk?

[8/1/2014 2:30:43 AM] Josie: Or doing whatever it is the other one does to stay... fresh?

[8/1/2014 2:30:54 AM] Josie: Because I can guarantee you, whatever it is, it's not nice.

[8/1/2014 2:33:47 AM] Canto: Howard:  Well... you would know better than I.  YOu mean, human sacrifice-level not-nice?

[8/1/2014 2:34:20 AM] Josie: Josie thinks about this.

[8/1/2014 2:34:33 AM] Josie: Yes, probably. Something that unnatural has a serious cost.

[8/1/2014 2:35:34 AM] Josie: You could just use souls, of course.

[8/1/2014 2:36:16 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh, of course.

[8/1/2014 2:37:10 AM] Josie: Or you could put restrictions on yourself that are heavy enough to fuel it.

[8/1/2014 2:37:27 AM] Josie: Like defending a certain relic or temple or power source, that sort of thing.

[8/1/2014 2:39:50 AM] Canto: Howard looks thoughtful.  "Is eternal life worth that kind of price?  Seems like all the bad guys willing to murder willy-nilly have a leg up there."

[8/1/2014 2:40:18 AM] Josie: Well, I don't think it is, obviously, and neither did Nefret.

[8/1/2014 2:40:31 AM] Josie: She died defending her temple, she didn't vow to defend it for all eternity.

[8/1/2014 2:40:49 AM] Josie: Besides, I'm guessing mummies have certain other deficits you might miss.

[8/1/2014 2:41:10 AM] Canto: Howard:  I suppose so.

[8/1/2014 2:44:29 AM] Josie: Josie smiles. It's got a certain naughtiness component.

[8/1/2014 2:46:14 AM] Canto: Howard:  ... oh, I see.

[8/1/2014 2:46:25 AM] Canto: He grins back!

[8/1/2014 2:47:51 AM] Josie: You might miss that.

[8/1/2014 2:48:10 AM] Canto: Howard:  I think I might, yes.

[8/1/2014 2:49:56 AM] Josie: I know I would.

[8/1/2014 2:53:53 AM] Canto: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooo

[8/1/2014 2:54:05 AM] Canto: ((..  Wennie wants to play.))

[8/1/2014 2:54:37 AM] Josie: ((Hi Wennie!))

[8/1/2014 2:54:50 AM] Josie: ((Now stop that, let Josie seduce the nice millionaire.))

[8/1/2014 3:00:13 AM] Canto: Howard grins and sits back, drinking his second or third scotch.

[8/1/2014 3:00:32 AM] Canto: Howard:  I have tickets to the opera, you know.

[8/1/2014 3:01:09 AM] Josie: When does the performance start.

[8/1/2014 3:01:31 AM] Canto: Howard pulls the tickets out of his pocket.  "Two hours."

[8/1/2014 3:02:13 AM] Josie: Josie raises her eyebrows. "We'll have to think of something to do."

[8/1/2014 3:03:47 AM] Canto: Howard:  Well, I was thinking about dinner, some dancing.  Do you have something else in mind?

[8/1/2014 3:04:22 AM] Josie: ... actually, that sounds perfect!

[8/1/2014 3:05:41 AM] Canto: Howard smiles.  "I definitely recommend the lobster."

[8/1/2014 3:07:02 AM] Josie: Josie decides to get dinner, go dancing, go to the opera and *then* seduce him! It's much better that way.

[8/1/2014 3:07:13 AM] Josie: Josie will order the lobster, too! Why not! She likes shellfish!

[8/1/2014 3:09:53 AM] Canto: It is incredibly deilcious lobster!

[8/1/2014 3:10:23 AM] Josie: Josie definitely decides to take all Howard's recommendations from now on! Or at least some of them.

[8/1/2014 3:11:16 AM] Josie: Josie actually does love opera, though not specifically enough to know much about it. She really just loves live performances of any kind--plays, singing, bands, anything.

[8/1/2014 3:13:58 AM] Canto: It's a lighter-hearted Opera, Barber of Seville or Marriage of Figaro, something like that.  Not a lot of mass deaths in those.

[8/1/2014 3:15:08 AM] Josie: Josie likes those the best. She just can't quite bring herself to love the heavy Wagner type stuff, though she does still like it--still live performance and still often done well!

[8/1/2014 3:16:42 AM] Canto: Yep!  This is a very good performance, and the place is pretty much a who's who of New York celebrity.

[8/1/2014 3:17:37 AM] Josie: Josie tries to keep a low profile, and successfully avoids ogling celebrities other than Howard.

[8/1/2014 3:17:44 AM] Josie: Josie does ogle Howard a little bit.

[8/1/2014 3:19:31 AM] Canto: He does a lot of glad-handing.  He gets awkward around one or two or three of some of the female-type New York royalty.

[8/1/2014 3:20:15 AM] Josie: Josie just assumes he *knows* them and tries to make it easier on him if she possibly can, picking up the conversational slack.

[8/1/2014 3:22:13 AM] Canto: Yep!  He *knows* knows them.

[8/1/2014 3:22:18 AM] Canto: If you get my drift.

[8/1/2014 3:22:20 AM] Canto: Which is sex.

[8/1/2014 3:22:21 AM] Josie: Josie had assumed Biblically, yes.

[8/1/2014 3:22:25 AM] Canto: Sex drift.

[8/1/2014 3:22:53 AM] Josie: Josie doesn't mind, though. She actually does quite like Howard.

[8/1/2014 3:23:51 AM] Josie: Josie therefore tries to help make it all go easier and smoother for him whenever possible.

[8/1/2014 3:26:13 AM] Canto: It does get very awkward.  especially some of the glances they throw your way.

[8/1/2014 3:26:51 AM] Josie: Josie goes out of her way to be friendly to them and charming.

[8/1/2014 3:27:14 AM] Josie: Josie may or may not be verging on flirting with them. But no one would think of that in this time period, probably, so.

[8/1/2014 3:27:38 AM] Canto: Nope!  Not really.

[8/1/2014 3:28:06 AM] Canto: Howard is appreciative, though he does down two martinis during intermission and two more on the way out of the theater.

[8/1/2014 3:28:28 AM] Josie: Nervous?

[8/1/2014 3:31:02 AM] Canto: Howard:  ... a lot of my... entanglements don't end well.  Lots of... messy threads.

[8/1/2014 3:31:19 AM] Josie: Why, do you think?

[8/1/2014 3:35:35 AM] Canto: Howard:  I don't know.  I don't think I lead women on.

[8/1/2014 3:35:43 AM] Canto: Howard shrugs.

[8/1/2014 3:36:17 AM] Josie: ... well. Do you want me to tell you what I think or would you rather I just commiserate?

[8/1/2014 3:38:29 AM] Canto: Howard:  Please do.  Your insight would be quite welcome.

[8/1/2014 3:39:55 AM] Josie: Well... you're very, very attractive on a number of levels, conventional and otherwise. A lot of people like good looks, money and power; a lot of people like altruism, cleverness and creativity.

[8/1/2014 3:40:48 AM] Josie: You have a number of virtues to go with a few somewhat worrying vices--I mean, maybe you've got a few more interesting vices I don't know about too, of course, but even so.

[8/1/2014 3:41:16 AM] Josie: And then you don't make it clear ahead of time what you want, what your expectations are. And you don't ask them what they want and what their expectations are.

[8/1/2014 3:42:54 AM] Josie: And you don't really have any much yourself, so your heart's quite well-armored, but them?

[8/1/2014 3:44:45 AM] Josie: Quite without meaning to be, you end up being sort of a great big Rock of Gibraltar, and without any maps or lighthouses to show the way they smash themselves on you.

[8/1/2014 3:46:37 AM] Canto: Howard:  Hmm.

[8/1/2014 3:46:39 AM] Josie: That is what I think.

[8/1/2014 3:47:41 AM] Josie: And you're right, you *don't* lead them on.

[8/1/2014 3:49:25 AM] Canto: Howard:  A bit more transparency in what I want might help, you say.  That's... probably damn good advice.

[8/1/2014 3:50:23 AM] Josie: Exactly.

[8/1/2014 3:51:03 AM] Josie: It might be more difficult at the beginning, but I really do think you'll be better off in the long run.

[8/1/2014 3:51:49 AM] Canto: Archie chirrups from your purse.

[8/1/2014 3:52:21 AM] Josie: Josie puts her hand in there and strokes his head.

[8/1/2014 3:52:56 AM] Josie: I can see the danger, personally, so I'm watching out for it and taking precautions.

[8/1/2014 3:53:33 AM] Josie: You have good taste, by the way.

[8/1/2014 3:54:48 AM] Canto: Howard:  Precautions?

[8/1/2014 3:55:55 AM] Josie: Oh yes. Dating other people, reminding myself I'd like to be your friend too afterward. That kind of thing.

[8/1/2014 3:59:48 AM] Canto: Howard:  Mmm.  I'm surprised you took me up on my invitation, really.

[8/1/2014 4:00:07 AM] Josie: Really? Why?

[8/1/2014 4:01:13 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh, since you and Crafter are seeing each other as well.

[8/1/2014 4:03:24 AM] Josie: Not seriously. And I was clear about that.

[8/1/2014 4:04:19 AM] Canto: Howard:  Well, I'm glad you chose me for tonight.

[8/1/2014 4:04:49 AM] Josie: Me too. You're lots of fun, you know.

[8/1/2014 4:05:14 AM] Josie: Though I worry about you too, a little.

[8/1/2014 4:05:39 AM] Canto: Howard:  Why?  The drinking?

[8/1/2014 4:05:56 AM] Josie: Yes. ... I know it's not my place to say anything, but.

[8/1/2014 4:07:29 AM] Canto: Howard:  I can handle it.

[8/1/2014 4:07:55 AM] Josie: That's... a little of why I'm concerned.

[8/1/2014 4:08:27 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh?

[8/1/2014 4:08:53 AM] Josie: That means you're very accustomed to it, doesn't it?

[8/1/2014 4:09:59 AM] Canto: Howard:  I also like to think that I have an otherwise very sturdy constitution.  But yes.

[8/1/2014 4:10:30 AM] Josie: Is it because it's fun, because you need it or because you're so used to it it's like breathing?

[8/1/2014 4:12:09 AM] Canto: Howard:  Probably a bit of number one and and number three.

[8/1/2014 4:13:04 AM] Josie: It should always be one.

[8/1/2014 4:13:21 AM] Canto: He gives a little shrug.

[8/1/2014 4:14:43 AM] Josie: ... nothing to be terribly concerned about now, but in the future. I noticed it was usually the second with Mr. Stevenson. He was using it to try to deal with problems, which is not healthy and also, never actually *works.*

[8/1/2014 4:16:42 AM] Canto: Howard:  I find it makes things... easier to deal with.  It doesn't make the problems go away, but it helps deal with the anxiety.

[8/1/2014 4:17:30 AM] Josie: Have you ever talked to anybody about that?

[8/1/2014 4:19:28 AM] Canto: Howard:  A couple of friends.   Nothing serious.

[8/1/2014 4:19:56 AM] Canto: Howard shrugs.  "I am the way I am.  I drink the way I drink."

[8/1/2014 4:20:18 AM] Josie: Josie grins.

[8/1/2014 4:21:10 AM] Josie: I don't mean to nag. I'd just like to see you without the anxiety.

[8/1/2014 4:21:27 AM] Canto: Howard:  Comes with the job.

[8/1/2014 4:22:05 AM] Josie: Some.

[8/1/2014 4:22:19 AM] Josie: I do envy your confidence, though.

[8/1/2014 4:24:48 AM] Josie: I always feel like everyone can tell who I really am just by looking.

[8/1/2014 4:24:58 AM] Josie: No matter what I do.

[8/1/2014 4:27:04 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh.  They can't, though.

[8/1/2014 4:27:13 AM] Canto: Howard:  You come across as very self-possessed.

[8/1/2014 4:27:24 AM] Josie: I try to.

[8/1/2014 4:27:47 AM] Josie: ... but it must show somehow. I can't even get people to listen to me by begging during a flamingly obvious emergency.

[8/1/2014 4:27:50 AM] Josie: Josie makes a face.

[8/1/2014 4:29:56 AM] Canto: Howard rasies an eyebrow.

[8/1/2014 4:30:10 AM] Josie: Josie tells him about what happened in the church!

[8/1/2014 4:32:04 AM] Canto: Howard:  Hmm.

Josie was telling him she thinks the people on her team don't really respect her!

[8/1/2014 6:31:26 PM] Canto: Howard:  Well.  Why do you think that is?

[8/1/2014 6:31:57 PM] Josie: I'm young and female.

[8/1/2014 6:32:10 PM] Josie: ... and I don't have any formal position as leader anyway. It's just that nobody ever seems to do anything if they're not told.

[8/1/2014 6:34:46 PM] Canto: Howard:  Then make it clear that you want the position.  Explain that there are times when it is good to have one person in charge and that when those times come, it should be you.

[8/1/2014 6:36:16 PM] Josie: Maybe they're right and it shouldn't be.

[8/1/2014 6:37:14 PM] Canto: Howard:  Why not?

[8/1/2014 6:39:11 PM] Josie: I look the way I look. I'd have to change that for people to take me seriously, it seems.

[8/1/2014 6:43:28 PM] Canto: Howard:  I don't think it's the way you look.  If you want to take charge, you need to take charge.  Yell into their heads to make your point.  One thing I learned early on-- no one owes you loyalty.  You have to earn it from them.

[8/1/2014 6:44:12 PM] Josie: That works perfectly well for men, but women just get written off as bitches.

[8/1/2014 6:44:26 PM] Josie: We're supposed to do all the same things while somehow, still being *nice.*

[8/1/2014 6:47:21 PM] Canto: Howard:  I can't really speak to that.  But I do know that you can't really be in charge, and be their friends at the same time.  My employees are loyal.  I'm friendly with them, I like to think I'm good to them.  They respect me and I respect them.

[8/1/2014 6:47:23 PM] Josie: If Nefret had been expected to be nice she'd've never gotten anything at all done.

[8/1/2014 6:47:34 PM] Canto: Howard:  But I'm not friends with them.

[8/1/2014 6:47:52 PM] Josie: Most of them, you mean?

[8/1/2014 6:47:57 PM] Josie: Josie waves at him, and smiles.

[8/1/2014 6:48:00 PM] Canto: Howard:  You and I are friends, of course, but I'm not out in the field with you, either.

[8/1/2014 6:48:53 PM] Josie: No. And it probably wouldn't be a good idea to be.

[8/1/2014 11:09:34 PM] Josie: ... I don't know. Even if they listen to me, people outside the team won't.

[8/1/2014 11:09:39 PM | Edited 11:10:03 PM] Josie: So it might be better if it *were* Rafe.

[8/1/2014 11:11:20 PM] Canto: Howard:  Are you saying this?  Or is it the you that is afraid everyone "knows"?

[8/1/2014 11:12:53 PM] Josie: ... damn. Good point.

[8/1/2014 11:13:14 PM] Josie: I know I can do it. I *have* done it, when I was Nefret. Everyone did what she said.

[8/1/2014 11:14:50 PM] Canto: Howard:  You've changed a lot since your regression.

[8/1/2014 11:16:54 PM] Josie: I feel more confident.

[8/1/2014 11:17:24 PM | Edited 11:17:33 PM] Canto: howard:  But are you still Josie?  Or are you becoming Nefret?

[8/1/2014 11:18:31 PM] Josie: ... there's not as much difference as you think. If any.

[8/1/2014 11:19:14 PM] Josie: I just have more tact.

[8/1/2014 11:19:45 PM] Josie: Just now she'd've shouted "Don't be stupid!" and possibly bonked you on the head, for example.

[8/1/2014 11:20:44 PM] Canto: He shrugs.  "Mr. Fortunada told me that sometimes people allow themselves to get... overwritten, I guess, by their previous incarnations."

[8/1/2014 11:21:16 PM] Josie: Well if I start going around topless and hitting people I think you'll notice.

[8/1/2014 11:34:47 PM] Canto: Howard:  ... I don't think I'm being foolish.

[8/1/2014 11:35:15 PM] Josie: I don't either.

[8/1/2014 11:35:25 PM] Josie: ... which is another way of telling I'm still me, really.

[8/1/2014 11:35:36 PM] Josie: Nefret *would* think you are. She was suicidally overconfident in some ways.

[8/1/2014 11:41:02 PM] Canto: Howard:  Hmmm.  All right, if you say so.

[8/1/2014 11:42:26 PM] Josie: I appreciate the concern, though.

[8/1/2014 11:42:30 PM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/1/2014 11:43:10 PM] Canto: Howard:  Purely selfish.  I wanted to date a beautiful, intelligent modern woman.

[8/1/2014 11:43:28 PM] Canto: HowarD:  Not an autocratic priestess.

[8/1/2014 11:43:41 PM] Josie: No.

[8/1/2014 11:44:05 PM] Josie: ... I might be a little bossier. ... all right, I *am* bossier. But I'm less chilly, too.

[8/1/2014 11:48:20 PM] Canto: Howard:  Well.  If you say so.

[8/1/2014 11:51:23 PM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/1/2014 11:52:39 PM] Josie: I don't think I'll be wandering around topless in public anytime soon.

[8/1/2014 11:52:42 PM] Canto: Howard:  I suppose you always have your abilities to help earn respect if you need it.

[8/1/2014 11:52:45 PM] Josie: ((Where *are* they by this point?))

[8/1/2014 11:52:54 PM] Josie: I never use them for things like that.

[8/1/2014 11:52:56 PM] Canto: ((I've been assuming you're in the car.))

[8/1/2014 11:54:00 PM] Canto: Howard:  No?  I don't know if I would hold off using them.  I mean... I use every advantage I have.

[8/1/2014 11:56:18 PM] Josie: It's not... really always an advantage.

[8/1/2014 11:56:41 PM] Canto: Howard:  But you could use it to your advantage.

[8/1/2014 11:59:40 PM] Josie: Usually it makes things worse.

[8/2/2014 12:00:23 AM] Josie: Most of my family hated me a little for looking like this.

[8/2/2014 12:00:50 AM] Josie: And most men think... thoughts that I don't like.

[8/2/2014 12:01:32 AM] Canto: howard:  But couldn't you... change their minds?

[8/2/2014 12:03:00 AM] Josie: What would that serve?

[8/2/2014 12:03:32 AM] Josie: I'd always know it wasn't real.

[8/2/2014 12:05:12 AM] Josie: And I'm sure you have the same problem.

[8/2/2014 12:05:21 AM] Canto: Howard:  I don't know.

[8/2/2014 12:05:29 AM] Josie: People look at you and see money, or fame, or whatever. They don't see *you* most of the time, do they?

[8/2/2014 12:05:40 AM] Canto: Howard:  Getting people to see things my way in business negotiations would be very useful.

[8/2/2014 12:06:22 AM] Josie: It's not easy to explain, but looking inside someone else's head almost always makes things worse.

[8/2/2014 12:06:31 AM] Josie: Not quite always, but probably about 80% of the time.

[8/2/2014 12:10:44 AM] Canto: Howard:  I suppose I'll take your word for it on this one, too.

[8/2/2014 12:11:18 AM] Josie: Now if you're careful, using it on people who don't mind can be nice.

[8/2/2014 12:11:46 AM] Canto: Howard:  Oh?

[8/2/2014 12:11:56 AM] Canto: Archie:  Chirrup.

[8/2/2014 12:13:22 AM] Josie: Sure. I could speak directly into your head, help you retrieve memories, enhance some feelings and dim others--squelching them entirely usually doesn't work very well either, incidentally.

[8/2/2014 12:23:09 AM] Canto: Howard:  Hmm.  Maybe another time, if you don't mind.

[8/2/2014 12:24:18 AM] Josie: I wasn't suggesting we do that *right* now.

[8/2/2014 12:24:53 AM] Canto: ((Sorry!  People keep coming in to talk at me.))

[8/2/2014 12:25:09 AM] Canto: Howard:  Still.  I don't know that I could be so moral about such a power.

[8/2/2014 12:25:23 AM] Josie: ((Ah! I'd wondered.))

[8/2/2014 12:26:09 AM] Josie: Well, you don't go around raping women even though you know you could probably get away with it. I don't go around raping minds even though I could probably get away with that, too.

[8/2/2014 12:28:29 AM] Canto: Howard:  I suppose that makes sense.

[8/2/2014 12:29:51 AM] Josie: See? You've got some morals after all. What did I tell you.

[8/2/2014 12:33:33 AM] Canto: Howard:  Mmm.  I suppose so.

[8/2/2014 12:37:23 AM] Canto: howard:  Well, don't tell anyone, will you?

[8/2/2014 12:37:30 AM] Josie: Josie grins.

[8/2/2014 12:38:20 AM] Josie: I won't. I'll tell them you seduced me, and that your favorite hobbies are kicking puppies and stealing candy from adorable tiny children.

[8/2/2014 12:38:50 AM] Canto: Howard:  Thank you kindly.

[8/2/2014 12:39:51 AM] Josie: Or whatever you'd like me to say, I suppose.

[8/2/2014 12:40:09 AM] Josie: I've been surprised, nobody's bothered to try to put me in a newspaper or anything. Thankfully.

[8/2/2014 12:40:42 AM] Canto: Howard:  No, you're mostly been known as 'And Friend' in the Society Pages.

[8/2/2014 12:41:15 AM] Josie: Which is perfectly accurate.

[8/2/2014 12:42:09 AM] Canto: Howard:  Though you *do* photograph well.

[8/2/2014 12:42:56 AM] Josie: Thank you. I hope no one recognizes me from home. But they probably won't, I've changed a lot of things.

[8/2/2014 12:50:24 AM] Canto: Howard:  Like what?

[8/2/2014 12:51:41 AM] Josie: My hair was short, and straight; now I wear it longer and curly and off to one side, and I wear makeup when I go out and don't ever wear pants.

[8/2/2014 12:57:14 AM] Canto: howard:  speaking of shorter hair... wasn't your longer when I saw you earlier today?

[8/2/2014 12:57:38 AM] Josie: Ugh. Yes, that was part of the mummy's price.

[8/2/2014 12:57:48 AM] Josie: I hope he's not going to use it for a love potion or something like that.

[8/2/2014 12:59:32 AM] Canto: HOward:  Oh dear.  Me too.

[8/2/2014 1:01:28 AM] Josie: It would ruin my plans for the evening, I don't know about yours.

[8/2/2014 1:03:02 AM] Canto: Howard:  I can settle for young Dr. Crafter being a romantic rival.  Not a millenia old mummy.

[8/2/2014 1:04:14 AM] Josie: Mm, I thought you weren't the jealous type? And is he that young, really?

[8/2/2014 1:07:15 AM] Canto: Howard:  Well, I have to undercut him somehow.  I'm not magic, after all.

[8/2/2014 1:10:58 AM] Josie: No, just ridiculously wealthy and famous, that's all.

[8/2/2014 1:11:01 AM] Josie: Josie rolls her eyes.

[8/2/2014 1:12:34 AM] Canto: Howard:  Well, yes..

[8/2/2014 1:13:37 AM] Josie: You said you *weren't* going to be jealous.

[8/2/2014 1:14:29 AM] Canto: Howard:  That would be rather hypocritical of me, wouldn't it?

[8/2/2014 1:14:51 AM] Josie: Yet it *does* happen.

[8/2/2014 1:14:58 AM] Josie: Here. Proof of good faith.

[8/2/2014 1:15:22 AM] Josie: Josie shifts a bit in the seat of the car, and kisses him. Thoroughly.

[8/2/2014 1:15:33 AM] Josie: ((Unless he objects.))

[8/2/2014 1:16:03 AM] Canto: He does not!  In fact, he reciprocates.

[8/2/2014 1:18:54 AM] Josie: Mm. Very good faith.

[8/2/2014 1:19:16 AM] Josie: Josie is not, however, willing to tear all his clothes off right there in the car, either. ... thankfully.

[8/2/2014 1:20:31 AM] Canto: He smiles.

[8/2/2014 1:22:56 AM] Josie: ... I always feel like you actually do like me. Like you'd probably take time to talk to me and be kind to me even if I were hideous. ... that's something I can't really say of a lot of people.

[8/2/2014 1:23:25 AM] Canto: Howard:  I don't really spend a lot of time dwelling on what isn't.

[8/2/2014 1:26:41 AM] Josie: Mmm.

[8/2/2014 1:26:48 AM] Josie: Josie snuggles into him.

[8/2/2014 1:27:02 AM] Josie: Where are you staying tonight? Is there room for me there?

[8/2/2014 1:27:30 AM] Canto: Howard:  Of course.

[8/2/2014 1:29:12 AM] Josie: Clothing optional?

[8/2/2014 1:29:53 AM] Canto: Howard:  Always.

[8/2/2014 1:31:58 AM] Josie: Mmm. Good.

[8/2/2014 1:36:43 AM] Josie: ((longest car ride ever! ... is he driving them back to Boston? Or to Cuba?))

[8/2/2014 1:36:47 AM] Canto: YOu go to Howard's hotel!  He has the largest room.

[8/2/2014 1:37:28 AM] Josie: ((I could actually see him flying her to cuba. Or somewhere else cool.))

[8/2/2014 1:37:54 AM] Josie: Josie puts her purse down, but not before she takes Archie out and sets him on her shoulder.

[8/2/2014 1:38:45 AM] Canto: Archie:  Chirrup?

[8/2/2014 1:39:14 AM] Josie: I wish I knew what you were asking.

[8/2/2014 1:39:24 AM] Josie: ... oh..... hmm. I have an idea.

[8/2/2014 1:39:57 AM] Josie: Josie tries to use her powers to see what the frog is thinking, reasoning that he does, after all, have a mind! even if it's a cute widdow froggie mind.

[8/2/2014 1:40:35 AM] Canto: Archie is wondering where you're going.

[8/2/2014 1:40:40 AM] Canto: Howard:  ... asking?

[8/2/2014 1:41:11 AM] Josie: Oh, he sounded inquisitive.

[8/2/2014 1:41:32 AM] Josie: That's all. He's wondering where I'm going.

[8/2/2014 1:41:59 AM] Canto: howard:  ... it can think?

[8/2/2014 1:42:12 AM] Josie: We're in a hotel room... suite... all right, probably the entire floor. Anyway, I'm staying here for the night with my friend Howard.

[8/2/2014 1:42:25 AM] Josie: He can think.

[8/2/2014 1:42:36 AM] Josie: Archie is a very sophisticated frog.

[8/2/2014 1:42:45 AM] Josie: Josie scritches the frog on the head.

[8/2/2014 1:44:30 AM] Canto: Howard:  I admit it's... he's an impressive gadget, but he can really think?"

[8/2/2014 1:44:46 AM] Josie: Oh yes.

[8/2/2014 1:45:15 AM] Josie: ... hm, let me feel your mind for a moment if you would. Nothing invasive, I promise, just the general... outlines.

[8/2/2014 1:45:30 AM] Josie: ((MINDGROPE.))

[8/2/2014 1:45:41 AM] Canto: Howard:  ... why?

[8/2/2014 1:46:00 AM] Josie: I'm trying to think of a good comparison and failing.

[8/2/2014 1:52:48 AM] Canto: Howard:  .. why would you want to?

[8/2/2014 1:54:16 AM] Josie: Think of a comparison, or check your mind? Well, the latter is just a generally good idea. We know there are people who can tamper with minds, and I'd probably be able to tell that by looking, even a cursory glance.

[8/2/2014 1:57:02 AM] Canto: Howard:  Check my mind, I meant.  Why, you think someone's messed with my head?

[8/2/2014 1:57:28 AM] Josie: I doubt it, but it's possible.

[8/2/2014 1:57:39 AM] Josie: And I wanted to check to see if it would give me a good idea for a comparison.

[8/2/2014 1:57:58 AM] Josie: I think Archie is about as smart as a dog.

[8/2/2014 1:59:20 AM] Canto: Howard frowns, thinking about it.

[8/2/2014 2:00:27 AM] Josie: All I'd get from that is how you feel right now, really.

[8/2/2014 2:00:42 AM] Josie: Maybe a sentence, if you concentrate.

[8/2/2014 2:02:10 AM] Josie: It's like... seeing a piece of furniture in a dark room. You can probably tell if something is a piano or an armchair, but not style, color, cleanliness or age of the armchair, or how well the piano plays.

[8/2/2014 2:03:45 AM] Canto: Howard:  ... well.  Okay.  I suppose.

[8/2/2014 2:07:02 AM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/2/2014 2:07:06 AM] Josie: Thank you for trusting me.

[8/2/2014 2:07:28 AM] Josie: Josie takes his hand and does the very-cursory check for tampering.

[8/2/2014 2:07:44 AM] Canto: There's none.

[8/2/2014 2:08:22 AM] Josie: ((What's his mind like otherwise?))

[8/2/2014 2:08:33 AM] Josie: ((Emotional state? Is he concentrating on something or no?))

[8/2/2014 2:09:09 AM] Canto: ((No.  He's very nervous.  He knows about the supernatural but it's never really *touched* him before.))

[8/2/2014 2:10:41 AM] Josie: ... there, see? It didn't hurt at all.

[8/2/2014 2:11:15 AM] Josie: And no one at all has done anything to your mind, you'll be happy to know.

[8/2/2014 2:12:14 AM] Canto: Howard:  I suppose that is good to know.

[8/2/2014 2:12:49 AM] Josie: That's all I could tell. Also that you're nervous, and that you have a very complex mind.

[8/2/2014 2:13:21 AM] Josie: ... maybe that's the comparison. Archie's mind is like a high end toaster and yours is more like a jet engine.

[8/2/2014 2:14:18 AM] Josie: He's getting smarter all the time, though.

[8/2/2014 2:17:41 AM] Canto: Howard:  Huh.  I see.

[8/2/2014 2:18:30 AM] Josie: .... not that different from Mr. Quentin making ice cubes, is it?

[8/2/2014 2:18:58 AM | Edited 2:18:58 AM] Canto: Howard:  A bit.

[8/2/2014 2:20:27 AM] Josie: Do you trust me?

[8/2/2014 2:24:38 AM] Canto: Howard:  As much as I trust anyone.

[8/2/2014 2:25:20 AM] Josie: Mm, hedging your bets, are you? Maybe I should clarify.

[8/2/2014 2:25:40 AM] Josie: Josie kisses him again. With *intent.*

[8/2/2014 2:27:43 AM] Canto: He kisses back!

[8/2/2014 2:31:54 AM] Josie: Josie will keep doing that until he's not nervous anymore, at least.

[8/2/2014 2:33:19 AM] Canto: His nervousness had to do with telepathy.  :)  He loosens up when telepathy is no longer involved.

[8/2/2014 2:35:09 AM] Josie: Josie makes him entirely forget about *that.* and if she has anything to say about it, absolutely everything else, too. At some point she sets Archie down and kicks her shoes off, before tugging him to... well, wherever he wants to go. Couch, bed, desk, kitchen table, floor... but Howard is terribly civilized, so she's guessing bed.

[8/2/2014 2:35:57 AM] Canto: Yep, bed.


[8/2/2014 3:28:46 AM] Canto: ((Theo's not gonna pick her up -- if she tries to call him, he doesn't answer his phone.))

[8/2/2014 3:30:05 AM] Josie: ((She'll show up at his house, then!))

[8/2/2014 3:34:42 AM] Canto: ((Taking a cab from the airport?))

[8/2/2014 3:34:52 AM] Josie: ((Yep!))

[8/2/2014 3:35:33 AM] Canto: No answer at the door.

[8/2/2014 3:35:44 AM] Josie: Josie knocks again. "Theo?"

Josie knocks on Theo's door again!

[8/2/2014 5:24:51 PM] Canto: Still no answer!  Though she thinks she hears a muffled voice.

[8/2/2014 5:26:16 PM] Josie: Josie pounds on the door!

[8/2/2014 5:26:21 PM] Josie: Are you all right?

[8/2/2014 5:27:35 PM] Josie: Josie tries to open the door!

[8/2/2014 5:27:38 PM] Canto: Caspar answers the door.  His clothes are rumpled and his eyes are half closed.  His hair is very out of place.  "... Miss... Doctor... Miss Black?

[8/2/2014 5:27:51 PM] Josie: Josie blinks.

[8/2/2014 5:27:55 PM] Josie: Oh, Mr. Quentin!

[8/2/2014 5:28:08 PM] Canto: Caspar  ... what time is it?

[8/2/2014 5:28:13 PM] Josie: ... you can call me Josie if you want. I think it's 10 a.m.

[8/2/2014 5:28:28 PM] Josie: Are you all right?

[8/2/2014 5:29:25 PM] Canto: Caspar:  i am very overhung.

[8/2/2014 5:30:15 PM] Josie: Josie lowers her voice. "... oh, I see. Can I come in? Or should I go away and come back later?"

[8/2/2014 5:30:54 PM] Canto: Caspar rubs his eyes.  "No, come on in.  I should make coffee. All of it."

[8/2/2014 5:32:44 PM] Canto: He lets you in!

[8/2/2014 5:32:57 PM] Josie: I can if you'd rather.

[8/2/2014 5:33:07 PM] Josie: Josie stays quiet and doesn't make any sudden moves!

[8/2/2014 5:33:41 PM] Canto: Caspar:  That would be brilliant.

[8/2/2014 5:34:25 PM] Canto: He sits down on the couch, where he was apparently sitting.  YOu notice that Theo's phone has been disassembled and reassembled into a new configuration.    You're not sure what it is, but it probably doesn't receive calls anymroe.

[8/2/2014 5:35:06 PM] Josie: ... no wonder I didn't get through. I suppose Theo's here somewhere?

[8/2/2014 5:35:35 PM] Canto: Caspar:  In his room.  We went out drinking last night.

[8/2/2014 5:36:11 PM] Josie: Oh, good. I knew I'd been monopolizing too much of his time.

[8/2/2014 5:36:16 PM] Josie: Josie heads for the kitchen.

[8/2/2014 5:37:08 PM] Canto: There are a bunch of pots and pans all over the place.  Looks like someone was making like, a four course italian meal in here and never cleaned up after themselves.

[8/2/2014 5:37:23 PM] Josie: ... goodness.

[8/2/2014 5:37:57 PM] Josie: Josie starts the coffee on first, and then starts washing up. It's actually kind of fun to do that when it's not your own dishes, for some reason.

[8/2/2014 5:38:18 PM] Canto: Looks like no one actually ate, though.

[8/2/2014 5:38:51 PM] Josie: Josie just figures they got distracted and went out instead.

[8/2/2014 5:39:20 PM] Josie: Josie when the coffee is done dries her hands off and takes a break from the dishes to go deliver a cup to Caspar.

[8/2/2014 5:39:46 PM] Canto: He takes it.  "Thanks.  You are literally a lifesaver."

[8/2/2014 5:41:00 PM] Josie: Do you wither and die without coffee too? I knew I wasn't the only one.

[8/2/2014 5:41:31 PM] Canto: He sips at his coffee.

[8/2/2014 5:43:37 PM] Josie: Well, I hope you had fun, at least. I'm not sure where the aspirin is, do you know?

[8/2/2014 5:44:34 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Theo was pretty upset about something.  So I dragged him out.

[8/2/2014 5:45:04 PM] Josie: Oh no, what happened?

[8/2/2014 5:45:27 PM] Canto: Caspar:  I don't know.  I didn't ask, and he didn't volunteer any information.

[8/2/2014 5:46:19 PM] Josie: Oh. ... strange.

[8/2/2014 5:47:11 PM] Canto: Caspar:  A bit. I don't know.  He's usually very unflappable.

[8/2/2014 5:47:24 PM] Josie: Josie frowns.

[8/2/2014 5:48:06 PM] Josie: Well, it's probably best to let him sleep as much of it off as possible. I'll check the bathroom, see if there's any aspirin in there for you.

[8/2/2014 5:48:50 PM] Canto: Caspar:  I mean, he was putting his nomral face on..  It's not like he was moping.  But I could tell something was eating him up.  And I would appreciate that.

[8/2/2014 5:51:00 PM] Josie: Josie nods, and heads for the bathroom.

[8/2/2014 5:51:28 PM] Canto: You find some asprin!

[8/2/2014 5:51:59 PM] Josie: Josie brings it back to Caspar.

[8/2/2014 5:53:04 PM] Canto: Caspar takes some!

[8/2/2014 5:53:48 PM] Josie: Well, the kitchen's a mess.

[8/2/2014 5:54:14 PM] Josie: It looks like he started cooking something but no one ever came for dinner. Did he have friends in town or something? Family?

[8/2/2014 5:55:07 PM] Josie: Maybe he got partway through, called, and found out they weren't coming after all.

[8/2/2014 5:55:17 PM] Canto: Caspar:  No. And if he was entertaining and cooking for people, he wouldn't have blown them off to go pubcrawing with me. I called him and we met at a pub.

[8/2/2014 5:55:21 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Maybe.

[8/2/2014 5:57:02 PM] Josie: ... we'll have to ask when he wakes up. Anything else you need? If not I'll go back to cleaning up. It'd be awful to have that many dishes to do with a hangover.

[8/2/2014 5:57:46 PM] Canto: You hear the shower in the bathroom connected to the master bedroom start up.

[8/2/2014 5:58:34 PM] Josie: Oh, there, he's up.

[8/2/2014 5:58:45 PM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/2/2014 5:59:18 PM] Josie: ... or there's someone else in there, I suppose. Do you remember if he brought anybody home?

[8/2/2014 6:00:33 PM] Canto: Caspar:  I doubt it.  Unless he built someone.

[8/2/2014 6:00:36 PM] Josie: I might need another coffee cup. I suppose I'd better wash those first.

[8/2/2014 6:01:27 PM] Josie: ... I don't... think he could do that in one night. Although Theo is rather special, so maybe. Well, cups first anyway. Come into the kitchen with me when you feel you can bear the clinking and the light.

[8/2/2014 6:01:34 PM] Josie: Josie smiles at him and heads back to the dishes.

[8/2/2014 6:02:29 PM] Canto: He nods, and joins you after a few minutes.

[8/2/2014 6:03:57 PM] Josie: Josie just keeps tidying up and washing up as she goes. She tries to be a bit quieter when Caspar's in the room, but doesn't stop cleaning. She *does* start asking him where some things go once they're clean, though.

[8/2/2014 6:04:49 PM] Canto: you guys figure it out together -- Caspar lives in LA, after all, and has never been to Theo's apartment before!

[8/2/2014 6:05:41 PM] Josie: Josie is a bit surprised about that, she'd assumed he'd been here before.

[8/2/2014 6:06:13 PM] Josie: Josie does not ask Cas to help with the dishes, either, because he is a man and this is women's work. Also he's hung over and might not want to move much.

[8/2/2014 6:06:39 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Nah, I haven't seen Theo since he came to Boston.  He was in London before this..

[8/2/2014 6:11:03 PM] Josie: He must be able to get along anywhere.

[8/2/2014 6:11:33 PM] Josie: ... I really like him.

[8/2/2014 6:11:43 PM | Edited 6:13:11 PM] Canto: Caspar:  He's pretty adaptable, that's for sure.

[8/2/2014 6:14:17 PM] Josie: ... we're dating, I don't know if he told you that.

[8/2/2014 6:14:53 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Are you?  I thought you and Howard were...

[8/2/2014 6:15:52 PM] Josie: Yes, that too. Both of them know, too.

[8/2/2014 6:16:18 PM] Canto: Caspar: Oh.

[8/2/2014 6:16:19 PM] Canto: He shrugs.

[8/2/2014 6:17:56 PM] Josie: I'm pretty sure Howard's attention span isn't that long anyway. And it's not serious in either case really.

[8/2/2014 6:18:41 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Hmm.

[8/2/2014 6:19:35 PM] Josie: Hmm?

[8/2/2014 6:20:25 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Was he cooking for you?

[8/2/2014 6:22:10 PM] Josie: Me? Oh no, I'm sure that wasn't it.

[8/2/2014 6:22:20 PM] Josie: He'd've called or something first.

[8/2/2014 6:27:22 PM] Canto: Caspar: Maybe.  I just can't think of who else he would have fixed dinner for.

[8/2/2014 6:27:38 PM] Josie: Everybody loves Italian.

[8/2/2014 6:27:52 PM] Josie: ... probably someone coming from out of town, then.

[8/2/2014 6:28:15 PM] Josie: Josie gets a mug out and ready for Theo when he comes out of his den, whenever that is.

[8/2/2014 6:30:59 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Hmm.

[8/2/2014 6:31:55 PM] Josie: Josie finishes the dishes and then looks for a broom.

[8/2/2014 6:32:51 PM] Canto: He emerges eventually, dark circles under his eyes and a five o'clock shadow, drying his hair.  "Cas, I need you to freeze the robotic chicken-thing I built last night before it finishes pecking a hole in the wall.... Josie?"

[8/2/2014 6:33:58 PM] Josie: Josie smiles. "Good morning. I made some coffee if you want it."

[8/2/2014 6:34:28 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "Appreciate it."

[8/2/2014 6:34:36 PM] Canto: Caspar:  ... what's this about a chicken?

[8/2/2014 6:34:51 PM] Canto: Theo:  I built it after we got home.

[8/2/2014 6:35:55 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm not sure why.  But I can't lightning bolt it without losing my security deposit.

[8/2/2014 6:36:05 PM] Canto: Caspar:  ... yeah, I'm on it.

[8/2/2014 6:36:14 PM] Canto: Caspar goes into the bedroom.

[8/2/2014 6:36:44 PM] Josie: Josie snrks.

[8/2/2014 6:37:14 PM] Josie: Josie pours Theo a cup of coffee and gives him that and a very cautious hug, because being hugged with a hangover is not always a good thing.

[8/2/2014 6:37:47 PM] Canto: Theo hugs back after a moment.  "Thanks for the coffee."

[8/2/2014 6:38:46 PM] Josie: Are you all right?

[8/2/2014 6:39:05 PM] Canto: Theo:  I drank.. everything.

[8/2/2014 6:39:13 PM] Josie: Josie snrks.

[8/2/2014 6:39:39 PM] Josie: So I gathered. I kept the curtains closed for you.

[8/2/2014 6:39:58 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... did you clean the kitchen?

[8/2/2014 6:40:50 PM] Josie: Not too much, just a little. Caspar helped.

[8/2/2014 6:41:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  You didn't have to do that.

[8/2/2014 6:41:28 PM] Canto: Theo opens the fridge and grabs a cookie.

[8/2/2014 6:41:44 PM] Josie: I know. I didn't mind.

[8/2/2014 6:42:16 PM] Josie: What happened, though? Did someone get hurt or something?

[8/2/2014 6:42:41 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hurt?  No.  It's not important.

[8/2/2014 6:44:32 PM] Josie: Oh, all right. He said you were upset, that's all, and everything was left out, so I thought maybe whoever it was got hurt, or wasn't able to make it.

[8/2/2014 6:45:12 PM] Canto: Theo:  No.  Well, it was you, but I should have called *before* I started cooking.  My fault.

[8/2/2014 6:46:04 PM] Josie: Oh no, really? Oh *no!* I'm so sorry!

[8/2/2014 6:46:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  It's fine.  Like I said, I should have called first, then started cooking or not.

[8/2/2014 6:47:17 PM] Josie: I didn't even think you'd call!

[8/2/2014 6:47:35 PM] Canto: Theo:  Why?

[8/2/2014 6:48:17 PM] Josie: Well... we've been spending so much time together, I'm taking away time from your work and your other friends and everything else you do. I'm... sort of trying to avoid entirely *smothering* you.

[8/2/2014 6:49:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  You're not smothering me.  I'm not a very social person.  I don't generally go out with friends, or go to parties unless it's related to work.

[8/2/2014 6:51:11 PM] Josie: I don't want to be around so much you wish I'd go away, that's all.

[8/2/2014 6:54:19 PM] Canto: Theo:  I would tell you if that was in danger of happening.  Wouldn't you tell me?

[8/2/2014 6:55:29 PM] Josie: Yes.

[8/2/2014 6:55:39 PM] Josie: ... although I can't really see that happening at all, either.

[8/2/2014 6:56:33 PM] Canto: Theo shrugs.  "You went to New York, then?"

[8/2/2014 6:57:12 PM] Josie: Josie nods.

[8/2/2014 6:57:29 PM] Josie: With Howard. He took me to dinner and dancing and an opera; it was fun.

[8/2/2014 6:58:01 PM] Canto: He nods.

[8/2/2014 6:58:27 PM] Josie: But if I'd *known* about dinner I'd've stayed here, you know.

[8/2/2014 7:02:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  I should have called before I started making dinner to make sure you actually were around and wanted it.  That was my fault.

[8/2/2014 7:03:18 PM] Canto: Theo:  Did you get back this morning?

[8/2/2014 7:03:27 PM] Josie: Josie nods.

[8/2/2014 7:03:41 PM] Josie: I was actually almost out the door on the way here when Howard called last night, you know.

[8/2/2014 7:05:46 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh.

[8/2/2014 7:06:38 PM] Josie: ... well, I'm still sorry anyway. What can I do to make it up to you?

[8/2/2014 7:07:17 PM] Canto: Theo:  It's fine.  You don't owe me anything.

[8/2/2014 7:07:47 PM] Josie: Mm, but maybe I'd enjoy making it up to you too. Maybe you would.

[8/2/2014 7:08:20 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... I should make sure that thing didn't kill Caspar.  I have no idea what I built into it.

[8/2/2014 7:08:27 PM] Canto: Theo:  Be right back.

[8/2/2014 7:08:37 PM] Canto: He goes into the bedroom.

[8/2/2014 7:08:53 PM] Josie: Josie blinks.

[8/2/2014 7:09:24 PM] Canto: Archie:  Chrip.

[8/2/2014 7:09:47 PM] Josie: ... I don't know what that means.

[8/2/2014 7:09:54 PM] Josie: Josie checks Archie's mind.

[8/2/2014 7:13:27 PM] Canto: Archie's miind is concerned!  It's fairly complex.  But he feels something in the air, some tension.  not like 'mommy and daddy are fighting' but more like 'daddy feels bad and is making things tense'.

[8/2/2014 7:14:33 PM] Josie: Oh, Archie, it's all right.

[8/2/2014 7:14:51 PM] Josie: I love you so much.

[8/2/2014 7:15:21 PM] Josie: Josie kisses the froggie on the head and rubs his tummy.

[8/2/2014 7:16:22 PM] Canto: Archie:  Chirp!

[8/2/2014 7:19:10 PM] Josie: ... and he wouldn't be the first man to decide I was a whore not worth bothering with anymore, either...

[8/2/2014 7:22:38 PM] Canto: Theo and Caspar come out with what looks like a half-built mechanical ostrich.  It is mostly legs.  Theo:  Put it on the balcony, it won't thaw out there anytime soon.

[8/2/2014 7:23:23 PM] Josie: What was it going to be?

[8/2/2014 7:24:07 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... I have *no* idea.  I think I was thinking vaguely of jousting on the backs of mechanical birds, but who knows.

[8/2/2014 7:24:59 PM] Josie: That could be interesting. I'm sure people would pay to see it, anyway.

[8/2/2014 7:25:52 PM] Canto: Theo:  I must have thought so.

[8/2/2014 7:26:24 PM] Canto: They set the thing out on the snow covered balcony.

[8/2/2014 7:27:00 PM] Canto: Caspar looks between the two of you.  "... Right then.  I'm gonna go to my hotel room, get cleaned up.  Thanks for the coffee, Dr. Black.... Josie."

[8/2/2014 7:27:34 PM] Josie: Josie nods.

[8/2/2014 7:27:50 PM] Josie: It was Theo's coffee, thank him.

[8/2/2014 7:27:55 PM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/2/2014 7:28:25 PM] Canto: Caspar  He was likely to make some kind of insane super-coffee.

[8/2/2014 7:29:41 PM] Josie: Now I'm sorry he didn't.

[8/2/2014 7:29:45 PM] Canto: Caspar gathers up his rumpled coat.  "I'll see you both later, I'm sure."

[8/2/2014 7:30:12 PM] Josie: Josie nods.

[8/2/2014 7:30:18 PM] Josie: I'd better get going too.

[8/2/2014 7:30:52 PM] Canto: Theo sits down.  "Wait.

[8/2/2014 7:30:56 PM] Canto: Theo:  Don't go.

[8/2/2014 7:31:05 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... Josie.  Caspar should go.

[8/2/2014 7:31:58 PM] Canto: Caspar:  Right.  See you two later.

[8/2/2014 7:32:10 PM] Josie: Josie waves.

[8/2/2014 7:32:12 PM] Canto: Caspar goes!

[8/2/2014 7:32:50 PM] Canto: Theo:  Have you eaten?

[8/2/2014 7:33:20 PM] Josie: No, just coffee at the airport.

[8/2/2014 7:33:38 PM] Canto: Theo nods and starts rummaging around the kitchen.

[8/2/2014 7:35:37 PM] Josie: Josie plays with Archie, quietly.

[8/2/2014 7:38:43 PM] Canto: Theo: ... I'm sorry.

[8/2/2014 7:41:15 PM] Josie: What? Why? You didn't do anything.

[8/2/2014 7:44:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... you're not a ball.  Or a trophy.  Or a prize.  I'm not in competition with anyone to *win* you.  Not Hughes, not anyone.  But when I found out you went to New York to be with him, I was... extremely jealous.

[8/2/2014 7:48:18 PM] Josie: ... oh.

[8/2/2014 7:49:02 PM] Josie: Josie focuses on Archie.

[8/2/2014 7:49:46 PM] Canto: Theo:  I don't like being jealous.  It reduces me to being a total creep and you to a possession.

[8/2/2014 7:50:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... So, I'm sorry.  You deserve better.

[8/2/2014 7:51:17 PM] Josie: You're not a creep.

[8/2/2014 7:51:36 PM] Canto: Theo:  I don't want to be.

[8/2/2014 7:52:01 PM] Josie: You're not.

[8/2/2014 7:52:02 PM] Canto: Theo cracks some eggs.

[8/2/2014 7:52:23 PM] Josie: ... do you want me to stop coming here?

[8/2/2014 7:53:26 PM] Canto: Theo:, not at all.

[8/2/2014 7:55:35 PM] Josie: Or just... not be together anymore.

[8/2/2014 7:56:39 PM] Canto: Theo:   I definitely don't want that.

[8/2/2014 7:56:59 PM] Josie: Oh. Oh, good.

[8/2/2014 7:57:09 PM] Josie: Josie relaxes a little bit.

[8/2/2014 7:57:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  I just... need to figure out how to deal with this.

[8/2/2014 7:59:23 PM] Canto: Theo stirs the eggs!

[8/2/2014 7:59:34 PM] Josie: Well... yes and no.

[8/2/2014 8:02:42 PM] Canto: Theo:  How do you mean?

[8/2/2014 8:02:57 PM] Josie: *We* need to figure out how to deal with this. Right?

[8/2/2014 8:06:32 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... you didn't do anything wrong.

[8/2/2014 8:08:16 PM] Josie: I didn't say I did, exactly. I just want to help, that's all.

[8/2/2014 8:09:17 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... that's true.

[8/2/2014 8:09:30 PM] Canto: Theo makes a simple batter and drops slices of bread in it!

[8/2/2014 8:10:01 PM] Josie: And.... not let you feel like you're all alone.

[8/2/2014 8:15:16 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... I could build something.

[8/2/2014 8:15:42 PM] Josie: I could help. If you want. What do you want to build?

[8/2/2014 8:17:52 PM] Canto: Theo:  I have no idea.  But that's generally how I solve problems.

[8/2/2014 8:18:02 PM] Canto: ((Josiebot incoming.))

[8/2/2014 8:19:02 PM] Josie: ((Creeeeepy.))

[8/2/2014 8:19:37 PM] Josie: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Theo.

[8/2/2014 8:19:38 PM] Canto: Theo continues making french toast.

[8/2/2014 8:19:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... I'm very embarassed.

[8/2/2014 8:19:52 PM] Josie: About what?

[8/2/2014 8:20:05 PM] Canto: Theo:  I know you didn't.

[8/2/2014 8:22:22 PM] Josie: I really didn't. I'm sorry.

[8/2/2014 8:25:49 PM] Canto: Theo:  I know.  It's okay.

[8/2/2014 8:26:05 PM] Josie: Josie looks at him, finally.

[8/2/2014 8:26:13 PM] Josie: But why are *you* embarassed?

[8/2/2014 8:26:21 PM] Josie: I'm the one that's sleeping around.

[8/2/2014 8:28:52 PM] Canto: Theo:   That I get jealous.  It makes no sense.  It's not rational.

[8/2/2014 8:29:38 PM] Josie: Nobody's rational all the time, Theo.

[8/2/2014 8:31:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  I know that you don't really... want anything serious with me.  I thought it was okay.  You were completely upfront and fair about it.  But then... I start thinking like a possessive creep.

[8/2/2014 8:33:24 PM] Josie: I'm pretty sure you aren't capable of being a possessive creep, Theo.

[8/2/2014 8:41:47 PM] Josie: No matter how much you think you're thinking like one.

[8/2/2014 8:44:56 PM] Canto: Theo:  Okay.

[8/2/2014 8:45:45 PM] Josie: Trust me on that.

[8/2/2014 8:46:27 PM] Canto: THeo:  I hope you like french toast.

[8/2/2014 8:49:57 PM] Josie: I love French toast.

[8/2/2014 8:51:46 PM] Josie: ... but mostly I'm just glad you're not getting rid of me.

[8/2/2014 8:53:05 PM] Josie: ... or, you know, punching my face and screaming "Whore!" at the top of your lungs...

[8/2/2014 8:53:34 PM] Canto: Theo: .... that's horrible.  No.

[8/2/2014 8:53:52 PM] Josie: I've had better days, yes.

[8/2/2014 8:54:07 PM] Canto: Theo:  That happened to you?

[8/2/2014 8:54:26 PM] Josie: Yes.

[8/2/2014 8:54:49 PM] Canto: Theo:  That's awful.

[8/2/2014 8:55:38 PM] Josie: It was.

[8/2/2014 8:57:57 PM] Canto: Theo puts some french toast on a plate.  "I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I'd never... no.  That's horrible.

[8/2/2014 8:58:20 PM] Josie: I know you wouldn't.

[8/2/2014 8:58:42 PM] Josie: ... it took me a long time to be willing to be alone with a man again after that. Even at work or at a store.

[8/2/2014 9:02:00 PM | Edited 9:03:48 PM] Canto: Theo:  I can't blame you.

[8/2/2014 9:03:27 PM] Josie: ((Typo.))

[8/2/2014 9:05:34 PM] Josie: ... anyway. You're not a creep.

[8/2/2014 9:05:57 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm glad.

[8/2/2014 9:08:37 PM] Canto: Theo: I just need to figure out how to deal with this stupid jealousy. I'm willing to fight for you, Josie.  Not fight *over* you, but *for* you.

[8/2/2014 9:09:36 PM] Josie: On my side, you mean?

[8/2/2014 9:09:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  Yes.

[8/2/2014 9:11:20 PM] Josie: Well, I don't have any enemies just now.

[8/2/2014 9:11:54 PM] Josie: I suppose if you want you can beat up some of the history department.

[8/2/2014 9:12:50 PM] Canto: Theo:  I mean... if my inability to deal with certain things is going to be a barrier... we need to work on that.   I'm being metaphorical, not talking about any actual people.

[8/2/2014 9:13:22 PM] Josie: Oh, right.

[8/2/2014 9:14:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  Thought I would fight real people, too, to make that clear.

[8/2/2014 9:14:25 PM] Josie: Well... how are we going to work on it?

[8/2/2014 9:15:21 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... I don't know.

[8/2/2014 9:16:29 PM] Josie: Well, bring breakfast over and sit down.

[8/2/2014 9:16:45 PM] Canto: He does so.

[8/2/2014 9:17:25 PM] Josie: Josie kisses him on the cheek.

[8/2/2014 9:17:43 PM] Josie: Archie was worried.

[8/2/2014 9:20:24 PM] Canto: Theo:  Was he?

[8/2/2014 9:22:09 PM] Josie: He could tell you were upset.

[8/2/2014 9:22:52 PM] Canto: Theo:  Perceptive little guy.

[8/2/2014 9:23:06 PM] Josie: He's getting smarter all the time.

[8/2/2014 9:23:58 PM] Canto: Theo:  He'll be running things before long.

[8/2/2014 9:24:41 PM] Josie: He's a sweetheart.

[8/2/2014 9:26:15 PM] Josie: Josie starts to eat her french toast, setting Archie down near Theo.

[8/2/2014 9:27:33 PM] Canto: The french toast is excellent.

[8/2/2014 9:27:48 PM] Canto: Archie settles down on top of Theo's head.

[8/2/2014 9:28:51 PM] Josie: Wow, this is really good. Now I wish I *had* been here for supper.

[8/2/2014 9:31:03 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm a very good cook.

[8/2/2014 9:36:44 PM] Josie: I'm better at baking than cooking.

[8/2/2014 9:44:39 PM] Josie: Josie takes his hand across the table and devours her food!

[8/2/2014 9:49:02 PM] Canto: ((Back.  Sorry.  Moving a couch back and forth.))

[8/2/2014 9:49:52 PM] Canto: He gives her hand a squeeze.  "Baking is much tougher."

[8/2/2014 9:50:33 PM] Josie: Oh, I don't know about that. It's all science, isn't it?

[8/2/2014 9:51:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  Yeah, but there's a lot of chemistry not under your direct control in baking.

[8/2/2014 9:51:38 PM] Josie: Humidity and the like.

[8/2/2014 9:52:38 PM] Canto: Theo:  Exactly.

[8/2/2014 9:54:44 PM] Josie: But you can compensate all right if you know what you're doing.

[8/2/2014 9:59:11 PM] Canto: Theo:  You'll have to show me.

[8/2/2014 10:00:56 PM] Josie: I'd like to. Are you sure you still want.... well, me, I guess.

[8/2/2014 10:02:41 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm sure.

[8/2/2014 10:04:45 PM] Josie: Thank goodness.

[8/2/2014 10:06:54 PM] Josie: Josie squeezes his hand.

[8/2/2014 10:10:20 PM] Canto: Theo squeezes it back.  "Is that why you didn't call?  Because you were afraid you were smothering me?"

[8/2/2014 10:11:46 PM] Josie: Yes.

[8/2/2014 10:12:11 PM] Josie: Although I *did* call this morning. I got a little worried when there wasn't an answer, but thought maybe you were busy.

[8/2/2014 10:12:30 PM] Canto: Theo:  Yeah.  I'll need a new phone.

[8/2/2014 10:13:40 PM] Josie: Do you do that often?

[8/2/2014 10:14:19 PM] Canto: Theo:  When I have an idea and I've had a few drinks... yeah.

[8/2/2014 10:15:41 PM] Josie: Just... don't take Archie apart.

[8/2/2014 10:16:14 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, I'd never do that.  The phone isn't able to think.

[8/2/2014 10:18:54 PM] Josie: He knows you.

[8/2/2014 10:19:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well, sure, we both made him.

[8/2/2014 10:20:31 PM] Josie: I mean, he knew you were upset.

[8/2/2014 10:21:01 PM] Canto: theo:  he's intuitive, like you.

[8/2/2014 10:22:23 PM] Josie: Josie smiles, and lets go of his hand so she can clear the table.

[8/2/2014 10:28:03 PM] Josie: Howard is really nervous about telepathy, by the way.

[8/2/2014 10:28:49 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh?

[8/2/2014 10:28:57 PM] Josie: Yes. I wonder if he's had a bad experience.

[8/2/2014 10:29:06 PM] Josie: Has anybody done magic around him at all?

[8/2/2014 10:29:41 PM] Canto: Theo:  I don't know.  I'd never met him in person until he came to Boston.

[8/2/2014 10:30:17 PM] Josie: Have you had much experience with telepaths?

[8/2/2014 10:30:54 PM] Canto: Theo:  One or two non-Yeti telepaths.  All Yetis are telepathic to some degree.

[8/2/2014 10:32:03 PM] Josie: Are we scary? ... am I scary?

[8/2/2014 10:33:58 PM] Canto: Theo:  Not really.  But I think for a lot of people, they think of their mind as their last...bastion, I guess?  I mean, Hughes has seen Caspar's powers and probably a few other things.  But nothing that kind of touches *him*.

[8/2/2014 10:37:27 PM] Josie: ... well, I prefer your kind of reaction, I guess.

[8/2/2014 10:37:52 PM] Canto: Theo:  What's my kind?

[8/2/2014 10:40:36 PM] Josie: I don't know. You don't seem nervous when I talk about it.

[8/2/2014 10:43:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm not.  I trust you.

[8/2/2014 10:44:14 PM] Josie: Josie smiles.

[8/2/2014 10:44:48 PM] Josie: You *do* know you're the perfect man, right? Just checking.

[8/2/2014 10:48:47 PM] Canto: Theo:  I am not.

[8/2/2014 10:48:57 PM] Canto: Theo:  I wouldn't be hungover at all if that were the case.

[8/2/2014 10:51:48 PM] Josie: But if you weren't you wouldn't be human.

[8/2/2014 10:51:58 PM] Josie: .... there is *one* thing...

[8/2/2014 10:52:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  What?

[8/2/2014 10:53:51 PM] Josie: Well, it's a secret, and I told Howard because... well, partly because he's my boss. Mostly, probably.

[8/2/2014 10:54:21 PM] Canto: Theo raises an eyebrow.

[8/2/2014 10:55:15 PM] Josie: ... it's why I can't ever just... date someone like a normal person, or get married or have a family.

[8/2/2014 10:57:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  ...okay.

[8/2/2014 10:58:57 PM] Josie: ... I just hope you're not angry or...

[8/2/2014 10:59:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  Are you an assassin here to kill me?

[8/2/2014 11:00:06 PM] Josie: What? No. No, of course not.

[8/2/2014 11:00:08 PM] Canto: THeo:  That's not a deal-breaker.

[8/2/2014 11:00:12 PM] Josie: ... I mean, for one thing you'd be dead.

[8/2/2014 11:00:42 PM] Josie: I could've killed you seventeen ways from Sunday by this point.

[8/2/2014 11:01:04 PM] Canto: Theo:  Not if I charmed you so much that now you're torn between your sworn duty and youre burgeoning affection for me.

[8/2/2014 11:01:15 PM] Josie: It would probably be undetectable, too, because I'm pretty sure I could give you a brain aneurysm.

[8/2/2014 11:01:46 PM] Josie: Well that's just silly. If I were an assassin I'm sure I'd be hardened to even the prettiest faces and minds.

[8/2/2014 11:02:35 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well, you're not.  So what could be so bad?

[8/2/2014 11:03:23 PM] Josie: Well... it could get us both killed.

[8/2/2014 11:03:29 PM] Josie: Or beaten up.

[8/2/2014 11:03:47 PM] Josie: I could be arrested and you'd... probably be an accessory after the fact.

[8/2/2014 11:05:11 PM] Josie: Please, just... I didn't mean to deceive you or anything, I promise. If I'd known it was going to happen this way I'd've told you sooner.

[8/2/2014 11:07:26 PM] Canto: Theo:  It's okay.  Just tell me.

[8/2/2014 11:07:49 PM] Josie: Josie hugs Archimedes close to her.

[8/2/2014 11:10:05 PM] Josie: My name's not really Josie Black, I'm not from New England, and I'm not an orphan. I'm from Atlanta, my parents and my eleven brothers and sisters all still live there, and...

[8/2/2014 11:10:36 PM] Josie: ... and I'm black. I deserted my family so I could pass.

[8/2/2014 11:14:24 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh.  I knew that.  I mean, that you were of African descent.  The other stuff I didn't know.

[8/2/2014 11:14:27 PM] Canto: He takes her hand.

[8/2/2014 11:15:00 PM] Josie: .... what?

[8/2/2014 11:15:51 PM] Josie: How did you know? How did you know?

[8/2/2014 11:16:02 PM] Canto: Theo:  It's my power.  I don't just see magic, I can see... people.  It's very hard to describe.  But my whole ability has to do with information.

[8/2/2014 11:16:40 PM] Josie: Oh. Oh God, can anyone else do that?

[8/2/2014 11:16:47 PM | Edited 11:17:40 PM] Josie: Josie stands up, clutching her frog to her chest.

[8/2/2014 11:17:11 PM] Canto: Theo:  I've never met anyone who had my ability.

[8/2/2014 11:18:59 PM] Josie: But... but is there any way to stop it, or anything?

[8/2/2014 11:21:10 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "Oh, yes.  There's a simple spell against scrying and other magics that would work.  We can cast it on a necklace or something."

[8/2/2014 11:21:28 PM] Canto: ((This Theo can see genetic information!))

[8/2/2014 11:21:44 PM] Josie: Yes! Can we? As... as soon as possible. Oh god, I didn't even *think.*

[8/2/2014 11:21:49 PM] Josie: ... and don't you *care*?

[8/2/2014 11:23:21 PM] Canto: Theo:  What?  No.  I'm not naive.  I know why you've hidden it and why it's such an important secret to you.  But it doesn't change anything between us.

[8/2/2014 11:24:17 PM] Josie: I just don't want you to get hurt. If somebody finds out...

[8/2/2014 11:25:49 PM] Canto: Theo:  They won't.

[8/2/2014 11:26:10 PM] Josie: They might if they use magic!

[8/2/2014 11:27:33 PM] Josie: Josie paces to the door, and then back to the table.

[8/2/2014 11:28:47 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... you'll find that for the most part, in the magical world... people don't care about that as much.  ((It's worth noting, and I probably should have made a point of this, but there *are* people of color working at the Chapterhouse.))

[8/2/2014 11:29:24 PM] Josie: No, no, no, it's not *me* I'm worried about.

[8/2/2014 11:30:04 PM] Josie: If word got back to Georgia, they'll burn my parents' house down and maybe even lynch them.

[8/2/2014 11:31:15 PM] Josie: They'll beat you for using the wrong water fountain, let alone for something like this.

[8/2/2014 11:34:57 PM] Canto: Theo:  You know... it's probably not my place to offer this.  But I could call in some favors.  Have someone ward your house, watch it.  It wouldn't get back to you, I can promise that. And your family wouldn't even know, neither would anyone in the neighborhood.

[8/2/2014 11:35:42 PM] Josie: Really? You'd do that?

[8/2/2014 11:38:26 PM] Canto: Theo:  Of course.

[8/2/2014 11:38:48 PM] Josie: ... how can you not *care.*

[8/2/2014 11:42:16 PM] Canto: Theo:  Because I don't.

[8/2/2014 11:42:36 PM] Josie: Everyone cares! Even northerners care!

[8/2/2014 11:45:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well, I do care, because I care about you.  But it doesn't *change* anything.  We live in an age of miracles and wonders and people who are going to judge a person based on their appearance or color of their skin or hair or eyes are dangerously, monumentally regressive.

[8/2/2014 11:48:55 PM] Josie: ... what else do you know about me?

[8/2/2014 11:54:36 PM] Canto: Theo:  Just what I've learned from knowing you.  I can tell that you're in perfect health.  You can trace your ancestry to Africa... Northern-Mid Africa, initally, moving north east and up into Europe just a bit.  I know that you're empowered, and that your gift is telepathy.

[8/2/2014 11:54:47 PM] Canto: Theo:  That's all I can tell from my ability.

[8/2/2014 11:58:20 PM] Josie: ... oh.

[8/2/2014 11:59:37 PM] Josie: And... and you don't care?

[8/2/2014 11:59:44 PM] Josie: ((She's also probably at least half white.))

[8/3/2014 12:00:53 AM] Canto: Theo:  Not at all.

[8/3/2014 12:01:45 AM] Josie: And you'd help my parents?

[8/3/2014 12:01:47 AM] Josie: And siblings?

[8/3/2014 12:03:19 AM] Canto: Theo:  Yeah.  Easily.

[8/3/2014 12:04:04 AM] Canto: ((Can we pause?  I'm gonna run to the store real quick so I can has food.))

[8/3/2014 12:04:31 AM] Josie: ((Of course! Thanks!))

[8/3/2014 12:04:44 AM] Canto: ((I'll be back in a few!))

[8/3/2014 12:35:07 AM] Canto: ((Back!  Few-ish.))

[8/3/2014 12:35:13 AM] Josie: ((Woot!))

[8/3/2014 12:37:09 AM] Canto: ((There was a very stupid person in charge of my food!  I had to send it back!  Because chicken and beef are two very different things!

[8/3/2014 12:37:38 AM] Josie: ((Digestively, certainly. I take it you wanted chicken?))

[8/3/2014 12:37:49 AM] Canto: ((Yeah!))

[8/3/2014 12:41:43 AM] Canto: ((I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and they gave me this double bacon deathburger or whatever!))

[8/3/2014 12:42:11 AM] Josie: ((Beef is a super common trigger for you folks with colitis type stuff.))

[8/3/2014 12:42:21 AM] Canto: ((Yep.))

[8/3/2014 12:43:05 AM] Josie: ((That hits my brother's IBS really hard too.))

[8/3/2014 12:43:57 AM] Canto: ((So!  Where were we?))

[8/3/2014 12:44:15 AM] Josie: ((And when it's flavored he just curls up in a ball and waits to die.))

[8/3/2014 12:45:20 AM] Josie: ((Tacos are just not good experiences, in other words...))

[8/3/2014 12:45:24 AM] Canto: ((Generally, if I'm going to have a real hamburger, I'll like have a real one at a restaraunt.

[8/3/2014 12:45:36 AM] Canto: ((See, I don' thave an issue with beef tacos.))

[8/3/2014 12:47:22 AM | Edited 12:47:31 AM] Canto: ((Thank God, because that would be too sad.))

[8/3/2014 12:48:24 AM] Josie: ((Yeah, no kidding.))

[8/3/2014 12:48:52 AM] Josie: ... Theo, if you help my family I'll do anything for you.

[8/3/2014 12:49:11 AM] Canto: Theo:  ... that's not why I'd do it.

[8/3/2014 12:49:26 AM] Canto: Theo:  I'd do it because it needs doing.

[8/3/2014 12:49:38 AM] Josie: I know, but.... I still mean it.

[8/3/2014 12:49:54 AM] Josie: I will saw off my own arm and hand it to you if you want. Anything you want.

[8/3/2014 12:52:27 AM] Canto: Theo:  I don't want that.  But I'm going to do it for you.  Because I know you would do anything for my family if it came to it.

[8/3/2014 12:54:44 AM] Josie: Of course.

[8/3/2014 12:55:45 AM] Canto: Theo:  ... please don't give me your arm.

[8/3/2014 12:56:06 AM] Josie: That was just an example! I'm not going to do that.

[8/3/2014 12:57:00 AM] Canto: Theo:  All right.  First I need to put my phone back together.

[8/3/2014 1:06:27 AM] Josie: There has to be *something* you want from me.

[8/3/2014 1:09:27 AM] Canto: Theo:  I have several playful answers to that statement, but my real answer is that I'm doing this for your family, and for you, and don't want anything in return.

[8/3/2014 1:15:15 AM] Josie: ... you really *are* perfect. What are the playful answers?

[8/3/2014 1:18:08 AM] Canto: Theo:  Mostly juvenile statements revolving around around your wardrobe and various activities involving the two of us, the workbench, the bathtub, and the balcony.

[8/3/2014 1:18:56 AM] Josie: I'd do that anyway.

[8/3/2014 1:19:13 AM] Josie: ... maybe not the balcony. If people can see.

[8/3/2014 1:19:21 AM] Canto: Theo:  True.

[8/3/2014 1:19:44 AM] Canto: Theo:  Well.  Just promise me you'll be head concubine when I take over the world with my mad science.

[8/3/2014 1:23:05 AM] Josie: Hmph. Only if I can't bargain you up to wife.

[8/3/2014 1:25:16 AM] Canto: Theo:  Fair enough.  First I'll conquer the world, and we'll see how we feel.  But one of those two positions!

[8/3/2014 1:26:16 AM] Josie: Of course.

[8/3/2014 1:26:26 AM] Josie: Now, what *about* my wardrobe is unsatisfactory?

[8/3/2014 1:28:07 AM] Canto: Theo walks over and unplugs the phone, and gets to work reassembling it.  "Oh, I had several appropriately juvenile critiques on it.  There's too much of it, it's now gauzy and translucent enough, et cetera."

[8/3/2014 1:28:45 AM] Josie: Oh, you want me to wear less, do you?

[8/3/2014 1:29:26 AM] Canto: Theo:  Just around here!  Unless we're building stuff.  Then you want to be wearing more for practicaility's sake.

[8/3/2014 1:30:26 AM] Canto: Theo:  ACtually, you dress very well, as far as I am able to judge these things.

[8/3/2014 1:31:15 AM] Josie: Well, this time I *did* know I was coming over here when I got dressed.

[8/3/2014 1:34:03 AM] Josie: I don't know what your favorite color is.

[8/3/2014 1:34:46 AM] Josie: But I did the best I could all the same.

[8/3/2014 1:35:15 AM] Canto: ((What is she wearing?))

[8/3/2014 1:35:52 AM] Josie: Josie is wearing a smart blue suit with a narrow pleated skirt. It's pretty close to what she usually wears.

[8/3/2014 1:36:19 AM] Canto: Theo:  Well... I do like blue.

[8/3/2014 1:36:43 AM] Josie: Damn. I went with green. Oh well.

[8/3/2014 1:39:21 AM | Edited 1:40:08 AM] Josie: Josie leans over to him and stage-whispers: "The part I wore for you is not usually worn on the outside of one's clothing."

[8/3/2014 1:43:42 AM] Canto: Theo raises an eyebrow.  He cannot even think of a funny alternate suggestion.

[8/3/2014 1:45:06 AM] Josie: I had to order it from France.

[8/3/2014 1:47:04 AM] Josie: And I've been saving it for an occasion, so.

[8/3/2014 1:47:22 AM] Josie: What *is* your favorite color, anyway?

[8/3/2014 1:49:58 AM] Canto: Theo:  Blue.

[8/3/2014 1:51:00 AM] Josie: Oh, well. I've succeeded anyway, then.

[8/3/2014 1:51:26 AM] Josie: Josie sits down matter-of-factly and starts helping with the phone.

[8/3/2014 1:53:19 AM] Canto: Between the two of you, you put the thing back together rather quickly!  With only a few parts left over.

[8/3/2014 1:56:15 AM] Josie: Josie picks them up.

[8/3/2014 1:56:28 AM] Josie: Where's your leftovers drawer? Or are you one of those people that sorts?

[8/3/2014 1:58:44 AM] Canto: Theo points!

[8/3/2014 1:59:24 AM] Canto: There's a bin filled with odds and ends.

[8/3/2014 2:00:03 AM] Josie: Josie puts them in there.

[8/3/2014 2:02:10 AM] Josie: Well. Now what?

[8/3/2014 2:06:39 AM] Canto: Theo:  Well, I'm getting a dial tone.

[8/3/2014 2:06:49 AM] Canto: Theo:  I'm going to make some calls, okay?  Get things set up.

[8/3/2014 2:08:02 AM] Canto: Theo:  Then we'll see about making you an anti scrying charm.

[8/3/2014 2:09:41 AM] Josie: Josie nods.

[8/3/2014 2:09:54 AM] Josie: All right. I left the coveralls here, let me just go get them.

[8/3/2014 2:10:53 AM] Canto: Theo nods, and makes his phone calls.

[8/3/2014 2:11:35 AM] Josie: Josie actually takes her suit off right there while he does. Yep, fancy underwear! Only *then* does she go and put the coveralls on. Because she wants to tease him a bit.

[8/3/2014 2:12:58 AM] Canto: You do in fact get him to lose his train of thought!

[8/3/2014 2:13:15 AM] Canto: Then he starts talking to someone in Welsh.  pretty good Welsh.

[8/3/2014 2:13:51 AM] Josie: Josie is impressed! *She* doesn't speak Welsh at all.

[8/3/2014 2:14:24 AM] Josie: Josie returns with the low pigtails in and the glasses, ready to actually work!

[8/3/2014 2:17:17 AM] Canto: When she comes back out, Theo is now speaking in Italian.

[8/3/2014 2:17:32 AM] Josie: Josie is impressed!

[8/3/2014 2:17:42 AM] Josie: Josie can make herself understood in Italian, but it's not pretty.

[8/3/2014 2:19:43 AM] Canto: Theo says something about a 'level 10', a 'ghost choir', and the address that I presume she gave him for her family's home.

[8/3/2014 2:20:23 AM] Josie: Josie did. But she doesn't know where her brothers and sisters all are these days, so she couldn't give him their addresses.

[8/3/2014 2:21:08 AM] Canto: Workplace addresses work too.

[8/3/2014 2:21:38 AM] Josie: Josie doesn't have any of that; she has deliberately not checked up on them to keep them safer, she hopes.

[8/3/2014 2:22:51 AM] Canto: Eventually, Theo hangs up after some generic pleasantries.  "Okay."

[8/3/2014 2:23:17 AM] Josie: Okay what?

[8/3/2014 2:26:10 AM | Edited 2:26:44 AM] Canto: Theo:  Wards should be in place by tonight.  They'll have people watching the house, as well.  They should be able to track down your brothers and sisters too, once the wards have been in place for a few days, and ward their homes in turn.  I went around the Boston Chapterhouse hierarchy to keep your name out of it, went straight to the London Chapterhouse.

[8/3/2014 2:27:05 AM] Josie: ... you're sure they'll be okay? it'll work even when they're not at home?

[8/3/2014 2:31:23 AM] Canto: Theo nods.  "Yes.  They'll be using very subtle, but effective wards.  Anyone who approaches the house with evil intent -- arson, violence, theft -- will simply change their minds about wanting to do evil things and instead return to their own homes, rationalizing things appropriately.  An angry mob will disperse because every person in the mob will simply think of something better and more constructive to do.

[8/3/2014 2:31:44 AM] Josie: But even when they're not at home, it'll work?

[8/3/2014 2:31:50 AM] Canto: Theo:  Yes.

[8/3/2014 2:31:59 AM] Josie: I mean... if someone tries to hurt them while they're out getting groceries or something?

[8/3/2014 2:32:46 AM] Canto: Theo:  The wards protect based on ownership and residence of the warded property.

[8/3/2014 2:33:20 AM] Canto: Theo:   A mugger or other assailant will suddenly chicken out, for example.

[8/3/2014 2:34:33 AM] Josie: And no one will be able to trace it back to you?

[8/3/2014 2:34:49 AM] Canto: Theo:  Nope.

[8/3/2014 2:35:41 AM] Canto: Theo:  If they care to, they'll trace it back to a 400 year old talking tree in Britain who only speaks Welsh.

[8/3/2014 2:39:41 AM] Josie: Josie just stares at him.

[8/3/2014 2:40:01 AM] Canto: Theo:  .... he owed me a favor.

[8/3/2014 2:40:57 AM] Josie: Josie gets big teary eyes, sinks down onto her knees on the floor, hugs Theo's legs and cries on them.

[8/3/2014 2:43:22 AM] Canto: Theo blinks, then reaches down and pulls her up gently so she's standing again, then hugs her.

[8/3/2014 2:44:13 AM] Josie: Josie bawls on him. Again!

[8/3/2014 2:45:24 AM] Canto: He lets her!

[8/3/2014 2:45:49 AM] Josie: Josie quiets down after a while.

[8/3/2014 2:46:02 AM] Josie: I haven't even been able to call them, Theo. I miss them so much.

[8/3/2014 2:47:28 AM] Canto: Theo:  I know.

[8/3/2014 2:47:49 AM] Josie: You're wonderful.

[8/3/2014 2:48:08 AM] Canto: THeo:  I'm just a guy who is owed a favor by a tree.

[8/3/2014 2:53:33 AM] Canto: Theo:  That tree just happens to be influential.

[8/3/2014 2:53:40 AM] Josie: No, you're wonderful.

[8/3/2014 2:54:25 AM] Canto: Theo:  Well... if you insist.

[8/3/2014 2:55:28 AM] Josie: I insist.

[8/3/2014 2:55:52 AM] Josie: Josie takes her handkerchief and wipes her face off, then finally lets Theo go.

[8/3/2014 2:56:23 AM] Josie: Josie sniffs.

[8/3/2014 2:56:26 AM] Josie: I cry at you too much.

[8/3/2014 2:57:00 AM] Canto: Theo:  This is only twice.  And both times were very appropriate.

[8/3/2014 3:00:12 AM] Josie: ... are you all right?

[8/3/2014 3:01:05 AM] Canto: Theo:  Why wouldn't I be?

[8/3/2014 3:02:38 AM] Josie: Well, you were upset before.

[8/3/2014 3:03:34 AM] Canto: Theo:  I'm much better now that we've talked.

[8/3/2014 3:04:28 AM] Josie: Are you sure?

[8/3/2014 3:06:06 AM] Canto: Theo:  Positive.  I can't promise I won't... react badly to things in the future.  I'll need to work on that.

[8/3/2014 3:06:43 AM] Josie: Thank you for believing I'm worth that.

[8/3/2014 3:08:31 AM] Canto: Theo:  You are.

[8/3/2014 3:12:00 AM] Josie: Josie pounces him. Hope he can hold her weight!

[8/3/2014 3:13:33 AM] Canto: He manages to steady himself!

[8/3/2014 3:14:53 AM] Josie: Josie kisses him! She may well taste like tears!

[8/3/2014 3:15:10 AM] Canto: Aww.  Well, he kisses em away!

[8/3/2014 3:19:02 AM] Josie: Josie realizes she has to get off him momentarily so that she can get his shirt off, so she does! And she does try to get his shirt off.

[8/3/2014 3:19:28 AM] Canto: He does not really object to this!

[8/3/2014 3:22:22 AM] Josie: Josie doesn't know, or care, or really notice if they do or do not get to the couch, the bed, the floor or the wall, or what, but she's damned determined to ravish that man unless he protests!

[8/3/2014 3:23:23 AM] Canto: He very much does not!  You make it to the couch, though.  Probably the wall, too.

[8/3/2014 3:25:34 AM] Josie: Josie doesn't let him go afterwards, even if they're both all sweaty and gross!

[8/3/2014 3:28:08 AM] Canto: A little bit!  But he doesn't seem to mind.

[8/3/2014 3:29:18 AM] Josie: ... I hope I didn't give you any bruises.

[8/3/2014 3:30:37 AM] Canto: Theo:  Nah.  I'm pretty hardy.

[8/3/2014 3:30:55 AM] Josie: ... was that lamp down there before or was that us?

[8/3/2014 3:33:05 AM] Josie: ... and I hope you got around to taking whatever it was your father made to ensure grandchildren are appropriately timed.

[8/3/2014 3:33:14 AM] Josie: I can say a few more hail marys, it's not going to kill me.

[8/3/2014 3:33:16 AM | Edited 3:33:25 AM] Canto: THeo:  ... that was my foot, I think.

[8/3/2014 3:34:02 AM] Canto: Theo:  I'm fine.  No worries.

[8/3/2014 3:34:56 AM] Josie: I'll buy you a new lamp.

[8/3/2014 3:35:46 AM] Canto: Theo:  That would be swell of you.

[8/3/2014 3:36:32 AM] Josie: Just not... children.

[8/3/2014 3:37:39 AM] Canto: Theo:  You don't have to worry about it.  I take those pills regularly since they also act as a multivitamin.

[8/3/2014 3:38:12 AM] Josie: Oh, good.

[8/3/2014 3:42:01 AM] Josie: That was nice. I hope we didn't break your house.

[8/3/2014 3:42:47 AM] Canto: Theo:  Nothing I can't fix.

[8/3/2014 3:44:59 AM] Josie: Can we stay here like this for a while?

[8/3/2014 3:45:52 AM] Canto: Theo:  I insist we do.

[8/3/2014 3:47:18 AM] Josie: Josie nuzzles his chest.

[8/3/2014 3:47:37 AM] Josie: I grew up over a garage.

[8/3/2014 3:48:28 AM] Josie: That's the address I gave you. Where my parents live.

[8/3/2014 3:53:53 AM] Canto: Theo:  I figured it was something like that.  you know your way around a toolbench.

[8/3/2014 3:55:02 AM] Josie: Oh, well. I was just keeping up with my brothers, that's all.

[8/3/2014 3:56:17 AM] Canto: Theo:  That's why you stole that car?

[8/3/2014 3:56:23 AM] Josie: Yeah.

[8/3/2014 3:56:44 AM] Josie: I was a tomboy. Most people who didn't know thought I was a boy when I was little.

[8/3/2014 4:03:15 AM] Josie: But then I couldn't hide it anymore...

[8/3/2014 4:04:45 AM] Canto: Theo:  That you were a girl?

[8/3/2014 4:05:00 AM] Josie: Yeah.

[8/3/2014 4:05:18 AM] Josie: ... I have a twin sister.

[8/3/2014 4:08:57 AM] Canto: Theo:  You're a twin?  Huh.

[8/3/2014 4:09:28 AM] Josie: Yes. We don't look alike, though.

[8/3/2014 4:10:44 AM] Canto: Theo nods.

[8/3/2014 4:13:22 AM] Josie: She's the pretty one, really.

[8/3/2014 4:14:18 AM] Josie: ... tell me again about your family, Theo.

[8/3/2014 4:15:29 AM] Canto: Theo: My mother built herself a body after she got sick when I was a little.  She continually refines it.  Everything I know about automatons I learned from her.

[8/3/2014 4:16:33 AM] Canto: Theo:  My father is an alchemist.  He's currently stuck in an incorporeal state.

[8/3/2014 4:17:28 AM] Josie: Alchemy? People still do that?

[8/3/2014 4:18:46 AM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, sure.  I mean, these days it's less about turning lead into gold and more about potions and actual chemistry aided by some magic.

[8/3/2014 4:19:20 AM] Canto: Theo:  I built him a pair of gauntlets, though, that let him interact corporeally.  So he can still mix stuff.

[8/3/2014 4:21:31 AM] Canto: Theo:  I have a sister, too.  Rhea.  She's a couple years younger than me.

[8/3/2014 4:21:37 AM] Josie: ... I don't think I'd be entirely happy if the only way you could touch me was with gauntlets, Theo.

[8/3/2014 4:21:45 AM] Josie: ... you do? What does she do?

[8/3/2014 4:22:23 AM] Josie: Is she a mermaid or something?

[8/3/2014 4:24:49 AM] Canto: Theo:  She's an herbologist.  She takes after my dad, like I take after mom.  Though these days she's mostly a housewife.  She married a mundane man.  A good one, but... well.  He doesn't really... get us.  And she has a couple of kids, both boys.  Robert and Joseph.

[8/3/2014 4:26:01 AM] Josie: She knows about magic and she's a *housewife*?

[8/3/2014 4:26:56 AM] Canto: Theo:  She has a pretty great garden.  But yeah... magic is not for everyone.

[8/3/2014 4:27:06 AM] Canto: Theo:  She's happy, though.

[8/3/2014 4:29:26 AM] Josie: She's lucky.

[8/3/2014 4:29:30 AM] Canto: Theo:  Her husband, Jeffrey... he tried to take me to a baseball game once.  It was literally the most boring thing I've ever sat through.  The caramel corn was pretty good, at least.

[8/3/2014 4:30:32 AM] Josie: You don't like *baseball*?

[8/3/2014 4:30:59 AM] Josie: Josie backs up from him just enough to look him in the eye.

[8/3/2014 4:31:23 AM] Canto: Theo:  It's boring!

[8/3/2014 4:31:44 AM] Josie: I will never love again.

[8/3/2014 4:31:57 AM] Josie: How can you not like *baseball*?

[8/3/2014 4:32:01 AM] Josie: That's unAmerican!

[8/3/2014 4:32:05 AM] Josie: ((I hate baseball.))

[8/3/2014 4:33:02 AM] Canto: Theo:  Now you sound like Jeffrey.  When I got home I devised a five point plan to make it 120% more interesting.

[8/3/2014 4:33:34 AM] Josie: It's the Great American Pastime!

[8/3/2014 4:33:40 AM] Josie: It's the Sport of Kin--no, that's golf.

[8/3/2014 4:36:02 AM] Josie: Does the five-point plan include naked people?

[8/3/2014 4:38:38 AM] Canto: Theo:  1: One more ball in play at any given time.  2: Net-launchers.

[8/3/2014 4:42:16 AM] Canto: Theo:  3:  A foul ball results in a lion being introduced onto the field.

[8/3/2014 4:42:36 AM] Josie: Josie giggles.

[8/3/2014 4:43:40 AM] Canto: Theo:  4:  Only five innings.  5: Four balls no longer allows a walk -- Four balls means the pitcher is retired forever.

[8/3/2014 4:43:54 AM] Josie: Josie smacks him lightly and playfully on the shoulder.

[8/3/2014 4:44:01 AM] Josie: How can you hate *baseball*?

[8/3/2014 4:45:28 AM] Josie: I can't love a man who hates baseball, Theo, I just can't.

[8/3/2014 4:45:31 AM] Canto: Theo:  I don't *hate* it.  I just find it boring.

[8/3/2014 4:46:40 AM] Josie: Josie shakes her head.

[8/3/2014 4:48:06 AM] Josie: Josie kisses him.

[8/3/2014 4:48:21 AM] Josie: .... that is the kiss of a man who *doesn't like baseball.*

[8/3/2014 4:48:51 AM] Canto: Theo:  Why do you *like* baseball?

[8/3/2014 4:49:20 AM] Josie: It's strategy, and statistics, and athleticism all in one!

[8/3/2014 4:49:23 AM] Josie: ((It's boring!))

[8/3/2014 4:52:18 AM] Josie: ((At some point his brain is going to replay this conversation and he'll notice the L-word in it.))

[8/3/2014 4:52:23 AM] Josie: ((And I don't mean LESBIANS.))

[8/3/2014 4:52:52 AM] Canto: ((I noticed it!))

[8/3/2014 4:54:19 AM] Canto: Theo:  Strategy and statistics.  Synonyms for excitement, right there.

[8/3/2014 4:54:56 AM] Josie: You were a mathemagician in your previous life, Theo!

[8/3/2014 4:56:50 AM] Canto: Theo:  Statistics are not exciting!  And sports should be.

[8/3/2014 4:58:01 AM] Josie:  Well I know Nefret thought it was exciting.

[8/3/2014 4:59:01 AM] Canto: Theo:  Anyway!  I don't *hate* baseball.

[8/3/2014 4:59:54 AM] Josie: Good.

[8/3/2014 5:00:29 AM] Josie: That would be unAmerican.

[8/3/2014 5:02:46 AM] Canto: Theo:  And it only needs five little changes to make it exciting.

[8/3/2014 5:03:12 AM] Josie: Mm. I will not take you to a baseball game, Theo.

[8/3/2014 5:04:36 AM] Canto: Theo:  I would go with you.

[8/3/2014 5:04:58 AM] Josie: That's sweet of you to say.

[8/3/2014 5:05:02 AM] Josie: Josie kisses him on the nose.

[8/3/2014 5:05:06 AM] Josie: I won't make you do it, though.

[8/3/2014 5:05:42 AM] Canto: Theo:  I do like the food they have there.

[8/3/2014 5:07:08 AM] Josie: I'm sure we can find other things to do, Theo.

[8/3/2014 5:09:42 AM] Josie: Josie starts tracing swirly shapes and circles on his chest with her finger.

[8/3/2014 5:10:50 AM] Canto: Theo:  I'm sure.

[8/5/2014 12:08:36 AM] Josie: Maybe some of your inventions.

[8/5/2014 12:08:51 AM] Josie: ... maybe something we could use to communicate.

[8/5/2014 12:10:24 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Oh, right.  The hotel concierge passed on the message and seemed very confused about its meaning.

[8/5/2014 12:12:01 AM] Josie: Josie snrks.

[8/5/2014 12:12:27 AM] Josie: Well... I'm a telepath,  maybe we just need something to help me think at you.

[8/5/2014 12:13:13 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I acually did have an idea on that.  It might be able to pass messages through Archie.  He's connected to us both, after all.

[8/5/2014 12:14:43 AM] Josie: Really? It won't... hurt him or change his personality, will it?

[8/5/2014 12:15:01 AM] Josie: Josie picks up the frog from the table and cuddles him. And Theo. And then Archie again.

[8/5/2014 12:16:59 AM] Rycroft: Theo shakes his head.  "No, of course not.  I wouldn't suggest it if it did.  I'll just make some kind of transmitter/receiver."

[8/5/2014 12:17:37 AM] Josie: Perfect.

[8/5/2014 12:17:46 AM] Josie: .... I still can't believe all the amazing things you can do.

[8/5/2014 12:19:06 AM] Rycroft: Theo shrugs.  "I cheat.  I use magic."

[8/5/2014 12:19:41 AM] Josie: You're still the one doing it.

[8/5/2014 12:22:53 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Well, I suppose so.

[8/5/2014 12:23:42 AM] Rycroft: THeo:  And I *am* very smart.

[8/5/2014 12:25:43 AM] Josie: And so humble.

[8/5/2014 12:25:48 AM] Josie: Josie kisses him on the nose.

[8/5/2014 12:27:13 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Should I try to be more humble?

[8/5/2014 12:28:06 AM] Josie: Do you want to be more humble?

[8/5/2014 12:30:06 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I don't really see the point.

[8/5/2014 12:30:34 AM] Josie: Then why did you ask?

[8/5/2014 12:31:20 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Oh.  Well, your tone suggested gentle chastisment.

[8/5/2014 12:32:34 AM] Josie: It did? Sorry.

[8/5/2014 12:34:42 AM] Josie: I have absolutely nothing to chastise you over.

[8/5/2014 12:34:46 AM] Josie: Gently or otherwise.

[8/5/2014 12:35:10 AM] Josie: ... although you *did* know all along and never told me.

[8/5/2014 12:36:52 AM] Rycroft: Theo shrugs.  "I figured it either wasn't a big deal, or it was a secret."

[8/5/2014 12:37:36 AM] Josie: ... of course it's a big deal.

[8/5/2014 12:38:21 AM] Josie: Josie traces circles on his chest again.

[8/5/2014 12:39:00 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Well, it was a secret.  So I figured I should keep quiet about it.

[8/5/2014 12:40:15 AM] Josie: You didn't care. I'm sorry, I just... you really *didn't.*

[8/5/2014 12:41:40 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  No.

[8/5/2014 12:43:32 AM] Josie: ... most people do.

[8/5/2014 12:46:29 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I'm not most people.

[8/5/2014 12:49:02 AM] Josie: Thank *goodness*.

[8/5/2014 12:50:34 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I'm friends with a 400 year old talking tree who only speaks Welsh.  I'm not going judge someone based on something as trivial as skin color or ethnic origin.

[8/5/2014 12:51:14 AM] Josie: Or growing up poor or having an illiterate father...?

[8/5/2014 12:51:57 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  No.

[8/5/2014 12:53:18 AM] Josie: ... he's really smart, though. I think you'd like him.

[8/5/2014 12:54:24 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Of course I would.

[8/5/2014 12:55:25 AM] Josie: He'd like you too. As... long as he didn't find out about us.

[8/5/2014 12:56:52 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  He'd have a problem with it?

[8/5/2014 12:57:27 AM] Josie: Well... you're white.

[8/5/2014 12:59:07 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Oh.

[8/5/2014 1:03:43 AM] Josie: ... in his experience, white boys like black girls *just* fine.

[8/5/2014 1:03:57 AM] Josie: They just... don't marry them.

[8/5/2014 1:04:40 AM] Rycroft: Theo:   ... I see.  I think.

[8/5/2014 1:08:57 AM] Josie: He'd think you're just playing games, essentially.

[8/5/2014 1:09:21 AM] *** Josie sent josie.jpg ***

[8/5/2014 1:09:45 AM] Rycroft: ((Nice!))

[8/5/2014 1:09:50 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I'm not, though.

[8/5/2014 1:10:15 AM] Josie: No?

[8/5/2014 1:11:07 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... I don't know that I would know how.

[8/5/2014 1:12:12 AM] Josie: Seduce me and break my heart?

[8/5/2014 1:13:45 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Yeah.

[8/5/2014 1:14:45 AM] Josie: I  mean, that *is* how.

[8/5/2014 1:15:02 AM] Rycroft: THeo:  Oh.  Well... I wouldn't do that.

[8/5/2014 1:15:14 AM] Rycroft: THeo:  I mean, I'd seduce you.  Not the second part.

[8/5/2014 1:16:19 AM] Josie: I... think we're a little past that point. You did a lovely job seducing me, though.

[8/5/2014 1:17:15 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  So you can only seduce someone once?

[8/5/2014 1:17:46 AM] Josie: Oh, I wouldn't stop you from trying again, but I'm still here.

[8/5/2014 1:18:04 AM] Josie: And completely naked. Lying on top of you. With a mechanical frog.

[8/5/2014 1:18:49 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  True.  I'll try again in the future.  But right I figure you're still pretty seduced.

[8/5/2014 1:19:06 AM] Josie: Exactly.

[8/5/2014 1:19:31 AM] Josie: You don't think you're going to break my heart, hm?

[8/5/2014 1:20:34 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Not on purpose.  But... I don't really know what I'm doing here.

[8/5/2014 1:21:11 AM] Josie: ... we're talking. And I'm pondering seducing you again.

[8/5/2014 1:22:14 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I just mean... I'd never hurt you on purpose.

[8/5/2014 1:24:58 AM] Josie: No.

[8/5/2014 1:25:12 AM] Josie: ... what if I looked like my sisters instead of like this?

[8/5/2014 1:26:02 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I wouldn't care.  You'd still be you.  You'd still be brilliant.  And charming.  And beautiful.  What if I was hideously scarred?

[8/5/2014 1:26:23 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Not saying it's the same thing.  But I almost ended up that way after this one job.

[8/5/2014 1:27:24 AM] Josie:  You wouldn't feel the same.

[8/5/2014 1:27:27 AM] Rycroft: Theo: There was an arsonist starting fires with his brain.

[8/5/2014 1:28:32 AM] Josie: I'd have to tickle you with my brain.

[8/5/2014 1:30:46 AM] Rycroft: Theo grins.

[8/5/2014 1:31:05 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... I'm pretty sure I'm falling for you hard.

[8/5/2014 1:32:34 AM] Josie: That's... probably a bad idea, Theo.

[8/5/2014 1:33:09 AM] Rycroft: Theo shrugs.

[8/5/2014 1:34:37 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... though I don't love baseball.  That might be a dealbreaker.

[8/5/2014 1:34:58 AM] Josie: No, it's... like I said.

[8/5/2014 1:35:24 AM] Josie: I can't ever have a family or ... anything like that.

[8/5/2014 1:40:02 AM] Rycroft: Theo shrugs.  "I'm not thinking about anything like that.  I'm thinking of you and me."

[8/5/2014 1:41:34 AM] Josie: Tell me.

[8/5/2014 1:45:57 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I just mean... I'm not worrying about the future right now.  It's not something I can diagram or make a schematic for.  There's too many moving parts.  Right now, I just want to be with you.

[8/5/2014 1:46:11 AM] Rycroft: ((  This is an interesting article.  ))

[8/5/2014 1:48:06 AM] Josie: ... well, I'm here. But don't *you* want a family? A home?

[8/5/2014 1:50:13 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Eventually, sure.  But I also want a partner, someone I can work with side by side, someone I can just... be myself with.

[8/5/2014 1:52:22 AM] Josie: You shouldn't get attached to me, it can't go anywhere.

[8/5/2014 1:52:50 AM] Josie: Josie brushes a bit of hair back from his face.

[8/5/2014 1:57:21 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Too late.

[8/5/2014 1:58:48 AM] Josie: ... I know. I'm sorry.

[8/5/2014 2:02:08 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... I would learn to like baseball for you.

[8/5/2014 2:03:02 AM] Josie: It wouldn't help, you know.

[8/5/2014 2:04:53 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  What, the baseball?

[8/5/2014 2:05:50 AM] Josie: Yes.

[8/5/2014 2:06:35 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Even if I made a major effort?

[8/5/2014 2:07:09 AM] Josie: Not even a little bit.

[8/5/2014 2:08:50 AM] Rycroft: Theo frowns.

[8/5/2014 2:09:20 AM] Josie: What do you think would help?

[8/5/2014 2:09:49 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Me conquering the world, clearly.

[8/5/2014 2:11:07 AM] Josie: Josie snrks.

[8/5/2014 2:11:10 AM] Josie: No, it wouldn't.

[8/5/2014 2:12:39 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  No, I think I'm on to something here.  This is my megalomaniacal scientist turning point.

[8/5/2014 2:14:33 AM] Josie: If you took over the world we'd have *no* time together. And think of the paperwork.

[8/5/2014 2:15:09 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  That's what minions are for.

[8/5/2014 2:15:17 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  All the paperwork.

[8/5/2014 2:16:38 AM] Josie: I'd have to wear a dress entirely composed of spiderwebs.

[8/5/2014 2:16:45 AM] Josie: And then I'd have to vamp at the hero.

[8/5/2014 2:18:20 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Not real spiderwebs, I hope.  That would be very inconvenient.

[8/5/2014 2:18:56 AM] Josie: Probably it would be.

[8/5/2014 2:19:33 AM] Josie: Not as inconvenient as vamping at the hero.

[8/5/2014 2:20:21 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Well, we'll just have to be conscientious about giving into the cliches.

[8/5/2014 2:21:34 AM] Josie: Ruling the world won't help you either, Theo.

[8/5/2014 2:22:17 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Why not?

[8/5/2014 2:23:18 AM] Josie: Nothing will help.

[8/5/2014 2:23:54 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  so that's it, then?

[8/5/2014 2:24:11 AM] Josie: I think so.

[8/5/2014 2:25:16 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Why?

[8/5/2014 2:25:33 AM] Josie: It's too late.

[8/5/2014 2:25:42 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  What is?

[8/5/2014 2:28:12 AM] Josie: You are.

[8/5/2014 2:28:59 AM] Rycroft: Theo frowns.

[8/5/2014 2:31:24 AM] Josie: I'm sorry.

[8/5/2014 2:45:49 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... what are we talking about here?

[8/5/2014 2:46:45 AM] Josie: Josie squirms up a bit, carefully avoiding squashing anything important, including Archie, and whispers in Theo's ear: I already feel the same way.

[8/5/2014 2:47:12 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... why would you be sorry about that?

[8/5/2014 2:47:29 AM] Josie: It's not fair to you.

[8/5/2014 2:47:36 AM] Josie: ... and I don't know what to do.

[8/5/2014 2:51:46 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  What are you so afraid of?

[8/5/2014 2:53:04 AM] Josie: You getting beaten up or killed. My family getting beaten up or killed.

[8/5/2014 2:57:00 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  You've been afraid of this for a very long time.

[8/5/2014 2:57:47 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Your family will be protected.  Nothing will happen to them because of you.

[8/5/2014 2:59:07 AM] Josie: My sister and I used the same water fountain once. I remember how a *complete stranger* picked her up, screamed at her until she cried, and then kept screaming until she was totally silent, shook her and dropped her on the ground.

[8/5/2014 2:59:16 AM] Josie: We were *four.*

[8/5/2014 3:02:26 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  And you seperated yourself from your family to protect your family.

[8/5/2014 3:03:08 AM] Josie: No, it was so I could have a better life. Just me, not them.

[8/5/2014 3:04:43 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I don't believe you.  Even if that's what you've convinced yourself over the years.

[8/5/2014 3:05:09 AM] Josie: It didn't help them that I left, Theo.

[8/5/2014 3:08:02 AM] Josie: I do send money but... I don't know if they get it.

[8/5/2014 3:12:27 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  You kept more people from shaking your sister.  ... metaphorically.

[8/5/2014 3:12:57 AM] Josie: Yes, but I'm not any less black than she is! I wish I *didn't* look like this.

[8/5/2014 3:13:15 AM] Josie: ... but I'd never have gotten this far if I didn't.

[8/5/2014 3:16:32 AM] Josie: There's no solution.

[8/5/2014 3:25:02 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  ... you're not part of that world, anymore, Josie.  In that world, when a boy's mother starts wasting away when he's four years old... he loses his mother.  In this world, he gets a shiny metal mom.

[8/5/2014 3:26:10 AM] Josie: ... I can't make them all into robots, Theo.

[8/5/2014 3:26:49 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I'm not suggesting that.  i'm just saying.  Impossible in that world isn't impossible in this one.  We can figure something out.  We're brilliant, and magic.

[8/5/2014 3:28:03 AM] Josie: Even magic can't change human nature. It doesn't last.

[8/5/2014 3:29:01 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  No.  Only time changes that.  Which is why we need to figure out something else.

[8/5/2014 3:31:56 AM] Josie: Can't we just... enjoy the time we have? It won't be long.

[8/5/2014 3:40:28 AM] Rycroft: Theo:   ... magic isn't just about creating fire from nothing, or raising the dead, or causing storms or conjuring demons, or making magic elixirs to change your shape. Reality is a force, constantly bearing down us, wanting to sweep us up along with the current of 'the way things are'.  Reality is a force that constantly wants to make us move the way it wants.

[8/5/2014 3:40:46 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Magic is standing up to that current, planting your feet, and telling reality 'No, *you* move'.

[8/5/2014 3:45:46 AM] Josie: ... I love your optimism.

[8/5/2014 3:48:30 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  It's not just optimism. It's the most basic truth of magic.

[8/5/2014 3:50:59 AM] Josie: Josie sighs.

[8/5/2014 3:51:27 AM] Josie: If that's true, why didn't Darius and Nefret simply rearrange reality into a more convenient shape?

[8/5/2014 3:52:33 AM] *** Josie sent TheoJosie.jpg ***

[8/5/2014 3:52:39 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Who says they didn't?  Here we are, after all.

[8/5/2014 3:52:45 AM] Josie: ((That's how she's gonna turn up on his birthday.))

[8/5/2014 3:53:40 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  And neither of us has a temple to guard here.

[8/5/2014 3:54:10 AM] Rycroft: ((*Whistles!*  Theo's birthday is January 1st.))

[8/5/2014 3:54:51 AM] Josie: ((Then they'll take it all off! Then she'll put on the normal boring coveralls and build something awesome!))

[8/5/2014 3:57:46 AM] Josie: What, specifically, do you want us to do?

[8/5/2014 3:59:33 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I don't know yet.  We'll figure something out.  But I refuse to write us off beccause of something as malleable as 'the way things are'.  There's always a way.

[8/5/2014 4:03:06 AM] Josie: I don't... really have that much faith in magic.

[8/5/2014 4:03:10 AM] Josie: I do have faith in you.

[8/5/2014 4:03:58 AM] Rycroft: Theo smiles.  "That'll do."

[8/5/2014 4:11:55 AM] Josie: ... I'm not promising anything.

[8/5/2014 4:12:56 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I'm not asking you to do anything but not give up on this yet.

[8/5/2014 4:15:42 AM] Josie: ... not yet. But I'm still going out with Howard. I need... I need an antidote.

[8/5/2014 4:16:46 AM] Rycroft: Theo: ... for what?

[8/5/2014 4:20:46 AM] Josie: For *you.* I'm completely obsessed!

[8/5/2014 4:21:56 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  I will continue not going out with anyone else.

[8/5/2014 4:23:16 AM] *** Josie sent allysreal.jpg ***

[8/5/2014 4:23:35 AM] Josie: ((I liked the sari so much on the chibi, it is now canon. So there.))

[8/5/2014 4:23:44 AM] Rycroft: ((hee!))

[8/5/2014 4:24:14 AM] Josie: I'll... I'll try to keep you happy. I will.

[8/5/2014 4:27:25 AM] Rycroft: Theo: Okay.

[8/5/2014 4:27:39 AM] Josie: ... if I can.

[8/5/2014 4:32:23 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Do you trust me?

[8/5/2014 4:33:45 AM] Josie: Yes.

[8/5/2014 4:34:06 AM] Rycroft: Theo:  Okay.