A list of NPCs in Wilde

Wilde NPCsEdit

Rufus Codex - Resident wizard and cunning man.

Mick - Probably not human information broker.  Talks to rats.  Maybe some other animals, too.

Ol' Preston -  The town sawbones.

Charles Weissman - Human scholar shot dead at the Town Festival, bearing Excalibur.

Dryknife NPCsEdit

Deputy Beagle - The dim, underachieving deputy of Dryknife

The Miners - Three interchangeable old-timers who profess to know the Caves.

Follows-Chalk - Young indian scout and guide.

The Viskav GangEdit

Fennick:  Half-demon murderer with a hypnotic serpent's eye.  Dead, after putting an unknown Geas on Kate.

Winnow:  A warlock under Viskav's employ turned hired gun.

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