Rycroft Winslow: Our Hero!

Rose Gray: Rycroft's ex-girlfriend, and currently the Prince of New York.

Anne Winter: Formerly known as Elise Winslow, Rycroft's mother left him and his father behind when she was turned into a vampire, but returned to Turn her son as he lay dying. Currently she's dating Leon.

Gloria Cho: A wealthy philanthropist and vampire, patron of Anne Winter. She's homebound due to having grown a set of vestigial wings during a frenzy.

Leon: Anne's faeblooded boyfriend, who is nonetheless rather decent, if fashion-obsessed.

Tess Miller: Tall, muscular, blondeish-brown hair. She was Rose's security chief; now she's Lizard's bodyguard. Even-tempered, but with a penchant for a good brawl, Tess believes Brujah would've suited her more than the honor-bound Ventrue clan. During the Civil War she was a nurse, but acted heroically enough that when a cannonball killed her, her captain made her a vampire. Prior to the war she was a wealthy Southerner living on a plantation.

Lizard: 19-year-old girl, recently turned into a vampire by a Toreador obsessed with art, who forced her to create nonstop. He was killed, she was orphaned and Rose sent her to live with Ry. She has dark hair and tannish skin.

Faye: An animalistic fae that crossed between worlds and is now stuck in New York City with Ry. In her initial form she was blue, large, and with a lion's mane; in a secondary form she was humanoid, but furry, with large horns and a mane, and now she looks like a runty human adult with long blue hair and dark brown skin.