[11/8/2015 8:14:16 PM] Canto: You wake up again later in the morning, to the sound of rain hitting the windows because London.

[11/8/2015 8:15:19 PM] Josephine: Mm.

[11/8/2015 8:15:24 PM] *** Josephine looks for her Theo. ***

[11/8/2015 8:19:06 PM] Canto: He's laying beside you, but he's awake.  "Hello there."

[11/8/2015 8:20:18 PM] Josephine: You're awake.

[11/8/2015 8:22:14 PM] Josephine: I thought I heard someone calling for me last night, but no one was there.

[11/8/2015 8:22:58 PM] Canto: Theo:  Maybe it was a dream?

[11/8/2015 8:23:55 PM] Josephine: It might have been.

[11/8/2015 8:24:38 PM] Canto: Theo:  Let me see your arm.

[11/8/2015 8:24:49 PM] *** Josephine offers it to him. ***

[11/8/2015 8:26:57 PM] Canto: he looks it over.  "Nothing seems to have changed this time."

[11/8/2015 8:27:51 PM] *** Josephine looks at it too. ***

[11/8/2015 8:32:36 PM] Canto: It does indeed seem to look the same as it did the previous night.  no changes, no tingling skin, it seems to be quite inert once again.

[11/8/2015 8:34:30 PM] Josephine: I don't know whether to be relieved or more concerned.

[11/8/2015 8:36:54 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well.... if it's quiet, it means no new complications.

[11/8/2015 8:41:08 PM] Josephine: Thank goodness.

[11/8/2015 8:41:19 PM] Josephine: But it also means we haven't any new information to work with.

[11/8/2015 8:47:50 PM] Canto: Theo:  Gives us time to analyze what we have already.

[11/8/2015 8:47:54 PM] Canto: Theo gets out of bed!

[11/8/2015 8:49:17 PM] Josephine: Right.

[11/8/2015 8:49:25 PM] Josephine: After the coffee.

[11/8/2015 8:49:29 PM] Josephine: Or tea.

[11/8/2015 8:52:10 PM] Canto: Theo:  What's your preference?

[11/8/2015 8:52:56 PM] Josephine: Coffee in the morning, tea other times.

[11/8/2015 8:53:12 PM] Josephine: ... though I don't say no to either at most times.

[11/8/2015 8:54:50 PM] Canto: Theo nods!  "Then I'll get some coffee started."

[11/8/2015 8:54:56 PM] Canto: He goes into his lab to do that!

[11/8/2015 8:55:23 PM] *** Josephine washes up and gets dressed as best she can without a ladies' maid. ***

[11/8/2015 8:56:28 PM] Canto: Theo helps where he can!

[11/8/2015 9:00:07 PM] *** Josephine appreciates this. She can do her own hair; she's gotten rather good at it in order to obscure the horns. ***

[11/8/2015 9:04:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  You know,I should send a letter to my mother.  I know she's desgined some slightly more... convenient undergarments.  My sister uses them.

[11/8/2015 9:04:48 PM] *** Josephine blushes. Surprisingly. ***

[11/8/2015 9:05:09 PM] Josephine: ... provided one can't tell the difference, that does sound agreeable.

[11/8/2015 9:15:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  Inconvenience is often the the mother of invention.

[11/8/2015 9:19:15 PM] Josephine: Indeed.

[11/8/2015 9:19:19 PM] *** Josephine kisses him on the cheek. ***

[11/8/2015 9:21:59 PM] Canto: Theo smiles!  "So, coffee should be ready."

[11/8/2015 9:24:06 PM] Josephine: I can't believe you don't have a cook.

[11/8/2015 9:28:20 PM] Canto: Theo:  Why's that?

[11/8/2015 9:28:28 PM] Canto: He pours out a couple of cups.

[11/8/2015 9:29:31 PM] Josephine: ... even if I were in very reduced circumstances, the cook is the last person I should let go.

[11/8/2015 9:44:35 PM] Canto: Theo shrugs.  "It's helful to know how to cook for oneself, I'll say."

[11/8/2015 9:45:32 PM] Josephine: ... I'm terribly sorry, but I must ask. Do forgive me, but are you very poor?

[11/8/2015 9:52:10 PM] Canto: Theo:  Poor?  No, I don't think so.

[11/8/2015 9:55:31 PM] Josephine: ... I can't really interpret that properly, I don't think.

[11/8/2015 10:07:54 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well, the family estate back in the states is pretty big.  Twenty rooms.  My mother's patents added on to my grandparent's patents, which was built on the money they brought over when they moved to the states.

[11/8/2015 10:08:19 PM] Josephine: Oh, not at all, then!

[11/8/2015 10:19:58 PM] Josephine: ... for some reason I'd got quite the opposite impression.

[11/8/2015 10:21:23 PM] Canto: THeo:  Well... I suppose we're 'American wealthy' as Caspar puts it.  Most of our money isn't terribly old.

[11/8/2015 10:22:19 PM] *** Josephine laughs. ***

[11/8/2015 10:22:23 PM] Josephine: None of your money is properly old.

[11/8/2015 10:22:46 PM] Josephine: Quite impossible for a nation barely a hundred.

[11/8/2015 10:31:11 PM] Canto: Theo:  Most of our old money went to buying the land in New England.

[11/8/2015 10:33:08 PM] Josephine: Dear me, I hope you didn't think me a gold-digger.

[11/8/2015 10:37:11 PM] Canto: THeo:  It hadn't even occured to me.

[11/8/2015 10:38:18 PM] *** Josephine smiles at him. "So much the better." ***

[11/14/2015 9:55:23 PM | Edited 9:55:27 PM] Canto: So you guys were eating breakfast at Theo's residence, actually the home of his friend, Caspar Quentin, who is out of town.

[11/14/2015 10:02:50 PM] *** Josephine was. She's terribly curious about Mr. Quentin but doesn't ask. ***

[11/14/2015 10:04:49 PM] Canto: Theo's happy to answer questions about his friend, who is apparently on business in Constantinople.

[11/14/2015 10:06:14 PM] Josephine: I should quite like to meet him; when do you think he'll return?

[11/14/2015 10:08:59 PM] Canto: Theo:  His last letter indicates that he should be back in a couple of weeks.  I think you'll like him.

[11/14/2015 10:16:24 PM] Josephine: I like most people.

[11/14/2015 10:16:24 PM] Canto: Theo sips his coffee.

[11/14/2015 10:16:40 PM] Canto: Theo:  I think you have a bit in common with him.

[11/14/2015 10:17:50 PM] Josephine: Is he devastatingly attractive and part-demon?

[11/14/2015 10:21:05 PM] Josephine: Or just terribly over-educated?

[11/14/2015 10:22:56 PM] Canto: Theo:  He's not part demon.  He also has that razor sharp british wit.

[11/14/2015 10:28:02 PM] Josephine: I like him already.

[11/14/2015 10:31:40 PM] Canto: Theo tops off your coffee.

[11/14/2015 10:35:24 PM] Josephine: Not as much as I like you, of course.

[11/14/2015 10:38:23 PM] Canto: Theo:  I should hope not.

[11/14/2015 10:38:34 PM] Canto: Theo:  So what's on the agenda for today?

[11/14/2015 10:39:23 PM] Josephine: I've no idea.

[11/14/2015 10:39:34 PM] Josephine: Are the test results complete?

[11/14/2015 10:41:50 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well, we know that whatever is on your arm is magically powerful, and is a... well, a grimoire, for lack of a better term.

[11/14/2015 10:43:22 PM] Josephine: Yes.

[11/14/2015 10:47:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  It isn't demonic or fae in nature, just like most spellbooks aren't.  You seem to be able to access the grimoire consciously or unconsciously.  You use your own energy to do this, you don't borrow it from another entity or take it from others, so you're not a warlock.

[11/14/2015 10:47:47 PM] Josephine: Sort of a... magical cheat?

[11/14/2015 10:49:52 PM] Canto: Theo:  Kind of.  Spellbooks aren't cheats, but they're typically nowhere near this powerful or complete.

[11/14/2015 10:50:36 PM] Canto: Theo:  I don't think it possesses every spell, of course, but it has enough to accomplish most tasks you set to it, I think.

[11/14/2015 10:54:03 PM] Josephine: Things like this don't come without a cost.

[11/14/2015 11:02:15 PM] Canto: Theo:  This is true.  I would suggest you don't use it unless it's in the lab.  The only other tests I could run would be to analyze you while you're tapping into it.  Once I can see how it interacts with you, it'll be that much easier to determine how we could remove it.

[11/14/2015 11:05:02 PM] Josephine: All right.

[11/14/2015 11:06:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  Assuming that's what you want.

[11/14/2015 11:07:16 PM] Josephine: It depends on the cost, doesn't it?

[11/14/2015 11:09:04 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well, yes.

[11/14/2015 11:11:25 PM] Canto: Theo:  But we don't know the price yet, not until further testing.

[11/14/2015 11:11:32 PM] Canto: Theo is throughtful, scratching his chin.

[11/14/2015 11:14:07 PM] Canto: He has a bit of stubble, he's unfashionably unshorn!

[11/14/2015 11:17:21 PM] Josephine: We most definitely need to find that out.

[11/14/2015 11:17:30 PM] *** Josephine kisses him on the chin. ***

[11/14/2015 11:22:02 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "Then refrain from using any magic outside of the lab, where we can monitor it and figure out what it's doing.

[11/14/2015 11:26:26 PM] Josephine: Right.

[11/14/2015 11:26:33 PM] Josephine: ((What is left for them to do?))

[11/14/2015 11:26:41 PM] Josephine: Perhaps we should see how Lady Emberly is getting along.

[11/14/2015 11:27:16 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "That said, however, I will teach you how to do some magic on your own, if you still want that, without using the grimoire.

[11/14/2015 11:27:25 PM] Canto: Theo:  Good idea.

[11/14/2015 11:30:52 PM] Josephine: I would like to be taught.

[11/14/2015 11:31:07 PM] Josephine: .... I've learned so many things from you already.

[11/14/2015 11:35:08 PM] Canto: Theo raises an eyebrow.  "Like what?"

[11/14/2015 11:38:18 PM] *** Josephine tells him something fairly X-rated, and adds, "But we definitely shouldn't discuss that with Lady Emberly." ***

[11/14/2015 11:47:01 PM] Canto: Theo blushes a bit.  "Indeed.  Where should we look for her, then?  At her home?  Or would she be staying at a hotel after the fire?

[11/14/2015 11:48:07 PM] Josephine: Likely at her home, I shouldn't think she'd've been able to hide in a tub if the fire had been that severe.

[11/14/2015 11:50:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  True.  All right, then, shall we?

[11/14/2015 11:53:29 PM] Josephine: Quite.

[11/14/2015 11:55:57 PM] Canto: Theo walks you outside to the carriage, and you away to Lady Emberly's home!

[11/14/2015 11:57:23 PM] *** Josephine somehow manages to keep her hands off Theo for the entire ride! Somehow. ***

[11/15/2015 12:03:51 AM] Canto: It's actually kind of sunny today!  Still wet, as it's been raining for the past few days, but, a break of sunshine.

[11/15/2015 12:06:14 AM] Josephine: What a lovely day.

[11/15/2015 12:09:29 AM] *** Josephine rings Lady Emberly's doorbell. ***

[11/15/2015 12:11:46 AM] Canto: After a few moments, the door opens, and Emberly's butler is there, looking exasperated.  "For the last time, Lady Emberly is not -- oh,  Lady Blackwell, do forgive me."

[11/15/2015 12:12:06 AM] Canto: Butler:  We've had a wealth of other solicitors today.

[11/15/2015 12:14:38 AM] Josephine: Really? How inconvenient.

[11/15/2015 12:17:40 AM] Canto: Butler:  TErribly.  But the Baroness did leave instructions that I should let you and your friend in without delay.  Do please follow me.

[11/15/2015 12:17:57 AM] Josephine: Of course.

[11/15/2015 12:19:35 AM] Canto: He lets you in, showing you to the sitting room, offering tea, of course.

[11/15/2015 12:20:56 AM] *** Josephine accepts and sits, to wait for her friend. ***

[11/15/2015 12:21:55 AM] Canto: Theo sits beside you!  "I wonder who these solicitors were?"

[11/15/2015 12:23:18 AM] Josephine: We shall have to ask Lady Emberly, but I'm rather curious myself.

[11/15/2015 12:26:34 AM] Canto: Before long, Emberly arrives, looking a bit less bedraggled than the last time you saw her.  "Oh, good, Josephine.  And her american wizard."

[11/15/2015 12:27:59 AM] Josephine: Indeed. We hear you've had visitors?

[11/15/2015 12:29:53 AM] Canto: Emberly pours herself some tea.  "Oh, yes.  Troublesome men, who wanted to come in, but wouldn't give names or tell us their business.  They would just say that 'we have an urgent matter to discuss with the Baroness'.  The first two came yesterday afternoon, then two more in the evening, and twice this morning all ready!"

[11/15/2015 12:31:32 AM] Josephine: Dear me.

[11/15/2015 12:31:52 AM] Josephine: I'm rather curious as to who they are.

[11/15/2015 12:33:22 AM] Canto: Emberly:  They were very strange.

[11/15/2015 12:34:31 AM] Josephine: In what manner?

[11/15/2015 12:39:41 AM] Canto: Emberly:  They were...

[11/15/2015 12:39:44 AM] Canto: She blinks.

[11/15/2015 12:40:23 AM] Canto: Emberly:  ...  there were two of them, and they....

[11/15/2015 12:40:34 AM] Canto: She furrows her brow in consternation.

[11/15/2015 12:40:48 AM] Canto: Emberly:  .... I find I cannot recall their appearences.

[11/15/2015 12:40:52 AM] Josephine: ... you've been enchanted not to remember.

[11/15/2015 12:41:13 AM] Canto: Theo:  Sounds like fae glamour.

[11/15/2015 12:42:35 AM] Canto: Theo:  She remembers the meetings, but no details on the individuals.

[11/15/2015 12:43:40 AM] Josephine: They can do that? Fascinating.

[11/15/2015 12:44:13 AM] Josephine: Is there a way to restore the memory?

[11/15/2015 12:45:49 AM] Canto: Theo: It's simple magic, usually a stepping stone as you learn more powerful bewitchments.   So whoever it was likely weren't powerful practiioners. I can counter it, I believe.  With your permission, of course, Baroness.

[11/15/2015 12:46:20 AM] Canto: Emberly:  Oh, please do, this is quite annoying.  I like to properly recall those that have caused me consternation.

[11/15/2015 12:49:24 AM] *** Josephine nods. ***

[11/15/2015 12:53:45 AM] Canto: Theo smiles and nods at you.  "All right, then.  Fae magics, especially enchantments like this, are a matter of ego, really.  Fae are very egotistical creatures, inherently, after all."  He gestures at Emberly, whose eyes glaze over.  "I am not countering the charm on her so much as I am... overwriting it with a more powerful charm."  Theo has decided to make this a teachable moment, apparently!

[11/15/2015 12:54:06 AM] Josephine: What sort?

[11/15/2015 1:01:33 AM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, I'm simply going to tell her to ignore the weaker charm for as long as that weaker charm lasts.

[11/15/2015 1:01:47 AM] Canto: Theo:  That way, both charms fade at the same time.

[11/15/2015 1:01:59 AM] Josephine: Clever.

[11/15/2015 1:03:54 AM] Canto: Theo turns back to Emberly, who is sitting placidly in her expensive chair.  "Baroness.  You now can remember the annoying solicitors in great detail, despite their magics to befuddle your recollection."

[11/15/2015 1:04:25 AM] Canto: He then snaps his fingers, and she blinks, awakening from the trance.  "Well, do whatever magic you must, Mr. Crafter."

[11/15/2015 1:04:53 AM] Josephine: Tell me about the men who came to see you.

[11/15/2015 1:07:05 AM] Canto: Emberly:  Oh!  Yes, they were quite disagreeable.  One short man, a bit rotund, and one larger man, wide at the shoulders, very muscular looking.  The larger man spoke... the smaller one didn't at all, he just kept staring at me.  he seemed far more menacing.

[11/15/2015 1:07:41 AM] Canto: Emberly:  They both smelled faintly of the fish market.  They both wore matching suits.

[11/15/2015 1:08:55 AM] Canto: Emberly:  The one that spoke -- the big one, he spoke politely, but very coldly.  He was very terse.  They simply said that they had to speak to me on urgent matters.  They wouldn't say more until I let them in, but I refused.

[11/15/2015 1:09:24 AM] Canto: Emberly:  I only saw them on their first visit.  My butler sent them away on each visit after that.

[11/15/2015 1:13:13 AM] Josephine: What did they speak with you about?

[11/15/2015 1:15:17 AM] Canto: Emberly:  Nothing.  They refused to say anything else until they were let in.  I refused to let them in.  That was as far as the conversation went.

[11/15/2015 1:19:57 AM] Canto: Theo:  They weren't too powerful.  But it can't be a coincidence.

[11/15/2015 1:20:12 AM] Josephine: I would imagine not.

[11/15/2015 1:21:53 AM] Canto: Emberly:  I did follow up on Madame Cassandra, though.  She left the clinic where she was and retired to a small house she keeps in the countryside.  I haven't gone to visit yet.  Perhaps the two of you would like to do so?"

[11/15/2015 1:23:27 AM] Josephine: Or we could all go together.

[11/15/2015 1:23:49 AM] Josephine: ... though perhaps you ought to stay and meet with your importunate visitors.

[11/15/2015 1:25:06 AM] Canto: Emberly:   I'm feeling more myself than I have in several days, dear.  And you know how much I loathe leaving the city.

[11/15/2015 1:27:36 AM] Josephine: Fresh air is good for you.

[11/15/2015 1:29:58 AM] Canto: Emberly:  So they say, but I have no actual proof of that.  In any case, I also have some carpenters on the way today to see about repairs.

[11/15/2015 1:32:48 AM] Josephine: Ah, excellent. I do hope the fire wasn't too extensive?

[11/15/2015 1:34:18 AM] Canto: Emberly:  My dining room needs some new paneling, but outside of that, it's minimal.

[11/15/2015 1:36:21 AM] Josephine: I am extremely glad to hear that.

[11/15/2015 1:37:10 AM] Josephine: Well, I suppose we had best get going, if we wish to catch a train to the countryside. Or perhaps we could drive there. Where is Madame Cassandra's retreat?

[11/15/2015 1:38:10 AM] Canto: Emberly retrieves a sheet of paper, with the address written in her impeccable handwriting.

[11/15/2015 1:39:56 AM] Josephine: Thank you.

[11/15/2015 1:40:34 AM] Josephine: Goodbye, Lady Emberly, and good luck. Do be careful about those visitors if they should return.

[11/15/2015 1:41:06 AM] Canto: Emberly:  I suppose now that I know that they're magic, I can set them aflame if they become too bothersome!

[11/15/2015 1:41:18 AM] Canto: Her eyes sparkle in excitement!

[11/15/2015 1:43:54 AM] Josephine: Quite. After all, they enspelled you without permission, I don't see why the favor shouldn't be returned.

[11/15/2015 1:44:35 AM] Canto: She smiles.  "Do tell me what you find when you return, will you?"

[11/15/2015 1:46:32 AM] Josephine: Of course.

[11/15/2015 1:46:49 AM] *** Josephine heads out with Theo, with a nod to Lady Emberly! ***

[11/15/2015 9:28:19 PM] Canto: So then!   You had to head out to the countryside.

[11/15/2015 9:31:15 PM] *** Josephine isn't sure whether train or carriage was better! ***

[11/15/2015 9:32:06 PM] Canto: Given the address, train would be faster.

[11/15/2015 9:34:36 PM] *** Josephine buys first class accomodations, of course. ***

[11/15/2015 9:36:23 PM] Canto: But of course!  You have about an hour before the train leaves, if there's anything you'd like to do.

[11/15/2015 9:39:00 PM] *** Josephine finds a closet, probably, or an empty train compartment, and drags Theo in with her. >.> ***

[11/15/2015 9:41:40 PM] Canto: Easy enough!  You get a nice comfy compartment all to yourselves for the trip upcountry, to Madame Cassandra's retreat, apparently an old family home.

[11/15/2015 9:51:01 PM] Canto: This is the golden age of train travel, after all.

[11/15/2015 9:54:28 PM] *** Josephine does much snuggling with Theo. And also, probably talking about magic and inventions. ***

[11/15/2015 9:54:41 PM] Canto: Theo seems to like trains, which is fairly predictable!

[11/15/2015 9:59:16 PM] *** Josephine tells him some thoughts she had on improving them. ***

[11/15/2015 10:05:49 PM] Canto: Theo:  People are starting to say that steam is outdated, that electricity is the future.  They're right, but there's a got to be a way to combine the two efficiently.  Maybe using electricity to generate the steam rather than coal.

[11/15/2015 10:09:55 PM] Josephine: Maybe we could use you. Do you think you could power a train?

[11/15/2015 10:12:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hmm.  Good question.  I've never powered anything larger than a wardrobe before.

[11/15/2015 10:13:08 PM] Josephine: ... how on earth did you power a wardrobe?

[11/15/2015 10:13:32 PM] Canto: Theo:  It was wardrobe-sized.

[11/15/2015 10:16:15 PM] Canto: Theo:  Though I did create an automatic wardrobe.

[11/15/2015 10:19:11 PM] Josephine: What was it that you powered? And how did you... hook up?

[11/15/2015 10:19:18 PM] *** Josephine lays a hand on his chest. ***

[11/15/2015 10:22:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  Apparently the claws were too sharp.

[11/15/2015 10:26:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, just some various devices of mine.  I just directed energy into a properly built receptacle.

[11/15/2015 10:27:39 PM] Josephine: From your own body?

[11/15/2015 10:28:18 PM] Canto: Theo nods, and holds up a hand, and some sparks play across his fingertips.

[11/15/2015 10:31:06 PM] Josephine: Of course, you do seem to be... powering me.

[11/15/2015 10:37:19 PM] Canto: Theo raises an eyebrow.  "Do I?"

[11/15/2015 10:37:30 PM] Josephine: Yes. I'm not usually this energetic.

[11/15/2015 10:39:25 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh.  Well, good.

[11/15/2015 10:42:10 PM] Canto: Theo:  That's good, right?

[11/15/2015 10:43:25 PM] Josephine: It's good enough, my dear, that I would worry that people only wanted you for that if I didn't know you.

[11/15/2015 10:46:10 PM] Canto: Theo smiles.  "Well.  Glad to be of help, then.  I couldn't abide contributing to the lassitude of a Baroness."

[11/15/2015 10:50:31 PM] Josephine: I don't know what will happen to me when you leave.

[11/15/2015 10:51:02 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well.  We'll have to see about that not happening.

[11/15/2015 10:52:41 PM] Josephine: I certainly agree.

[11/15/2015 10:56:31 PM] Canto: Theo smiles, taking your hand in his.  "What do you think we'll find at this... retreat?"

[11/15/2015 10:58:29 PM] Josephine: She may know what happened, or who the entities were.

[11/15/2015 10:59:59 PM] Canto: Theo:  Here's hoping.  What did your father turn up on the black entity?  The... Outsider, he called it?

[11/15/2015 11:00:36 PM] *** Josephine tells him! Her player doesn't remember very well, unfortunately. ***

[11/15/2015 11:03:17 PM] Canto: It wasn't much, beyond some old etchings.  It's an entity, most likely demonic, very strange, who occasionally appears in lore furthering some obscure agenda no one knows.

[11/15/2015 11:08:07 PM] Canto: Theo:  Demonic lore isn't my forte, I'm afraid.

[11/15/2015 11:10:09 PM] Josephine: Nor mine. But it is father's, and if there's anything to know, he'll find it.

[11/15/2015 11:12:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  one of the few areas of expertise you don't excel in?

[11/15/2015 11:20:03 PM] Josephine: What a kind thing to say. But I'm hardly an expert in much, truly. Jack of all trades, master of none. And I know nearly nothing about magic and have assiduously avoided knowledge of demons in particular.

[11/15/2015 11:22:41 PM] Canto: THeo nods.  "Why?"

[11/15/2015 11:24:33 PM] Josephine: ... well, I didn't want to turn into a winged monster again.

[11/15/2015 11:25:05 PM] Josephine: Eat people's souls, prey on humans. I'd rather not.

[11/15/2015 11:27:20 PM] Canto: Theo:  But you wanted me to teach you.  What changed your mind?

[11/15/2015 11:27:51 PM] Josephine: Having the grimoire attached to my arm.

[11/15/2015 11:28:02 PM] Josephine: If I don't learn how to use it I might easily hurt someone.

[11/15/2015 11:30:45 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... that's a valid fear.

[11/15/2015 11:32:21 PM] Josephine: Well, I haven't entirely managed to avoid knowledge of magic, you know. Considering my father's primary hobby.

[11/15/2015 11:34:09 PM] Canto: Theo:  I know.  But you never delved deep into it.

[11/15/2015 11:35:56 PM] Josephine: No. But it doesn't take much to learn how dangerous it is.

[11/15/2015 11:36:52 PM] Canto: Theo:  you're not afraid of me, are you?

[11/15/2015 11:37:51 PM] Josephine: Naturally.

[11/15/2015 11:41:28 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... naturally yes, or naturally no?

[11/15/2015 11:43:17 PM] Josephine: Naturally yes.

[11/15/2015 11:44:50 PM] Canto: THeo:  ...why?

[11/15/2015 11:48:04 PM] Josephine: Because you're terrifying.

[11/15/2015 11:49:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... am I?  How am I terrifying?  I'm not trying to be.

[11/15/2015 11:51:14 PM] Josephine: ... I have very strong feelings for you and I can't turn them off.

[11/15/2015 11:54:56 PM] Canto: Theo:  Would you want to if you could?

[11/15/2015 11:57:08 PM] Josephine: ... no.

[11/15/2015 11:58:18 PM] Josephine: I'm fairly certain that rational thought would show you are in fact marvellous.

[11/16/2015 12:00:42 AM] Josephine: You may be my ideal match.

[11/16/2015 12:02:18 AM] Canto: Theo:   ... you sound like a protagonist in a penny dreadful.  I do hope I'm not a nemesis.

[11/16/2015 12:05:15 AM] Josephine: Of course not. You're my lover.

[11/16/2015 12:05:30 AM] *** Josephine kisses him on the cheek. ***

[11/19/2015 9:01:18 PM] Canto: Stuuuuuff?

[11/19/2015 9:03:05 PM] Josephine: ((Yessssssss))

[11/19/2015 9:05:26 PM] Canto: So, you're on a train!

[11/19/2015 9:10:49 PM] *** Josephine is, and she was being naughty with Theo! Hopefully while alone. ***

[11/19/2015 9:14:30 PM] Canto: Yep.  I assume she got herself a nice private cabin for the trip.

[11/19/2015 9:18:17 PM] *** Josephine did. ***

[11/19/2015 9:18:47 PM] Canto: The trip takes a few hours.

[11/19/2015 9:23:01 PM] *** Josephine comes up with some interesting ways to fill that time, some of which leave her very sore afterward! And also some of which involve diagramming mechanical ideas on a notebook, because they're like that. ***

[11/19/2015 9:24:38 PM] Canto: gotta do something in the refractory period!

[11/19/2015 9:24:52 PM] Canto: Theo has very good ideas afterwards often.

[11/19/2015 9:28:49 PM] Josephine: Well, I think that solves the entirety of the mechanical horse problem. In theory, at least.

[11/19/2015 9:30:58 PM] Josephine: ... although...

[11/19/2015 9:32:07 PM] Canto: Theo raises an eyebrow.

[11/19/2015 9:33:00 PM] Josephine: Do you think we could make it fly?

[11/19/2015 9:36:36 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hmmm.  Perhaps.  Without attaching it to an airship resevoir balloon.

[11/19/2015 9:39:07 PM] Josephine: Entirely too subject to air currents.

[11/19/2015 9:39:55 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "It's an interesting puzzle.  We'll have to give it some thought."

[11/19/2015 9:45:44 PM] Josephine: Mmm.

[11/19/2015 9:45:53 PM] *** Josephine smiles and snuggles into him a bit, fixing his tie. ***

[11/19/2015 9:52:03 PM] Canto: Theo:  Thanks.

[11/19/2015 9:53:47 PM] Josephine: Wings or some sort of air expulsion mechanism, do you think?

[11/19/2015 9:56:54 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm thinking of some kind of magnetic propulsion.  Maybe by sending a current through its metal skin...

[11/19/2015 9:59:24 PM] Josephine: Oh, I quite like that idea. But we'd have to insulate it from the passenger.

[11/19/2015 10:08:48 PM] Canto: Theo:  Something that can be worked into the saddle and harness, I suspect.

[11/19/2015 10:12:07 PM] Josephine: Just remember that people do touch the horse itself as well when they ride.

[11/19/2015 10:13:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hmmm.  True.  Well, I think only parts of the horse's exoskeleton would need a current run through it.

[11/19/2015 10:16:59 PM] Josephine: Right.

[11/19/2015 10:22:36 PM] Canto: Theo:  And really there could be a layer above the magnetized plates.

[11/19/2015 10:24:32 PM] Josephine: Mmmm.

[11/19/2015 10:30:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  What would we call it?

[11/19/2015 10:31:02 PM] Josephine: Philip.

[11/19/2015 10:33:10 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... Philip the Flying Mechanohorse.

[11/19/2015 10:34:57 PM] Josephine: It's perfect, isn't it?

[11/19/2015 10:36:39 PM] Canto: Theo:  It is strangely apt.

[11/19/2015 10:41:48 PM] *** Josephine beams. ***

[11/19/2015 10:47:20 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hmm.  We'll start by working on a miniature model.

[11/19/2015 10:49:09 PM] Josephine: Oh yes, certainly.

[11/19/2015 10:49:15 PM] Josephine: And a fullsized version of the wingless one.

[11/19/2015 10:56:01 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "Definitely.  I mean, we can put wings on it."

[11/19/2015 11:02:05 PM] Josephine: It might require a different design. Perhaps not shaped like a horse...

[11/19/2015 11:02:29 PM] Canto: Theo:  A bird?

[11/19/2015 11:03:05 PM] Josephine: An automobile? Or perhaps a velocipede...

[11/19/2015 11:04:10 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hmmm.  Well... a smaller personal airship might be possible.  An air dinghy.

[11/19/2015 11:08:42 PM] Josephine: Hmm.

[11/20/2015 9:37:49 PM] Canto: So!  Your train rolls into the correct station after a trip of six hours or so.

[11/20/2015 9:54:24 PM] Josephine: I hope I'm not quite as rumpled as I feel. Every trip on a train, really.

[11/20/2015 9:58:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  You look radiant.  It's just an effect of the subtle vibrations of the trainride coloring your perceptions.

[11/20/2015 10:01:36 PM] Josephine: You flatter me. Beautifully, do go on.

[11/20/2015 10:05:58 PM] Canto: Theo:  You are easily the most attractive woman I've ever enountered.

[11/20/2015 10:08:49 PM] Josephine: Dear me, you're getting good at this.

[11/20/2015 10:09:33 PM] Josephine: Though your accuracy may not be as it should be. Isn't that rather over-the-top?

[11/20/2015 10:12:33 PM] Canto: Theo holds out a hand as you step down off the train.  "No, it's accurate.  I'm factoring intelligence, personal charisma, and physical beauty."

[11/20/2015 10:16:45 PM] Josephine: Very good.

[11/20/2015 10:23:34 PM] Josephine: You're rather good at compliments. Though still a bit over the top.

[11/20/2015 10:32:33 PM] Canto: Theo:  How so?

[11/20/2015 10:34:16 PM] Josephine: You're a world traveller. You've met a great many people.

[11/20/2015 10:34:41 PM] Canto: Theo:  Believe me when I say that none have left as great an impression.

[11/20/2015 10:38:33 PM] Josephine: You're entirely lovely, Theo.

[11/20/2015 10:41:53 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'm really not.  I wonder how much of my personal charisma is just Fae glamour leaking out.

[11/20/2015 10:42:56 PM] Josephine: It doesn't seem like the Fae style.

[11/20/2015 10:46:38 PM] Canto: THeo:  I hope it's not.  I just don't feel like an overly charismatic sort.

[11/20/2015 10:47:14 PM] Josephine: You're extremely attractive to me.

[11/20/2015 10:49:58 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well.   Good.

[11/20/2015 10:50:23 PM] Canto: Theo looks around the station!  "Looks like we'll have to find a carriage to carry us out to the retreat."

[11/20/2015 10:51:52 PM] Josephine: Mmm. Find us a good one, do.

[11/20/2015 10:52:02 PM] *** Josephine is a lady, she doesn't do that sort of thing for herself! ***

[11/20/2015 10:58:25 PM] Canto: Theo nods, and goes over to the cluster of carriages!

[11/20/2015 10:59:59 PM] *** Josephine waits for him, observing the crowd. ***

[11/20/2015 11:02:22 PM] Canto: THere's not much of a crowd, most of the train's passengers remained onboard to the next destination.  Make a roll!

[11/20/2015 11:04:55 PM] Josephine: ((6!))

[11/20/2015 11:09:24 PM] Canto: Everything seems normal!  It's a very nice day, actually, and as you look south toward London, you notice that it's still under a mass of stormclouds that just kind of end suddenly a certain distance away from the city.

[11/20/2015 11:10:49 PM] Josephine: Hmm.

[11/20/2015 11:10:59 PM] *** Josephine will be asking Theo about this at the earliest possible opportunity. ***

[11/20/2015 11:11:49 PM] Canto: Theo comes over after several minutes!  "I found a carriage willing to take us to the address.  Strangely difficult."

[11/20/2015 11:13:48 PM] Josephine: My dear, do you think this weather pattern might be the result of that stolen amulet?

[11/20/2015 11:20:51 PM] Canto: Theo looks at the weather pattern.  "Well spotted. You're right.  I didn't even notice.  That is definitely not not natural."

[11/20/2015 11:25:10 PM] Josephine: ... but to what purpose?

[11/20/2015 11:27:00 PM] Canto: Theo:  I don't know.

[11/20/2015 11:33:38 PM] Josephine: I suppose one could make money on it.

[11/20/2015 11:35:07 PM] Canto: Theo:  How so?

[11/20/2015 11:37:21 PM] Josephine: Bets, or cancelling events, that sort of thing.

[11/20/2015 11:42:31 PM] Canto: Theo:  When we get back to the city we'll do some proper analysis on the weather.

[11/20/2015 11:42:42 PM] Canto: Theo:  Maybe we'll be able to track the amulet down.

[11/20/2015 11:43:36 PM] Josephine: I'd wondered.

[11/20/2015 11:43:54 PM] Josephine: Then again, some people can do a great deal under cover of darkness... like vampires.

[11/20/2015 11:50:19 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... good thinking.  I don't know nearly enough about vampires.  I'll have to do something about that.

[11/20/2015 11:57:41 PM] Josephine: They aren't terribly pleasant most of the time, as I understand it.

[11/20/2015 11:57:44 PM] Josephine: Much like demons.

[11/21/2015 12:06:13 AM] Canto: Theo holds out his arm.  "Well.  Our driver is waiting.  Let's find Madame Cassandra.  You'll be glad to know that her retreat is apparently in a haunted forest, of course.

[11/21/2015 12:15:27 AM] Josephine: Of course. How delightful.

[11/21/2015 12:17:20 AM] Canto: Theo:  Most of them wouldn't take us near there.

[11/21/2015 12:27:06 AM] Josephine: Mmm. I hope you're more familiar with forests than I am.

[11/21/2015 12:28:15 AM] Canto: Theo:  I used to play in them as a boy.

[11/21/2015 12:28:40 AM] Canto: Theo:  THere's a road to the house.  We should be fine.  And I can keep any stray fae away.

[11/21/2015 12:33:07 AM] Josephine: Can you? How?

[11/21/2015 12:38:42 AM] Canto: Theo:  Just some wards.  I'll show you when we get close to the forest in question.

[11/21/2015 12:39:54 AM] Josephine: Mmm. I thought you'd just ask them nicely to leave.

[11/21/2015 12:42:29 AM] Canto: Theo:  We'll try that if they wards don't work.

[11/21/2015 12:42:47 AM] Canto: Theo:  Generally if they're fae, they'll recognize me as Fae blooded.

[11/21/2015 12:48:35 AM] Josephine: Is that a good thing?

[11/21/2015 12:48:44 AM] Josephine: I've heard demons hate demonblooded humans even more than ordinary humans.

[11/21/2015 1:08:15 AM] Canto: Theo:  Could be.  Fae are generally pretty mercurial. I've met some that consider me a Fae, and some who tried to kill me on sight.

[11/21/2015 1:10:40 AM] Josephine: I can imagine wanting to kill you.

[11/21/2015 1:10:45 AM] Josephine: But I can't imagine doing it.

[11/21/2015 1:13:28 AM] Canto: Theo:  ... why would you want to kill me?

[11/21/2015 1:14:54 AM] Josephine: Because I love you, obviously.

[11/21/2015 1:18:05 AM] Canto: Theo blinks.

[11/21/2015 1:18:26 AM] Canto: Theo:  I believe I love you too.  But I don't want to kill you.

[11/21/2015 1:18:52 AM] Josephine: Oh, I certainly don't want to kill you, Theo.

[11/21/2015 1:18:58 AM] Josephine: But I can imagine it.

[11/21/2015 1:19:16 AM] Josephine: I can also imagine flying by flapping my arms about, however, so I shouldn't be too worried if I were you.

[11/21/2015 1:23:18 AM] Canto: Theo:  Good point.  Well.  I guess we'll see.

[11/21/2015 1:23:55 AM] Josephine: I can't imagine not caring about you.

[11/21/2015 1:24:58 AM] Canto: Theo walks you over to the waiting carriage.

[11/21/2015 1:27:14 AM] *** Josephine goes with him. ***

[11/27/2015 10:39:49 PM] Canto: So, you were on a carriage, and headed to a cabin in the forest!

[11/27/2015 10:41:58 PM] *** Josephine had done a lot of travelling time with her lover! ***

[11/27/2015 10:44:05 PM] Canto: Indeed!  You went on a train, and then noticed that now that you're well outside of london, there seems to be a strange weather pattern hovering over it, as if by magic.

[11/27/2015 10:45:11 PM] *** Josephine had suggested it WAS magic, perhaps the amulet that the vampire stole. ***

[11/27/2015 10:48:11 PM] Canto: Indeed.  Theo had agreed.  But, you found a carriage willing to take you to Madame Cassandra's retreat in the middle of a haunted wood.

[11/27/2015 10:52:37 PM] *** Josephine is totally unconcerned! ***

[11/27/2015 10:56:03 PM] Canto: So you head out in the carriage.  not terribly nice, but it is covered, at least.  So you go through the woods.  It's early afternoon, though it gets noticeably darker as you enter the wood.

[11/27/2015 10:58:25 PM] *** Josephine hopes the driver is safe out there. ***

[11/27/2015 11:05:21 PM] Canto: He doesn't seem terribly concerned!  He is old and apparently half-blind.  So you clop through.

[11/27/2015 11:06:34 PM] Josephine: He's rather brave.

[11/27/2015 11:09:12 PM | Edited 11:09:18 PM] Canto: Theo:  Or he knows these roads and has come to an... understanding.

[11/27/2015 11:13:02 PM] Josephine: ... somewhat concerning.

[11/27/2015 11:14:11 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, I don't mean that he's brining us as an offering.

[11/27/2015 11:14:48 PM] Canto: Theo:  Many fae see mortals, especially those given to repetition and rote, as just... part of the scenery.  The landscape.

[11/27/2015 11:15:48 PM] Josephine: We are rather scenic.

[11/28/2015 12:22:14 AM] Canto: Theo:  Some mortals much more scenic than others.

[11/28/2015 12:22:25 AM] Canto: Theo:  That was supposed to sound vaguely romantic.

[11/28/2015 12:28:54 AM] *** Josephine laughs. ***

[11/28/2015 12:28:57 AM] Josephine: It did.

[11/28/2015 8:29:22 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... I'm not terribly good at flattery, I find.

[11/28/2015 8:30:40 PM] Josephine: You flatter me constantly.

[11/28/2015 8:32:21 PM] Canto: Theo:  Hrmm.  How do I do that?

[11/28/2015 8:32:49 PM] Josephine: You say a lot of nice things about me.

[11/28/2015 8:33:06 PM] Canto: THeo:  I just state facts.

[11/28/2015 8:36:26 PM] Josephine: ... you're very good at flattery.

[11/28/2015 8:37:51 PM] Canto: THeo:  Hmmm.  good to know.  Though some people don't like facts as much as you.

[11/28/2015 8:38:07 PM] Canto: Theo:  So they do things like punch me or stab me or try to kill me.

[11/28/2015 8:38:47 PM] Josephine: I won't be allowing that if it's done in my presence.

[11/28/2015 8:41:43 PM] Canto: Theo:  I appreciate it, it does get tiresome.

[11/28/2015 8:41:56 PM] Canto: Theo looks out one of the windows.  "It got a lot darker.  That bodes well."

[11/28/2015 8:42:19 PM] Josephine: Indeed.

[11/28/2015 8:52:57 PM] Canto: Theo:  Well.  This wood is definitely haunted.  I've counted three apparitions since I've looking out the window.

[11/28/2015 8:56:12 PM] Josephine: What sort?

[11/28/2015 9:09:14 PM] Canto: Theo:  Passive.  Floating, full-body.

[11/28/2015 9:09:23 PM] Josephine: Interesting.

[11/28/2015 9:11:15 PM] Canto: Theo:  Not uncommon, given that there's a spiritualist retreat in the middle of this forest.

[11/28/2015 9:13:04 PM] Josephine: Well, I'm certainly glad they're passive.

[11/28/2015 9:15:17 PM] Canto: Theo: I'd still be on guard, though.  Lots of ghosts would do anything to get to affect the corporeal world again.

[11/28/2015 9:18:45 PM] Josephine: ... interesting. Thank you for the warning.

[11/28/2015 9:50:37 PM] Canto: Theo:  Have you ever had much experience with ghosts?

[11/28/2015 9:50:46 PM] Canto: Theo:  They are horrid conversationalists.

[11/28/2015 9:51:41 PM] Josephine: Repetitive?

[11/28/2015 9:53:32 PM] Canto: Theo:  Extremely.

[11/28/2015 9:54:13 PM] Josephine: They are rather stuck at the moment of their death, or that's what I've heard, at any rate.

[11/28/2015 9:54:40 PM] Canto: Theo:   Or extremely dedicated to whatever is holding them here.

[11/28/2015 9:55:52 PM] Josephine: Indeed. Poor things.

[11/28/2015 10:02:06 PM] Canto: Theo:  Have you ever met one?

[11/28/2015 10:02:18 PM] Josephine: No, never.

[11/28/2015 10:08:43 PM] Canto: THeo:  ... I get the feeling that you'll be able to say 'yes' by the time the day is done.

[11/28/2015 10:09:15 PM] Canto: Theo frowns out the window, and pulls out a pocketwatch.  "Two in the afternoon, and it's black as midnight out there."

[11/28/2015 10:09:24 PM] *** Josephine peers. ***

[11/28/2015 10:10:30 PM] Canto: It's very dark!  You see vague lights in the branches, and what you'd swear is moonlight if you didn't know it was two in the afternoon.

[11/28/2015 10:12:12 PM] Josephine: ... is that moonlight?

[11/28/2015 10:15:59 PM] Canto: Theo:  The 'veil' is thin here.  Ectoplasmic energies.  Probably some will'o the'wisps too.

[11/28/2015 10:16:20 PM] Josephine: Pretty, at least.

[11/28/2015 10:17:35 PM] Canto: Theo:  Definitely atmospheric.

[11/28/2015 10:22:23 PM] Canto: You ride!  Roll a d10 for me.

[11/28/2015 10:22:44 PM] Josephine: ((9!))

[11/28/2015 10:30:26 PM] Canto: You hear a faint tinkling noise from deeper in the woods.  And a faint wailing from even deeper in the darkness.

[11/28/2015 10:30:59 PM] Josephine: ... do you hear that? Tinkling, and then a sob.

[11/28/2015 10:31:54 PM] Canto: Theo:  No.  They're getting more aggressive -- trying to lure us.  Wisps are nasty business.

[11/28/2015 10:32:38 PM] Josephine: ... are you certain?

[11/28/2015 10:40:48 PM] Canto: Theo:  ... no, not really.  I do know that the woods are abuzz with energy, though.

[11/28/2015 10:41:45 PM] Josephine: Do they eat you, will'o'the'wisps?

[11/28/2015 10:43:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  No.  Generally they just want to kill you and curse you to create new will'o'the'wisps.

[11/28/2015 10:45:22 PM] Josephine: Quite sufficiently bad.

[11/28/2015 10:54:50 PM] Canto: Theo:  It's said that the first were created by a Fae.   A cursed bard.  And they've just propagated themselves since then

[11/28/2015 10:59:22 PM] Josephine: Strange.

[11/28/2015 11:00:08 PM] Canto: Theo:  Why?  Sounds petty enough to be true.

[11/28/2015 11:00:32 PM] Josephine: And sad.

[11/28/2015 11:08:54 PM] Canto: Theo:  Very.

[11/28/2015 11:09:06 PM] Canto: The carriage comes to a halt!

[11/28/2015 11:10:57 PM] Josephine: ... sir? Sir, are you all right? Driver?

[11/28/2015 11:15:32 PM] Canto: Theo:  I don't like this.

[11/28/2015 11:15:40 PM] Canto: He opens the door and hops out, and swears!

[11/28/2015 11:15:53 PM] Josephine: ... what is it?

[11/28/2015 11:16:34 PM] Canto: Theo:  No driver.  No horse.

[11/28/2015 11:17:21 PM] *** Josephine hops out. ***

[11/28/2015 11:17:58 PM] Canto: Tis true!  There's just a carriage.  No horse.

[11/28/2015 11:18:48 PM | Edited 11:18:53 PM] Josephine: ... damnation. Now what?

[11/28/2015 11:19:52 PM] Canto: Theo examines drver's seat.  "It's not warm.  And no tack for a horse.

[11/28/2015 11:21:04 PM] Josephine: ... hmm. Perhaps someone replaced our driver.

[11/28/2015 11:22:26 PM] Canto: Theo:  If there was ever a driver here in the first place.

[11/28/2015 11:23:16 PM] Josephine: Illusion. Exactly.

[11/28/2015 11:23:49 PM] Josephine: Well, we're here. If they wanted to speak to us...

[11/28/2015 11:33:14 PM] *** Josephine looks around. ***

[11/28/2015 11:33:35 PM] Canto: Theo checks his pocket watch, and flips a few dials.  "The compass is still working."

[11/28/2015 11:34:34 PM] *** Josephine nods. ***

[11/28/2015 11:35:32 PM] Canto: Theo:  North.  We stay on the path.  We shouldn't be too far out from the cabin.

[11/28/2015 11:36:20 PM] Josephine: Shouldn't be.

[11/28/2015 11:38:11 PM] Canto: Theo hands you his pocket watch, under the main dial of which is a compass laden with arcane formulae.

[11/28/2015 11:48:49 PM] *** Josephine peers at it. ***

[11/28/2015 11:48:57 PM] Josephine: I can't read magic, darling.

[11/28/2015 11:49:47 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, it works like a normal compass.

[11/28/2015 11:50:37 PM] Canto: He points to a symbol at the top of the dial.  "That's north there.  The magic on it just keeps other magical phenomenon from confounding it like it can other compasses.

[11/28/2015 11:50:59 PM] Josephine: Ah, I see.

[11/28/2015 11:51:07 PM] Josephine: You mean we should just... walk?

[11/28/2015 11:54:09 PM] Canto: Theo:  I do.  We should just continue on.

[11/28/2015 11:55:03 PM] Josephine: Very well.

[11/29/2015 12:02:18 AM] Canto: Theo takes your hand!

[11/29/2015 12:03:54 AM] Josephine: These aren't quite the shoes I would have chosen for a hike.

[11/29/2015 12:07:10 AM] Canto: Theo:  Well, the path seems pretty well-trod.

[11/29/2015 12:09:38 AM] Josephine: True.

[11/29/2015 12:09:43 AM] *** Josephine takes his arm. ***

[11/29/2015 12:13:55 AM] Canto: You start on a nice walk through darkneed, haunted woods.  You still hear that tinkling noise in the distance.  The rustling of the trees.  What sounds like music.   Nothing of birdsong, no animal noises.

[11/29/2015 12:19:01 AM] Josephine: No animals.

[11/29/2015 5:10:23 PM] Canto: You were out for a nice strollt hrough a haunted wood.

[11/29/2015 5:13:16 PM] *** Josephine is more worried than she seems. ***

[11/29/2015 5:13:52 PM] Canto: Theo is keeping his eyes on the surroundings.

[11/29/2015 5:14:11 PM] *** Josephine tries to do likewise, but she's really not woodsy. ***

[11/29/2015 5:28:23 PM] Canto: Theo:  There's very little natural about these woods at the moment.

[11/29/2015 5:32:27 PM] Josephine: I... wouldn't know, truly.

[11/29/2015 5:33:12 PM] Canto: Theo:  You're a very urban woman.

[11/29/2015 5:36:09 PM] Josephine: Very.

[11/29/2015 5:40:05 PM] Canto: Theo:  There were woods even thicker than this not a half-mile away from my front door.

[11/29/2015 5:41:04 PM] Canto: Theo:  When I was growing up, I mean.

[11/29/2015 5:44:45 PM] Josephine: It's not considered ladylike to run about much. Which didn't stop me, but generally speaking I got caught before much playing occurred most of the time.

[11/29/2015 5:45:25 PM] Canto: Theo:  We'll have to take a trip into a non-haunted wood one of these days.

[11/29/2015 5:46:38 PM] Josephine: I might enjoy that.

[11/29/2015 5:55:28 PM] Canto: You guys walk on!  Give me a roll.

[11/29/2015 5:56:20 PM] Josephine: ((10!))

[11/29/2015 5:57:57 PM] Canto: Niiiiiiiiiiiice.  Before long, you find a cabin, at the end of the path you're following, at the center of a clearing.  As you come out of the woods, the afternoon sun shines down on the cabin.  Theo points out the warding sigils on the fence posts around the perimeter of the clearing.

[11/29/2015 5:58:41 PM] Josephine: How pretty.

[11/29/2015 6:02:38 PM] Josephine: Very suitable for a retreat.

[11/29/2015 6:03:33 PM] Canto: Theo nods.  "I'm just glad to be out of the darkness.  Shall we?"

[11/29/2015 6:17:02 PM] Josephine: Yes. Knock away.

[11/29/2015 6:36:13 PM] Canto: Theo goes to the front door and knocks!

[11/29/2015 6:36:31 PM] *** Josephine waits politely. ***

[11/29/2015 6:42:09 PM] Canto: There's a voice from the other side of the door.  "Yes, hold on, please, I'll be right there."

[11/29/2015 6:42:26 PM] Canto: You hear a tinkling noise coming from the darkened woods.

[11/29/2015 6:45:18 PM] *** Josephine smiles. ***

[11/29/2015 6:47:30 PM] Canto: You hear a thumping noise, someone moving around inside the house.

[11/29/2015 6:47:54 PM] Canto: Also the whistling of a tea kettle.

[11/29/2015 6:48:30 PM] Josephine: Tea!

[11/29/2015 6:50:06 PM] Canto: After a few more moments, the door opens a crack, and you see an eye peering out at you, dark, with dark circles underneath it.  "Oh it's... it's you.  I didn't see you coming.  I saw someone coming, but wasn't sure who it would be."

[11/29/2015 6:51:33 PM] *** Josephine smiles. ***

[11/29/2015 6:51:39 PM] Josephine: I hope you don't mind visitors?

[11/29/2015 6:57:55 PM] Canto: She shakes her head.  ", I suppose not.  I made tea."  She opens the door all the way to let you in.

[11/29/2015 6:58:54 PM] Josephine: Thank you. I do hope you're at least partially recovered from that awful seance.

[11/29/2015 7:02:28 PM] Canto: Madame Cassandra is a small woman, around your age, but the dark lines and gaunt countenance to her face make her look a bit older.  She's wearing a simple housedress and has her dark har tied in a bun.  She's of multiethnic origin, but whenyou last saw her she was made up and costumed to make her look a lot more 'exotic' then she currently looks.

[11/29/2015 7:03:06 PM] Josephine: Though I'm certain your reputation won't be harmed for it.

[11/29/2015 7:06:25 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  I have received more invitations and requests for my services than ever.

[11/29/2015 7:07:15 PM] Josephine: Are you up for continuing with your work?

[11/29/2015 7:07:45 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  It's not exactly something I can turn off.

[11/29/2015 7:08:56 PM] Josephine: Of course. But you could ... avoid seeking it out and the like.

[11/29/2015 7:09:24 PM] Canto: Cassandra leads you into a sitting room.

[11/29/2015 7:11:19 PM] Canto: Three places have been set for tea!  "I'll be right back with the kettle, please make yourselves comfortable."

[11/29/2015 7:13:51 PM] *** Josephine sits. ***

[11/29/2015 7:14:43 PM] Canto: It's a very spartan sitting room, actually.  No art on the walls, no decoration.  The furniture is very well made, but without austentation.

[11/29/2015 7:19:46 PM] Josephine: ... I wouldn't want to see hide nor hair of spirits if I were her.

[11/29/2015 7:20:44 PM] Canto: Theo:  She's a medium.  Chances are they've been a part of her life since she was a child.

[11/29/2015 7:24:37 PM] Josephine: Perhaps not in such a... violent way.

[11/29/2015 7:25:18 PM] Canto: Cassandra comes in with the kettle.  "No.  That was.... different."

[11/29/2015 7:27:39 PM] Josephine: If that were ordinary, one would have to drag me to a seance.

[11/29/2015 7:28:20 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Whatever that creature was, it cut through all my normal protections and safeguards like they were nothing.

[11/29/2015 7:31:42 PM] Josephine: I ought to have fetched you a doctor that evening, I am so terribly sorry.

[11/29/2015 7:33:00 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  That's all right.  Even more... dangerous entities do their best to avoid damaging me, as I tend to be their link to this side.

[11/29/2015 7:33:37 PM] Josephine: Thank goodness.

[11/29/2015 7:37:36 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Tea?

[11/29/2015 7:40:48 PM] Josephine: Yes, please.

[11/29/2015 7:42:04 PM] Canto: She pours.  "So what questions can I answer for you?"

[11/29/2015 7:43:43 PM] Josephine: What do you know about the entities?

[11/29/2015 7:47:55 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  The entity I was trying to establish contact with is one whom I've worked with before.  The entity who... interdicted... I know much less about.

[11/29/2015 7:48:28 PM] Josephine: There were two. A fae, and a demon.

[11/29/2015 8:12:14 PM] Canto: Cassandra nods.  "The fae is called The Fool.  He's a bit of an entertainer, and is quite adept at pretending to be a... variety of different entities."

[11/29/2015 8:12:30 PM | Edited 8:15:08 PM] Canto: (Sorry, had to fix some food.)

[11/29/2015 8:14:41 PM] Josephine: Oh, I see. He seemed rather... attracted to me, I suppose? As a child might be attracted to a new toy, or a bird a shiny bit of paper.

[11/29/2015 8:19:30 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Perhaps.  But as I was opening myself to the Fool, another entity came along, something much darker.

[11/29/2015 8:20:21 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  My memories are quite... fuzzy, understandably.  The entity was demonic and quite powerful, yet... quite limited, at the same time?

[11/29/2015 8:21:47 PM] Josephine: Thankfully.

[11/29/2015 8:21:49 PM] *** Josephine shivers. ***

[11/29/2015 8:27:23 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  It was... quite fixated on you, though.

[11/29/2015 8:28:24 PM] Josephine: Shiny bit of paper for demons also, it seems.

[11/29/2015 8:50:32 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  It would seem so.  I've been trying not to cast my thoughts back to that moment for... obvious reasons.  I haven't had any contact with either entity since that night, though.

[11/29/2015 8:50:51 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Granted I haven't reached out to either.

[11/29/2015 8:51:12 PM] Josephine: Are you willing to try again?

[11/29/2015 9:05:42 PM] Canto: Cassandra fiddles with her teacup.  "Who..?  You mean The Fool?  Or... the other one?"

[11/29/2015 9:06:36 PM] Josephine: Either.

[11/29/2015 9:10:18 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  ... I could reach out to the Fool, but I don't even know how to make contact with the other one.

[11/29/2015 9:12:25 PM] Josephine: We'd appreciate it. He might have a suggestion as well.

[11/29/2015 9:26:42 PM] Canto: She sets her tea down.  "All right.  I'll go prepare."

[11/29/2015 9:27:24 PM] Josephine: Perhaps Theo can undertake some... sort of precautions, in the event of the darker one returning?

[11/29/2015 9:28:22 PM] Canto: Theo:  I'd insist on it.  Do you have some blank paper and a pen?

[11/29/2015 9:32:49 PM] *** Josephine thinks that's addressed to Cassandra. ***

[11/29/2015 9:33:42 PM] Canto: Cassandra nods, and gets some out of a cupboard.  "Of course."

[11/29/2015 9:34:29 PM] Josephine: Do show me what you're doing.

[11/29/2015 9:36:36 PM] Canto: Theo nods, and Cassandra excuses herself to the upstairs room to prepare herself.

[11/29/2015 9:38:40 PM] Josephine: ... she's very brave.

[11/29/2015 9:44:17 PM] Canto: Theo:  She likely would like some answers to what happened that night as well.

[11/29/2015 9:51:05 PM] Canto: THeo takes the pen and starts drawing and writing arcane formulae.  "I'm creating a kind of circuit that, when closed, should cut off the contact with the other side of the veil."

[11/29/2015 9:59:39 PM] Josephine: Clever.

[11/29/2015 10:03:21 PM] Canto: Theo explains what he's doing as he does it.  "It'll also act as a warding circle to keep the spirit in a boundary.

[11/29/2015 10:09:59 PM] Josephine: I like it.

[11/29/2015 10:18:42 PM] Canto: Theo:  It'll have to do.

[11/29/2015 10:20:46 PM] Josephine: I hope it works.

[11/29/2015 10:21:55 PM] Canto: Theo:  Oh, it'll work.  If not, we'll knock her unconscious.

[11/29/2015 10:25:00 PM] *** Josephine nods. ***

[11/29/2015 10:30:07 PM] Canto: Theo:  Which is kind of the failsafe for this kind of magic.  WE'll just keep her from spewing black ectoplasm everywhere.

[11/29/2015 10:31:50 PM] Josephine: Good. And failing that, I'll grab another chair.

[11/29/2015 10:33:11 PM] Canto: Theo points to one.  "How's that one?  Looks like mahogany."

[11/29/2015 10:34:03 PM] Josephine: Perfect.

[11/29/2015 10:34:05 PM] *** Josephine smiles. ***

[12/7/2015 8:22:42 PM] Canto: heerrre.  You were waiting on Madame Cassandra, who was going to do an impromptu seance to contact her Fae accomplice, The Fool, to figure out what went on that night.

[12/7/2015 8:23:34 PM] *** Josephine was. ***

[12/7/2015 8:27:32 PM] Canto: She comes back downstairs.  "All right.  I'm as ready as I will be.  You must promise to incapicitate me if I try to harm myself."

[12/7/2015 8:27:53 PM] Josephine: Of course. You have a sufficiency of chairs.

[12/7/2015 8:27:58 PM] *** Josephine smiles at her reassuringly. ***

[12/7/2015 8:32:26 PM] Canto: She nods.  "All right.  When I channel him, ask your questions.  No guarantees on his truthfulness.  He is a fae, do not let him bind you in webs of words."

[12/7/2015 8:39:08 PM] Josephine: Very well.

[12/7/2015 8:40:48 PM] Canto: She sits down in her chair and closes her eyes.  She draws in a couple of deep breaths, opening herself up, a much faster process without the added theatrics of a seance.

[12/7/2015 8:41:08 PM] Canto: Theo takes your hand.  "Can't trust those Fae, you know," he murmurs into your ear.

[12/7/2015 8:41:32 PM] *** Josephine has a very difficult time not turning around and snogging him. ***

[12/7/2015 8:43:56 PM] Canto: She opens her eyes, but they're not hers.  "Well, hello there."

[12/7/2015 8:46:43 PM] Josephine: I trust you remember us.

[12/7/2015 8:48:39 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Well, I remember you.  So, what do you want?  Cassie hasn't called on me since... that last time.

[12/7/2015 8:49:16 PM] Josephine: Information, primarily. And what did that unpleasant individual want with me?

[12/7/2015 8:51:07 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Damned if I know.  I had only just noticed you when that demon took over the link.

[12/7/2015 8:51:49 PM] Josephine: I think you were going to tell me something, yes?

[12/7/2015 8:52:46 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Was I?  I don't recall.  It could be that I was.  Or perhaps I wasn't.  Perhaps I was going to compliment you on your horns.

[12/7/2015 8:52:56 PM] Canto: Roll a d10!

[12/7/2015 8:54:21 PM] Josephine: ((4.))

[12/7/2015 8:54:30 PM] Josephine: Doubtful.

[12/7/2015 8:54:52 PM] Canto: He's definitely playing coy.  Not willing to offer any information for free.

[12/7/2015 8:55:08 PM] Josephine: I'm surprised you couldn't fight off the demon.

[12/7/2015 8:56:06 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  I'm a performer, not a fighter.  I know when to run.

[12/7/2015 8:57:16 PM] Josephine: Hmm. I suppose you know nothing useful after all.

[12/7/2015 8:58:42 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Perhaps I do, perhaps I don't.  Information isn't free, though!  Especially when I know you want it.

[12/7/2015 8:59:58 PM] Josephine: And what's your price?

[12/7/2015 9:03:05 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  A much more interesting question, I should think.

[12/7/2015 9:03:12 PM] Canto: She taps her chin, thoughtfully.

[12/7/2015 9:06:40 PM] *** Josephine just waits, patient. ***

[12/7/2015 9:09:17 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  A day of your life, and I will answer every question you have of me, truthfully and withholding nothing of what I know.

[12/7/2015 9:12:50 PM] Josephine: that offer is an insult to my intelligence.

[12/7/2015 9:14:24 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Then half a day.  Sunset to sunrise.

[12/7/2015 9:16:38 PM] Josephine: What would you do with it that I don't already?

[12/7/2015 9:18:29 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Nothign that would harm you, or anyone you care for.

[12/7/2015 9:20:04 PM] Josephine: Quite a bit I wouldn't do, then.

[12/7/2015 9:21:48 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Perhaps.  Do you have an alternative offer?

[12/7/2015 9:22:09 PM] Josephine: I would let you observe only through my eyes for one night.

[12/7/2015 9:23:01 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Observe, but not interact?  I can do that now.

[12/7/2015 9:23:06 PM] Canto: Roll!

[12/7/2015 9:24:04 PM] Josephine: ((10!))

[12/7/2015 9:25:37 PM] Canto: He's interested in the offer, but he wants something more, he's trying to angle the negotiation in a certain direction for something specific from you.  You're not sure what exactly, but you recognize the tactic.

[12/7/2015 9:29:10 PM] Josephine: Oh, just tell me what you really want.

[12/7/2015 9:30:26 PM] Canto: Cassandra makes a face.  Then she grins a bit.  "And what will you give me for that?"

[12/7/2015 9:35:05 PM] Josephine: I'll actually consider it.

[12/7/2015 9:40:10 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Hah.  Well played. Fine.  I want you to loan me your gift.  Your ability to peer into souls.  For half a day.

[12/7/2015 9:41:51 PM] Josephine: Whatever for? It's not nearly as useful as you think.

[12/7/2015 9:42:45 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  That isnt relevant.  It is for business that has nothing to do with you, on my side of the veil, not yours.

[12/7/2015 9:43:03 PM] Josephine: Does it have anything to do with him?

[12/7/2015 9:43:10 PM] *** Josephine gestures toward Theo. ***

[12/7/2015 9:43:38 PM] Canto: She looks at Theo, seeming to notice him for the first time.  "No, why would it?"

[12/7/2015 9:47:05 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  I have no interest in some half-blood.  No offense.

[12/7/2015 9:47:13 PM] Canto: Theo:  None taken.

[12/7/2015 9:50:09 PM] Josephine: Just... covering that particular base.

[12/7/2015 9:50:30 PM] Josephine: I do hope you're not planning on cheating me.

[12/7/2015 9:51:31 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Of course not.  If we come to an accord on this, I will be as bound to it as you are.

[12/7/2015 9:54:46 PM] Josephine: I rather meant cheat as in "you have no knowledge useful to me and are fully aware of it."

[12/7/2015 9:55:04 PM] Josephine: ... which isn't likely to be the case anyway.

[12/7/2015 9:55:54 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Indeed.  And as I said, I will answer all of your questions truthfully and to the best of my ability, if we come to an accord.

[12/7/2015 9:56:52 PM] Josephine: One of my evenings. How much time is that for you, incidentally?

[12/7/2015 9:57:46 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Long enough for my purposes.

[12/7/2015 9:58:18 PM] Josephine: Oh, do tell me, if it's a thousand years you'll only be getting a better deal out of it.

[12/7/2015 9:58:59 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Not that long.  But several days for me.

[12/7/2015 9:59:09 PM] Josephine: Ah, good.

[12/7/2015 9:59:56 PM] Josephine: Very well. Deal.

[12/7/2015 10:03:30 PM] Canto: Cassandra nods, and stands up.  "Very well.  I vow to answer every question you have, honestly and to the best of my ability, for the next... hour, we'll say.  And in return, you vow to let me borrow your abilities, starting at sunset and lasting until the following sunrise, at which point they will be returned to you.  Is it a bond?"

[12/7/2015 10:04:59 PM] Canto: You feel a surge of magic forming all around you as she speaks.

[12/7/2015 10:05:21 PM] Josephine: Only an hour? It isn't as if we can telegraph you, you know.

[12/7/2015 10:06:30 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Oh, Cassie will need her body back well before that.

[12/7/2015 10:09:32 PM] Josephine: Of course. But I was rather hoping we could meet again.

[12/7/2015 10:10:48 PM] Canto: CAssandra:  Oh, perhaps we could, but I am not binding myself for future visits.

[12/7/2015 10:13:58 PM] Josephine: Mmm, very well. Deal.

[12/7/2015 10:15:10 PM] Canto: Cassandra's eyes flash with magical energy, and you feel something int he air around you that seems to form around you.   "The geas is complete.  Very well, ask your questions, I will answer."

[12/7/2015 10:19:41 PM] Josephine: What are you going to do with my gift?

[12/7/2015 10:23:27 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Hah.  I like you.  I'm planning on using to gain an advantage in court.

[12/7/2015 10:27:24 PM] Josephine: Mm. You'll want to practice a bit first, and generally it's best to go in quite slowly and carefully if you don't want them to notice. People who are very strong-minded are more likely to notice.

[12/7/2015 10:27:41 PM] Josephine: It's also a bit easier if their mind is already on whatever it is you're trying to find out.

[12/7/2015 10:28:13 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  ... I appreciate the advice.

[12/7/2015 10:30:28 PM] *** Josephine smiles. ***

[12/7/2015 10:31:35 PM] Josephine: I would rather enjoy hearing what you do with it someday. ... I do feel I ought to warn you, people are often much less... kind... in their heads than otherwise. Try not to let it sour you in your few days with it.

[12/7/2015 10:32:08 PM] Canto: Cassandra:  Mmm.  Now then, to business.  What would you ask of me?

[12/21/2015 6:40:40 PM] Iskandar: Heeere.

[12/21/2015 6:43:31 PM] Basement Cat: What do I need to ask you?

[12/21/2015 6:45:53 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra-channeling-The Fool is thoughtful.  "Hmmm.  Need to ask me?  Nothing, I suppose.  There's nothing I can tell you that you cannot figure out by other means."

[12/21/2015 6:46:31 PM] Josephine: What should I ask you, from my point of view?

[12/21/2015 6:56:39 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  Hmmm.  I would ask where you got that mark on your arm.  I would ask what drew the Outsider and myself to you in the first place.

[12/21/2015 6:58:11 PM] Josephine: Where did I get this mark on my arm, and what did draw you both to me? I'd assumed it was merely my pretty face.

[12/21/2015 7:03:27 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  I didn't give you the mark.  And neither did the Outsider.  It was already there.  I would theorize that his touch brought it forward, made it visible.

[12/21/2015 7:03:44 PM] Josephine: ... what?

[12/21/2015 7:03:56 PM] Josephine: How is that possible?

[12/21/2015 7:05:09 PM] Iskandar: the Fool:  That, I do not know.  I myself noticed you because of your abilities.  The OUtsider almost certainly noticed you because of the mark.

[12/21/2015 7:08:08 PM] Josephine: ... interesting. I think I may have to have a little talk with my father.

[12/21/2015 7:08:26 PM] Josephine: What is that bloody vampire up to, do you know?

[12/21/2015 7:10:55 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  What vampire?

[12/21/2015 7:11:56 PM] *** Josephine describes him! ***

[12/21/2015 7:18:18 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  Hmm.  Can't say as I've met the individual.  I do sense a gathering amount of magic around London, though, if you think that's related.  Like someone is moving large pieces of a powerful spell into place.

[12/21/2015 7:22:01 PM] Josephine: Can you tell what the spell is intended to do?

[12/21/2015 7:23:33 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  Give me a moment, please, and I'll see what I can figure out.

[12/21/2015 7:25:32 PM] *** Josephine nods. ***

[12/21/2015 7:25:34 PM] Josephine: Thank you.

[12/21/2015 7:25:51 PM] Iskandar: Theo is looking at your arm!

[12/21/2015 7:27:46 PM] *** Josephine turns it over when he seems to want to do that. ***

[12/21/2015 7:31:25 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  any thoughts?

[12/21/2015 7:32:29 PM] Josephine: It must have something to do with father.

[12/21/2015 7:32:34 PM] Josephine: He is the mage in the family after all.

[12/21/2015 7:33:20 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  But he didn't seem to know anything about it either.

[12/21/2015 7:34:12 PM] Josephine: He might've lied. Or caused himself to forget it somehow. It does happen.

[12/21/2015 7:34:22 PM] Josephine: ... it's really the only way to properly keep secrets from me.

[12/21/2015 7:35:20 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  Hmm.  That's true.  Are we sure that you don't actually know, and you've forgotten as well?

[12/21/2015 7:37:00 PM] Josephine: ... an excellent point.

[12/21/2015 7:50:16 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  Maybe we should ask the Fool.

[12/21/2015 7:50:55 PM] Josephine: When he's finished checking the spell for us. I don't want to interrupt.

[12/21/2015 7:52:55 PM] Iskandar: Theo nods.

[12/21/2015 7:54:55 PM] *** Josephine waits, patiently! ***

[12/21/2015 8:08:03 PM] Iskandar: The Fool opens Cassandra's eyes.  "Well, that's strange."

[12/21/2015 8:12:27 PM] Josephine: What is?

[12/21/2015 8:21:58 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  There are several components of a major spell.  Weather control, yes.  But also light control, and a weakening of the veil between worlds.

[12/21/2015 8:23:58 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  I would say that someone is trying to make London a more... hospitable environoment.

[12/21/2015 8:24:29 PM] Josephine: For... vampires?

[12/21/2015 8:28:24 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  For vampires.  For anyone who specialzes in demonic magics.

[12/21/2015 8:29:50 PM] Josephine: Father will be so pleased. Not really, he likes sunshine.

[12/21/2015 8:29:58 PM] Josephine: Bother, it's an invasion.

[12/21/2015 8:30:12 PM] Josephine: What are your suggestions for stopping the invasion?

[12/21/2015 8:38:30 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  I don't think it's an invasion.  It doesn't seem like that.  I would say that someone is making conditions right for a powerful spell or ritual.

[12/21/2015 8:40:37 PM] Josephine: Any idea what sort?

[12/21/2015 8:46:15 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  No.  Something that requires darkness could indicate something to do with accessing the Underworld.

[12/21/2015 8:46:24 PM] Iskandar: THe Fool:  But I am no expert on these matters.

[12/21/2015 8:47:03 PM] Josephine: No, but I certainly appreciate your kind advice.

[12/21/2015 8:47:33 PM] Josephine: Is there anything else in particular you feel I ought to be asking? Or anything I might do to help you manage my gift?

[12/21/2015 8:55:13 PM] Iskandar: The Fool is thoughtful.  "You should know that your paramore there is of royal blood."

[12/21/2015 8:55:15 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  What?

[12/21/2015 8:58:03 PM] Josephine: Dear me. Does it... count, being half human and all?

[12/21/2015 8:58:28 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  To some, it might.

[12/21/2015 8:59:32 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  Wait, what do you mean?  My father said he was a Forgewight.

[12/21/2015 8:59:55 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  Well, he's not.  Or not just a forgewight, anyway.

[12/21/2015 9:01:41 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  I wouldn't worry about it too terribly much, mind you.

[12/21/2015 9:02:03 PM] Josephine: Dear me, a royal mistress, I am moving up in the world.

[12/21/2015 9:02:17 PM] Josephine: That does remind me, do tell me how I can keep him.

[12/21/2015 9:08:19 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  I'm sitting right here.

[12/21/2015 9:09:46 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  I would just keep doing what you're doing.

[12/21/2015 9:10:43 PM] Josephine: Well I know you're right here, otherwise I wouldn't've said it. I'm quite honest, you know, in the main.

[12/21/2015 9:10:52 PM] Josephine: All right.

[12/21/2015 9:11:12 PM] Josephine: Let me know if you have any trouble with my... power. I might be able to offer advice.

[12/21/2015 9:16:43 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  I think I cam manage it.  Things work... differently on this side of the veil.

[12/21/2015 9:17:46 PM] *** Josephine nods. ***

[12/21/2015 9:17:52 PM] Josephine: All right. I think that's all I have to ask.

[12/21/2015 9:17:57 PM] Josephine: ((I think? Right?))

[12/21/2015 9:18:44 PM] Iskandar: ((I believe so.  You mostly wanted info on the mark or the OUtsider, and you have that.))

[12/21/2015 9:20:33 PM] Josephine: Thank you so much for your assistance.

[12/21/2015 9:26:21 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  I will borrow your powers when the sun goes down, we are agreed?

[12/21/2015 9:27:34 PM] Josephine: Yes.

[12/21/2015 9:33:24 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  Very good.  Well then.  Are those all the questions you have for me?

[12/21/2015 9:35:11 PM] Josephine: Yes, I think so. Thank you, truly.

[12/21/2015 9:39:54 PM] Iskandar: The Fool:  Then I will take my leave.  It was good doing business with you.

[12/21/2015 9:40:15 PM] Josephine: Good luck.

[12/21/2015 9:40:40 PM] Iskandar: The Fool-as-Cassandra nods at you politely, then she shudders, and opens her eyes.  "Well then.  I hope he was helpful.

[12/21/2015 9:42:09 PM] Josephine: He was extremely helpful.

[12/21/2015 9:42:24 PM] Josephine: I did my best to give a good bargain, which likely helped.

[12/21/2015 9:43:10 PM] Iskandar: She nods.  "It never does to try and out-bargain a Fae."

[12/21/2015 9:45:45 PM] Josephine: Mmm.

[12/21/2015 9:45:50 PM] *** Josephine sideeyes Theo. ***

[12/21/2015 9:46:10 PM] Iskandar: He is distracted!

[12/21/2015 9:47:48 PM] Josephine: Is there anything we might do for you, Madame Cassandra?

[12/21/2015 9:49:09 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  I'll be quite all right.  I'm glad I can still make contact with him.  I would rather not have to find a new career.

[12/21/2015 9:51:50 PM] Josephine: He's quite interesting. Though I should like to speak with you a bit as well--I've become very interested in false mediums and real ones and the best ways to tell the difference. But of course that will have to wait, you must be exhausted.

[12/21/2015 9:52:53 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Well.  I suppose I'm somewhat between true and false.

[12/21/2015 9:54:50 PM] Josephine: How so?

[12/21/2015 9:56:09 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  I do indeed channel an entity.  It's just that that entity is an actor, who takes on whatever.... 'roles' my clients might be expecting.

[12/21/2015 9:59:12 PM] Josephine: Always the same person until the unfortunate business with the demon.

[12/21/2015 10:01:12 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Exactly.  But it seems as if our partnership will be able to continue.

[12/21/2015 10:02:46 PM] Josephine: Indeed. Though I wouldn't call on him until sunrise tomorrow. I've a feeling he may be rather preoccupied.

[12/21/2015 10:03:10 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  No worries.

[12/22/2015 8:36:52 PM] Iskandar: (Game?)

[12/22/2015 8:39:11 PM] Josephine: ((Yeah!))

[12/22/2015 8:39:33 PM] Josephine: I suppose we had best take our leave, in that case. Were you aware of the will-o-wisps?

[12/22/2015 8:40:18 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Oh, yes.  Don't follow them, and you will be fine.  There are a lot of spirits that are drawn to mediums.

[12/22/2015 8:47:00 PM] Josephine: Oh, all right. What about our disappearing coachman?

[12/22/2015 8:53:15 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Disappearing coachman?  Hrm.  Probably another spirit.

[12/22/2015 8:57:02 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Or a will-o-wisp thrall trying to deliver you to its brethren.

[12/22/2015 8:57:05 PM] Iskandar: She shrugs.

[12/22/2015 8:58:32 PM] Josephine: So... we shouldn't be out looking for him, or anything of that sort?

[12/22/2015 9:03:02 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  If he vanished as you say he did, he was never really there to begin with.

[12/22/2015 9:04:03 PM] *** Josephine nods, but looks to Theo for confirmation. ***

[12/22/2015 9:15:55 PM] Iskandar: Theo nods.   "Either he wasn never really there, or he was taken somewhere beyond our reach.  I'm choosing to believe the former."

[12/22/2015 9:16:46 PM] Josephine: Good enough for me. I'd hate to have someone's death on my hands, particularly if they didn't have it coming.

[12/22/2015 9:31:49 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  I would suggest that you stay the night here, though, given the late hour.  It will be true night soon.

[12/22/2015 9:33:57 PM] Josephine: I should hate to impose on you so, Madame Cassandra.

[12/22/2015 9:36:05 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Rubbish.  The accomodations are somewhat spartan, but I have more than enough rooms.

[12/22/2015 9:44:42 PM] Josephine: Excellent. Thank you so much, it is so very kind of you. I do hope some day to be able to return your generosity.

[12/22/2015 9:45:49 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Well, I believe I am alive today mostly because of you and your friend, Lady Emberly, seeing me safely to a doctor.

[12/22/2015 9:48:53 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Hospitality is the least I can offer.

[12/22/2015 9:52:01 PM] *** Josephine smiles. ***

[12/22/2015 9:52:47 PM] Josephine: Thank you. Do show me where I'll be, I am a bit done in.

[12/22/2015 10:00:02 PM | Edited 10:00:10 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra nods, and shows you to some rooms.  "One room, or two, then?"

[12/22/2015 10:00:33 PM] Josephine: Are we that obvious?

[12/22/2015 10:00:38 PM] *** Josephine smiles. ***

[12/22/2015 10:02:21 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Mmm.   Well, when I'm channeling the Fool, I only get... bits and pieces, impressions, of what he sees and says.  But I got enough in this case.  I am not one to judge, mind you.  Merely asking a preference.

[12/22/2015 10:03:46 PM] Josephine: One, then.

[12/22/2015 10:03:50 PM] *** Josephine does redden a bit. ***

[12/22/2015 10:06:09 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra: I am afraid I am not a good hostess, though.  Do help yourself to anything in the larder, I'm afraid I myself am quite helpless in the kitchen.

[12/22/2015 10:07:54 PM] Josephine: ... what on earth do you do so far from town, then? Enlist helpful spirits for assistance?

[12/22/2015 10:17:52 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Oh, I only come here as a retreat after particularly trying seances.

[12/22/2015 10:22:31 PM] Josephine: Oh, I see!

[12/22/2015 10:22:38 PM] *** Josephine smiles at her. ***

[12/22/2015 10:28:51 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Still, the pantry is packed with plenty of dry goods.  And tea, and porridge, of course.

[12/22/2015 10:32:25 PM] Josephine: Have you an extra nightgown, do you think?

[12/22/2015 10:37:16 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:  Of course.  Though it might be a tad small on you.

[12/22/2015 10:37:22 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra is a fairly small woman!

[12/22/2015 10:39:48 PM] Josephine: Hmm. Perhaps a robe, then.

[12/22/2015 10:42:27 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra nods, and gets you a choice of nightclothes.  "I'm afraid Mr. Crafter will be a bit out of luck for the night...."

[12/22/2015 10:43:10 PM] Josephine: I'm sure he'll be all right in pants.

[12/22/2015 10:45:16 PM] Iskandar: Cassandra:   Well, he is American, after all.

[12/22/2015 10:46:23 PM] *** Josephine laughs, and goes to change. Probably with Theo. ***

[12/22/2015 10:56:22 PM] Josephine: Darling, are you all right?

[12/22/2015 10:58:05 PM] Iskandar: theo nods!  "I am.  Still a bit... shaken, I suppose.  I can think of a good number of reasons my father would deceive us, though."

[12/22/2015 11:01:53 PM] Josephine: ... it says a lot about you that you were more concerned with that than being a possible lord of the fae.

[12/22/2015 11:03:18 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  ... what does it say?

[12/22/2015 11:07:57 PM] Josephine: That you are refreshingly unconcerned about worldly or otherworldly power.

[12/22/2015 11:10:13 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  Oh.  Well.  I'm not terribly good with politics.  I imagine that would be much more of a weakness then a strength.

[12/22/2015 11:12:47 PM] Josephine: Possibly. Quite a lot of people of rank have nothing to do with politics in any case.

[12/22/2015 11:23:38 PM] *** Josephine kisses him a bit on the neck. ***

[12/22/2015 11:23:57 PM] Iskandar: Theo: True.

[12/22/2015 11:26:30 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  I don't know.  Think he was telling the truth?

[12/22/2015 11:26:58 PM] Josephine: Yes.

[12/22/2015 11:27:32 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  Yeah, me too.

[12/22/2015 11:29:01 PM] Josephine: Shall I start calling you "my lord?"

[12/22/2015 11:29:34 PM] *** Josephine endeavors to be as distracting as possible. He shouldn't worry about his dad! ***

[12/22/2015 11:36:26 PM] Iskandar: Theo smiles.  "I don' t know about 'my lord'."

[12/22/2015 11:40:51 PM] Josephine: Your lordship, then?

[12/22/2015 11:41:54 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  That seems a bit formal, doesn't it?

[12/22/2015 11:42:45 PM] Josephine: Mmm, it does.

[12/22/2015 11:42:53 PM] *** Josephine starts unbuttoning his shirt! ***

[12/22/2015 11:43:01 PM] Josephine: Maybe I had better stick with Theo.

[12/22/2015 11:47:24 PM] Iskandar: Theo:  Perhaps you should.

[12/22/2015 11:48:29 PM] *** Josephine definitely tugs him into bed with her. And that should probably be a curtain! ***

[12/23/2015 9:30:50 PM] Iskandar: So!  you were staying the night with madame cassandra.

[12/23/2015 9:36:52 PM] *** Josephine was. Or rather, with Theo in Cassandra's cute little house. ***

[12/23/2015 9:40:25 PM] Iskandar: Indeed!  Her cottage, which serves as her retreat.  IN the middle of a haunted wood, which is likely haunted because of her presence.

[12/23/2015 9:41:05 PM] *** Josephine quite likes Cassandra. And she adores Theo. ***

[12/23/2015 9:41:30 PM] *** Josephine definitely isn't letting go of him anytime soon. Figuratively or, currently, lilterally. ***